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OK ..  Here it is  .. Complete PDF of Blog below  ..


Probably BS  ..  but  .. Interesting Reading However



Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Ask a Time Traveller Anything

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Quote from: merkaba22 on August 31, 2015, 03:51:40 PM

There are two time lines, one of which leads to tyranny, which you seem to promote --

and since you do not know of the other, seems like, according to the training I have

received, and I do not mean to offend, an generic "fear porn/savior complex" mentality

that always occurs at times of great changes ... according to materials I have read often

[a cultural miasm itself].


I have not offered justifications for anything -- you seem to be unaware of the other timeline which, makes it hard for me to believe you.


There is only worldline, but there are infinitely many ways it could go. We are/were in what is called an attractor field: similar worldlines (timelines, as you call them) group together: those with similar events will stay nearby. This makes changing the worldline difficult: you would need to cause a great shift, using what are called 'hot spots', altering events constant to all worldlines in the attractor field.


I was sent back to undo this. I hope to have succeeded, so it is possible that a more optimistic future awaits. However, I will not know until I can repair my time machine.  This is not 'fear porn,' it stems from my observations of the future, from living there. As for 'savior complex,' I was sent back in my time machine for the express purpose of shifting the wordline. I suppose you could interpret that as a savior complex, but it is only so inasmuch as it is my job. I did not work alone.


I am not sure how I could have knowledge of two futures. I only come from one, and if I successfully changed the past, I would vanish in the journey to the future. However, if there was still a problem, another me would journey to the past: but they would have no memory of the wordline I hail from.

T16 John Titor - Blog.pdf

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  • Hello!

    My name is John Titor, I was born in the year 2036, I'm working to change my future. I've got several plans in motion to do that: there's some useful technology, I'm keeping tabs on information that would be censored in my time, etc. I figure one other way would be to share information: make enough people act differently, and maybe the end result will diverge in far more ways than I could do alone.

    I haven't memorized the history books, so I may get a few details wrong (and with any luck our actions will make at least some of my statements be untrue). If you'd like to know anything however, I'm here to ask.

    One caveat, I'm not going to give away personal details. As you might've guessed, my real name isn't John Titor: if it were CERN could just kill my parents, or me before I was grown. Current time travel theory says that wouldn't prevent me being here now, but it will prevent another attempt.

    The details of my future will take a long time to go into, and let's be real, you're probably not interested in politics: in Switzerland becoming the essential capital of the world, in CERN weaponizing tiny black holes generated by its LHC. If you do want to know about my present, please try to be specific with details.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Access to an IBM 5100?

« Reply #43 on: June 18, 2015, 11:36:50 AM »




It would take you no time at all (pardon the pun) to make enough money from bets if you have the results with you. Why only doubling your money? and if so, if you placed 1 dollar on a 20/1 horse, then 20 dollars on a 20/1 horse, then 400 on a 20/1 horse, then 8,000 dollars on a 20/1 horse, it's took you 4 bets to amass a fortune of $160,000 and some change.

It would depend on the bet placed. I use doubling to mean 'increase by multiples' rather than 'increase by powers', this may be a matter of language divergence. However, the chance of finding a high-odds bet that actually come true are far from likely.


Hmmm; I've just been thinking, John. Forgive me if you've mentioned it but, you know that time machine you went back in time with? did you put it somewhere safe and if so, how did you manage to keep it shielded from prying eyes as you appeared in your past. Also, how did you appear?

My time machine is rather small. I can carry it from place to place, in a suitcase I purchased when I came here. It's with me now.

I don't know how it looks when arriving from an external perspective. It may simply by instantaneous. I came here in jumps, from abandoned building to abandoned building, moving back in time in increments. I'm anchored to a piece of matter when I move back: I move along its past. I try not to jump back in new buildings, so I find the older ones, I go back in stages.

I have a 'quick release' in case I'm seen, or the location is unwelcoming for some other reason, which forces me back to the last location I was at. It's terrifying due to how rushed it is, but it works.


Well there must have been a time or they wouldn't exist. It's like a playstation 1. You can get them for pennies or nothing in some cases, because there's many way advanced consoles about. No different with your IBM carry on.

The IBM has always been rare, and antiques amass value. By that logic it should be even cheaper today: however, it isn't. There is no use for it, except for collectors, which drives the price up.

If you want the honest truth, I am somewhat afraid. I know of attitudes in the past, and prejudices. While this time is far from free of them, it is at least better. I would much prefer to exhaust my options here, before I risked the 70s.

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This is a link to B.I.N. so be aware; the site is NOT protected. 

“I’m back to save you and Us”

John Titor – “The Time Traveler”, returned. He, along with the newly organized organization “12 monkeys” will try to save the world! Part 1.

Posted on Friday, August 4, 2017 8:17


*The original post in ATS couldn't be found but this one at the BIN still exists.


Image (c) Temporal Media, Inc.


So, there was a secret, underground organization of “12 monkeys”. But what does she want?

And now we know this:

  “12 monkeys” are struggling with the World Elite, the New World Order and against the 3rd World War.

And from July 2017, the organization of “12 monkeys” was headed by the famous “Time Traveler”, John Titor.


For what? Why?

This we will discuss later.

John Titor. Will turn to humanity, answer questions and ask humanity not to destroy the future. As he says: “I’m back to save You and Us”"

(・ω・)ノ Does anyone know if this turned out to be a hoax or not??


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This is the first I have heard of any return Unity so not sure whether legit or not. 

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Yeah, me either.  The fact it was pulled from ATS is probably a clue it's a scam... Just like the original was! (It sure was a fun ride, though.)

Also, the incorporation of 12 monkeys into the narrative could have been a viral marketing attempt by the TV show reboot, or the reason it was taken down at ATS, or both. That's the part that makes me most suspicious. Classic viral marketing ploy. The original JT could have cared less about 'popular culture' entertainment from the timeline he came from; I couldn't possibly believe any 'timeline shift' explanations..

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Thanks for getting back to my question, Jess and WellNow.(・ω・)ノ

Sometime ago, one of my sources told us about 12 monkeys with correlation of their intel/physical work to drag down the Cabal/other factions so that's why it triggered my alarm after seeing this info. I couldn't just discount on the story when this surfaced. IDK how it mingles with JT, though.....

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