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Rome and Moscow Patriarchate Moving Closer Together

¨ In recent days, the Russian Metropolitan Hilarion has been trying to "unblock" the historic face-to-face meeting with Russia's Patriarch. He may succeed, as long as Ukraine does not become a "Roman" patriarchy¨

09/15/2011 Vatican: Benedict XVI and Kirill could be a step closer to meeting

¨In practice, however, there is one obstacle: the Ukraine. For Russians, the Ukraine is their birthplace. Russia arose in Kiev more than a millennium ago from the Viking principality of Rus', and it was there that it converted to Christianity; that is where the archetypes of its faith, art, liturgy, and monasticism lie. But the Ukraine is also home to the most populous Eastern rite Catholic Church in the world, with more than five million faithful. They appear identical to the Orthodox, in their Greek-Byzantine liturgies, their customs, and their married clergy. They differ only in their obedience to the Pope. What the Orthodox Russians fear is that Rome will decide to elevate the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to a Patriarchate. Indeed, nothing is more intolerable to the Russian ecclesiology than a "Roman" and rival patriarchy in a territory where there is already an Orthodox patriarchate. All the more so when it is the patriarchate of Moscow, which since the sixteenth century has called itself the "Third Rome". So these are the facts: if Rome shows that it does not want to elevate the Greek Ukranian Church to the patriarchate, then a meeting between the Russian Patriarch and Pope Benedict XVI can be held

Without the values of Christian humanism Europe is lost," explains Mikhail E. Shvydkoi, adviser to President Dmitri Medvedev of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation

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I Wanted to ask you DQ,

Do you think the Vatican will allow the Palestinians to get representation at the UN?

(I Know its a weird and loaded question but I think you catch my drift)  8)

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Yes, absolutely the Holy See has been advocating a Palest. homeland/state for a long time.

a Cardinal once again told Israel to tear down the Wall - posted a link on other thread stating Israel is going

to be pissed...posted on July 22nd, 

"Vatican official to Israel: Tear down the Wall"

Note the recent events attacking the Pope, coincidence?

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Yes, absolutely the Holy See has been advocating a Palest. homeland/state for a long time.

a Cardinal once again told Israel to tear down the Wall - posted a link on other thread stating Israel is going to be pissed...

Note the recent events attacking the Pope, coincidence?

That's a pretty good point, Don.


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July 22nd, Cardinal reaffirmed the Wall be torn down, and Vatican advocating Palest. home state, several weeks later on

(pattern? Norway, Pope, etc...)

Sept 13th

New York Times Continues Its Unholy Crusade Against the Church

Edit: You can't even arrest Roman Polanski and hold the French Government accountable while liberal European politicians are still promoting sex with minors. But perhaps the Catholic Church's time has come?

Pope Benedict XVI has been named in a court complaint.

The formal filing of nearly 80 pages by two American advocacy groups, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, was the most substantive effort yet to hold the pope and the Vatican accountable in an international court for sexual abuse by priests.

“The high-level officials of the Catholic church who failed to prevent and punish these criminal actions,” the complaint says, “have, to date, enjoyed absolute impunity

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B16 is feeling pressure from Masonic Cardinals and ADL yet charging ahead

Important development is that the Society of Pius X and the Holy See appear to be coming to an agreement,

(note: Bishop Williamson who questioned the numbers of the Holocaust in an interview-setup- is with the SSPX and EU is pressing charges on him)

Tuesday 20 September 2011 15:41:23

¨Preamble:This is not a victory for PiusX nor a Roman defeat¨


Rome 0

ADL -1

ADL Urges Vatican To Ensure Anti-Jewish Sect Accepts Teachings Of Vatican II Before They Are Welcomed Back

New York, NY, September 16, 2011 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) urges the Vatican to ensure that a breakaway Catholic sect which teaches anti-Judaism will be required to accept the church's official positive teachings about Jews and Judaism before they are fully accepted back into the Roman Catholic Church

and another one from AP

By NICOLE WINFIELD | Associated Press • Published September 16, 2011

Elan Steinberg of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, said there would be "catastrophic effects" on Catholic-Jewish relations if the Vatican didn't require the society to accept the document.

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¨Austria: The Church is dangerously close to schism¨

Cardinal Schönborn speaks out against a looming schism, putting himself on a colission course with the dissident clergy which is calling for priests' right to marry and communion for divorcees

and in Germany the Pope is known as ¨The Hopeless One¨

Germany: “Der Spiegel” attacks Pope¨

Weekly news magazine “Der Spiegel” has dedicated the cover of its latest issue, on sale tomorrow, to the Pope, with the rather provocative title: “The Hopeless one”. The article claims the Pope is to blame for Germans abandoning the faith.

Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to Germany, from 22 to 25 September, has sparked a great deal of controversy in the Country, where various demonstrations are expected to take place. In Parliament too, where the Pope will make a speech before the German Parliament’s assembled Chambers, about a hundred MPs have decided to walk out of the session.


Call to Suppress the Jesuits (they will end up leaving soon why bother)

¨For many seminarians who have attended the Gregorian University in Rome, their favorite Pope is Clement XIV, whose pontificate was in the Eighteenth Century.  In fact, the graduating NACers (North American College seminarians), most of whom will be ordained to the Holy Priesthood within days or weeks, have a curious ritual following their final exams. They process a few hundred feet from the Gregorian University to the Church of the Twelve Apostles (Santi XII Apostoli) and each one lays a single rose at the tomb of this often otherwise overlooked Pontiff. Why? As a sign of respect and gratitude to the Pope who suppressed the Society of Jesus.

Terrible, you say? Not if you were in their seminarian shoes, subjected to the arrogance and mean-spiritedness of many of their Jesuit professors for four years. Their nickname for the Jesuits, by the way, is The Trolls, a name well-deserved by many of them in higher education.

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Patriarch of Jerusalem speaks to US leaders on recognition of Palestine

Catholic World News

September 21, 2011

Archbishop Fouad Twai, the Latin-rite Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem, has been in Washington this week to speak with American leaders about the proposal for UN recognition of a Palestinian state.

The Patriarch did not disclose what he planned to say in meetings on September 21 with White House officials.

The Vatican has carefully avoided taking a position on the Palestinian bid for UN recognition. But on his visit to the Holy Land in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the “legitimate aspirations” of the Palestinian people, and confirmed the long-standing support of the Holy See for an independent Palestinian state.

Source(s): The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem in Washington (Vatican Insider)

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09/22/2011 18:11


Pope in Germany: Without justice "the State is great band of robbers”

by Benedetto XVI

In his address before the German parliament, Benedict XVI offers ways to renew politics and social life for the world. Positivism is limiting because it marginalises the ethics and culture of politics and society.”-22711.html


German lawmakers criticized for boycotting papal address

Catholic World News

September 21, 2011

Leading German politicians have chastised colleagues who are organizing a boycott of the address to the Bundestag by Pope Benedict XVI.

Interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said that the boycott was a display of “arrogance, narrow-mindedness, and provincialism.” Deputy speaker Wofgang Thierse observed: “No deputy who listens has to agree with the pope's views."

About 100 members of parliament (out of 620) have announced that they will not attend the papal address.

Source(s): Supporters of pope's German visit blast boycott (Reuters)

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Oct 27th is a scheduled Assisi III event in which most major religion representatives attend  

Will there be More Syncretism and Relativism at Assisi III? or a Prelude to a One World Religion?

It has already been criticized as a Masonic event and several see the terrible earthquake in ´97 at Assisi connected.

Assisi II was convened on Jan. 24, 2002 in the aftermath ....more than 200 world religious reprsentatives attended.The gathering was convoked by John Paul II in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and fallout. Never until today had Christian leaders of all denominations participated in the same meeting.

Even the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow was represented, which in the past rejected all papal invitations of this kind.

Edit: The Pope didn't like the first Assisi events when they were held. Can it be that this event will be as scandalous as the last ones? Here is what was said at La Stampa. The Society of St. Pius X representative is not happy with it, calling it a "Masonic" event. Let the SSPX continue its legitimate criticism.

anyways another date to note


Friday, September 23, 2011

The Pope Disappoints Protestant Leaders

Pope Benedict Disappoints German Protestant Leaders Seeking Common Ground

By Patrick  Donahoue

...Pope Benedict XVI disappointed Protestants seeking common ground with Catholics by stressing differences between the two groups, as he continued a four-day journey in his native Germany.

Edit: we posted an article from that the Holy Father was going to use Assisi III to attack relativism. A Lutheran minister who is a friend of Pope Benedict says this. Do we see evidence for that here?

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Thank you for this thread.

I like to keep a close eye on the Vatican and their activities.

After tracing back the members of occultist activities corporations and companies to the city of London [ the rothchild banking cartel is one of these members, they also hold the title deeds to Jerusalem] it was interesting to come across paperwork indicating that the city of London was contracted to the Vatican as of 1525 AD. All roads lead to Rome eh. The city of London just like the Vatican is also a separate country within a country. Disneyland at Orlando Florida is also a country within a country.

I became a little suspicious when at GLP one of the members who membership claimed she was from Vatican city wanted to be my friend for no reason I could see other than they were keeping an eye on me. At the time I was running ops on GLP to try and wake people up to manipulations by the boys at stock and stamp. that particular member was behind on of the threads used to bomb positive or contrary views to the Stock agents off the front page so visitors who just check that site for breaking news wouldn't see them. there are many threads that are just for that purpose alone over there.

When I have time I like to sent waves of unconditional love and forgiveness to the Vatican [it is one of the places on my list] because it does seem they surely need it, and the pope doesn't get all huffy and leave his premises to go and play golf rather than be at a place receiving unconditional love.

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15:27 25 SET 2011

(AGI) Freiburg - The speculation that Benedict XVI will resign in April, 2012, when he turns 85, is "wholly ungrounded". This is the opinion of the high-ranking authorities in the Pope's retinue during his trip in Germany. The article published today on the front page of 'Libero', written by the writer and journalist Antonio Socci.......

Antonio Socci is a reputable journalist and no light weight, going to have to check into this more.

more in Italian

Come spiega Antonio Socci, "per ora è una voce (un'ipotesi personale di Joseph Ratzinger) e spero che non diventi mai notizia". Ma la portata di questa voce che circola nelle stanze più importanti del Vaticano "merita molta attenzione". Benedetto XVI non scarta la possibilità di dimettersi "allo scoccare dei suoi 85 anni, ovvero nell'aprile dell'anno prossimo". Il Pontefice è tornato sull'argomento anche nel libro intervista Luce nel Mondo: "Quando un Papa giunge alla chiara consapevolezza di non essere più in grado fisicamente, psicologicamente e mentalmente di svolgere l’incarico affidatogli, allora ha il diritto ed in alcune circostanze anche il dovere di dimettersi".

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15:27 25 SET 2011

(AGI) Freiburg - The speculation that Benedict XVI will resign in April, 2012, when he turns 85, is "wholly ungrounded". This is the opinion of the high-ranking authorities in the Pope's retinue during his trip in Germany. The article published today on the front page of 'Libero', written by the writer and journalist Antonio Socci.......

Antonio Socci is a reputable journalist and no light weight, going to have to check into this more.

more in Italian

Come spiega Antonio Socci, "per ora è una voce (un'ipotesi personale di Joseph Ratzinger) e spero che non diventi mai notizia". Ma la portata di questa voce che circola nelle stanze più importanti del Vaticano "merita molta attenzione". Benedetto XVI non scarta la possibilità di dimettersi "allo scoccare dei suoi 85 anni, ovvero nell'aprile dell'anno prossimo". Il Pontefice è tornato sull'argomento anche nel libro intervista Luce nel Mondo: "Quando un Papa giunge alla chiara consapevolezza di non essere più in grado fisicamente, psicologicamente e mentalmente di svolgere l’incarico affidatogli, allora ha il diritto ed in alcune circostanze anche il dovere di dimettersi".

A quick translation from italian:

As Antonio Socci says, 'For the moment its a rumor (a personal hypothesis of Joseph Ratzinger) and hope not become a news'. But this rumor is in the most important rooms of the Vatican 'deserve attention'. Benedetto XVI is thinking of resign at arrival of his 85, at next april. The pope talked about that even on the book-interview Luce nel Mondo:' When a Pope reach a clear awareness of not being mentally, phisically and psycologically fit to carry out the task, then he has the right to resign.

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Thanks Deela for translating, it has been anything but a hot quiet summer in Roma and things seem to be heating up. I see that Milano Archbishop received the Pallium before B16 left for Germany......rushing it no? Something is urgent....

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I understand the excitement of the dislcosure but why wouldn't they book return flights?  Why are the friends of the church going?  Why manadate all the arch-bishops? 

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I understand the excitement of the dislcosure but why wouldn't they book return flights?   Why are the friends of the church going?  Why manadate all the arch-bishops? 

We are short on facts Sam.

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Guess some have never heard of President Gabriel Garcia Moreno of Ecuador, President Diem of Vietnam or JFK

New Zambian govt to follow 10 Commandments       


Sunday, 25 September 2011 18:16 

LUSAKA (AFP) - Zambia's new President Michael Sata, the first elected Catholic head of state and a devout believer, said Sunday his government would follow the tenets of the 10 Biblical Commandments.

"This government will be governed on the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not steal, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you," Sata told parishioners at a church in Lusaka's upscale Rhodes Park district.

"For the first time this country has a Catholic president and our government will support the church," Sata said, recalling that the nation was predominantly Catholic.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

¨Party Animal Monk Spied on the Vatican for East Germany¨

(This is related to an earlier story about how Stasi was spying on Pope Benedict)

( Two men of Trier have played an important role in espionage taking place in the Vatican.

This was according to the online-edition of the newspaper 'Trierer Volksfreund' on the 15th of September.

Why weren't the names named?

The former editor of the 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur' [Catholic News Agency], Alfons Waschbüsch, caused a lot of damage as a spy for the Stasi.

Waschbüsch is not referred to by name in the 'Trierer Volksfreund".

He was an unofficial member of the East German Ministry for State Security for more than a decade. His code name was "Anthony".

From the mid-70s he gave a lot of information about the situation of the Vatican to the criminal regime of East Germany [DDR].

Waschbüsch, was a Rome Correspondent for the 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur' during this time with high ranking contacts in the Vatican.

He was probably the most valuable Stasi agent in the Catholic Church in West Germany -- cited the newspaper's Historian and Stasi-expert, Bernd Schäfer.

He provided information about the attempt of the German Bishops' Conference attempt to influence the government of Helmut Kohl.

...............Father Brammertz was active since the beginning of the 60s as a Stasi-Spy. His cover name was "Lichtblick".[brightlight]

He reported on eavesdropping opportunities in the Vatican chambers or on the visits of Germany politicians and Bishops.

The Monk had a reputation for being a "Party Animal".

In 1987 he died in Rome from stroke. He was laid to rest in the Monastery Cemetery of the Abbey of Saint Matthias in Trier.

His activity as a spy in Rome became generally known in the 80s.

It is interesting that the 'Trierer Volksfreund' is silent over the motivations of both East German spies.

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07 October 2011

Patriarch Kirill praises Putin for preventing Russia's breakup

Moscow, October 7, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has sent birthday greetings to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who turned 59 on Friday.

"God has bestowed on you the gift of doing numerous responsible jobs, including as Russia's president and prime minister. I testify that largely thanks to your efforts was a tendency overcome that could have pushed our country toward a breakup," the Patriarch said in message of greetings to Putin, posted on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate on Friday.

With "integrity and intense love for the Motherland," characteristic of him, Putin has been effectively exercising his "uneasy service as the head of the government," the Patriarch said.


Kirill mmm...............


[Russo-Orthodox Patriarch lauds self for enhancing himself]

Patriarch Kirill strengths his position within the Orthodox Church and casts his eye towards Rome

Giacomo Galeazzi

Vatican Insider


For the Russian Orthodox Church, this is the biggest reform since 1990. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill has decided to establish new Eparchies throughout the Country. This will be the biggest ecclesiastical restructuring since the fall of the Soviet Union. The territorial reform decided by Moscow involves three new Eparchies in the North Caucasus: a move that some see as an attempt to strengthen Patriarch Kirill’s power. In line with the redefinition of territories which began last March, creating eight new eparchies, three of which are in the North Caucasus, the Holy Synod has given the go ahead for the formation of 13 more eparchies in the regions of Saratov Irkutsk, Orenburg and Ryazan, as well as in Kazakhstan.

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Alot happening getting difficult to keep up. Aussies, Middle Eastern, and now the Americans are having their ad limina visits and meetings. A change in policy occured that seemed minut but could have significance with the Popes scheduled conferences with the Bishops.

Keep an eye on this,  Occupy Vatican,

Changes in discussion boards and forums. A HEAVY anti-Catholicism is taking place. They have done a bait and switch........from anti-muzzies to anti-Catholics on the forums. This appears to be a concerted effort (not this forum) or perhaps it is just coincidental, time will tell.

Sorcha Faal went bananas over this one¨-

PERTH, Australia (Reuters) - Centuries of British royal discrimination came to an end Friday after Commonwealth leaders agreed to drop rules that give sons precedence as heir to the throne and bar anyone in line for the crown from marrying a Roman Catholic.

The 16 countries that have Queen Elizabeth as their monarch agreed to the changes put forward by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who had called the rules of succession outdated.

"The idea that a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he is a man, or that a future monarch can marry someone of any faith except a Catholic, this way of thinking is at odds with the modern countries that we've all become," Cameron told reporters.

The agreement came on the sidelines of a Commonwealth summit presided over by the Queen in the remote west Australian city of Perth.

Current succession rules dating back to 1688 and 1700 were designed to ensure a Protestant monarchy, and bar anyone in line to the throne from marrying a Catholic.

Only a Catholic link is barred. There are no restrictions on marrying members of other religions or atheists.

The rules have their roots in a turbulent period of English history dating back to Henry VIII's break with Rome in the mid- 16th century. The laws were imposed at a time when Catholics were seen as a threat to the state.

However, the British monarch remains head of the Church of England.

The leaders also agreed to drop the practice of giving precedence to male over female heirs to the throne, regardless of age.

The issue has been brought into focus by this year's wedding of Prince William, second-in-line to the throne, and Kate Middleton.

Without a change, their first son would eventually become king even if he had an older sister.

A group will now be set up to coordinate the necessary legislation for the changes.[/i]

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It seems the Vatican gets alot of bad press, and alot is mis-guided.

Some may study the ins-and-outs of the people behind the veil and question their motives and quite rightly so, as since pope John Paul I only lasted 30 days before a mysterious death, was for me when the Vatican became infiltrated by those who have their own agenda.

However for me alot of what gets written in forums for me is completed bullshit... Sorry for swearing but I get so annoyed at when people who have never studied, never looked properly or indepth at religion, but seem to know everything, they come on and say... Och ban all religion then wars would stop... hahahaha are you serious? you think stopping wars IS that simple ,Yes religion has over time created wars, but it has also stopped wars. FACT.

Its the same people that seems to know oooh sooo much about people and their faith, you know nothing of people and their faith, you have never seen faith work, I can guarantee this.

The Vatican was against modernism, saying it would be mans downfall, yet man decided that they were talking out of spite and had the whole "what do they know attitude"

Now we see, that guess what, maybe modernism IS the down fall of man, I mean after all it has brought about 2 world wars, mass weapons, numerous bombs, viruses, human clones, famine, strife, rifts between nations.

For goodness sake, were even thinking about using dead fetus as ingredients to food, yet this is all connected and to many the faults of these powers.

Yet if we followed the true meaning of the message passed to us of Love and kindness, then the world would be so much better off, but lets get serious thats the churchs fault or so everyone says. The worlds in a state, and has nothing to do with individuals. I mean one person who stops and helps the homeless, or even gives the old lady a seat on the bus, doesnt that count as some sort of love? as you feel an urge to help people. THAT has always been the message. Help those who are in need of Help, rather than shoot and rape, and victimize people because they are different. IF you show your help to others, then others look at you and think yea thats a nice person, and they might follow your lead, if you pass a guy on the street who is starving and has nothing, then so do others, You have all been conditioned NOT to help these people, and I cant understand for the life of me why no-one seems to realise this...

Your actions and words have an effect.

I see life totally different to those who come here, and I feel that some people miss understand everything.

1 guy here says, I send out abounds of love in the direction of the pope and the Vatican, while I dont mean to be rude, but I cant stop laughing at this, If your love was so important and your way of thinking regarding this is right then why has nothing changed? Have you never thought of this??? Your love and forgivness towards the pope and Vatican means nothing!!!! its only a personally thing that makes You feel better and has absolutely no benefit to anyone other than making you feel good, if you were such a love and forgiving person then go out and help the person you hate the most, or help the people that really need it. Maybe you do, maybe you dont, I dont know you like you dont know me, but I'm sorry but I dont agree with anything you said regarding this matter.

what I want to know is why you think this is so necessary? All roads lead to Rome, ok... again what is your thought behind this? Do you simply see the Church as a money machine? then you havnt studied hard enough and seen all the good the church has done. Dont get me wrong the church has done some terrible things, but they have learned from this, and then, they get criticized for this as well, which leads me to believe you are simply looking for someone to blame, because your life doesnt have the meaning or prevalence you want it to be. If you want something to happen get off your arse and make it happen rather than waiting for someone to hand it to you. (provoking a reaction here, but thats fine by me)

after all, Catholics do not need to donate anything to the church, the chose to. The Vatican is Pro life, which is why they didnt agree with contraceptive...

The list goes on and I could be here all night defending the church, but that is not my job, I dont believe in all the churches doings, infact I'm extremely critical on the church, but the true message I do agree on.

I was brought up as a Catholic (believe it or not lol) and believe me I do not agree with everything that the church has done or said. But the focus seems to all be on them, you are forgetting that Britain, Spain, and Now America, are all to blame on the down fall of human kind, MORE than any religion or church has. Britain has destroyed so many cultures over the centuries MORE than the church has, and Now NATO America are ALL doing this infront of people but thats ok, because these are countries we stay in and their doing it for our benefit. After all, all these wee small indigenous tribes and countries are such a major threat to us.

The British Monarchy, are single handily at fault for bringing around Sectarianism. Because their beloved King Henry 8th wanted a son, so under catholic laws, he wasnt allowed to divorce, so he starts his own church of Protestants and chopped off his wifes heads till he got a son. And the irony of this, is that its the MALE sperm that determines the sex of the child, so it was his fault he had so many girls... Ironic or what, But thats what their religion was based on, killing people. And their followers pay Alot more for (sorry donate) alot more to their head of religion than anyone else does. But their big things was also that they dont need to pay for their abolishment of sins, as us catholics do, again so miss-guided the whole concept of sin is miss-guided, what is sin? Sin is something that people feel, when you have done something bad, or wrong, and you feel it in your heart which is full of guilt, thats what sin is, SIN is the word given to this feeling, and lets be honest here, IF you have a problem, or have done something wrong and you discuss this with ANYONE be it a stranger or a loved one, do you not feel better after telling someone? then thats why we have a confession, it allows us to open up get the monkey off our back as they say.

Prodestants when going for your marriage vows, are all about how after marriage you must have kids, and they are the fore front of the relationship.

Catholics during and after your vows are all about LOVE, they say, IF you cant love each other whole heartedly  then how can you truely bring up a child with love, in a loveless relationship, this feeling will pass onto your children, and so the chain continues.  NOW if you truely think of this, the answer is clear.

Prodestants, Give large amounts of money to their church... And who gets their money, the state the queen, and what does she do with it? She uses it to pay for her 90 sky boxes within her palace alone, which has all the channels including the adult channels for the guests... GO figure. (from a source within sky)

It pays for their dinner parties, her holidays and all the nice things in life, while her followers starve and are being denied their own rights within her country or commonwealth.

Catholics dontate money to the church, who have always given money to the poor.

A true man of faith never denies anyone money, a poor man, or anyone for that matter can chap a Catholic priests door and ask for a bed for the night, food and money, which a priest is always obliged to give.

The church use this money to also preserve some true treasures of history, within their library, they use it to help other countries, they use it to understand more about life, they use it to restore damaged artifacts that would simply rot away into dust, they use it for spreading the word they use it for all sorts of things....

Regardless of faith, religion, who's incharge the message from Catholic religion is love, help and keep the faith.

Its then upto the people to do this or not, but that is the core of the religion, and has been since the death of Jesus.

I do not apologise for listening to people here blowing hot air out their hole thinking that sending waves of love to the pope helps, and others that simply come on and say, aye the church is a waste of time, if you dont believe then simply walk away, no-one is holding a gun to your head and saying you must. You go out into the wilderness and do what the hell you want because to you it wont matter, why fear anything as you will have no-one to answer to. You vent your own anger towards churches and religions to make yourself feel better, and to rid the woes of the day away, I can see this, and maybe you can ask the guys that send out waves of love, to do so in your direction.

Am sorry I cant see this, it has always been about the people, not the people in charge, and if you make it about the people in charge then you have let everyone down badly.

The people with true faith hold the keys to the gates of dawn, not the people that are in charge of guiding, If people decide they dont agree with the message they stop listening, but if you had bothered to listen at all you would have noticed that the message has never changed in 2000 years, only the people telling this message.

The message will get confused over time, and especially now regrading a One world Bank, A mean its ok for other coutries to talk about it, yet as soon as the church does EVERYONE jumps onit, I think the message was misguided, mis-conceived, twisted and skewed into something its not. I dont agree with the church getting involved with these politics, as it has nothing to do with them, yet it does, as they are the ones caring for the poor, the church should be made a poor church again in order for those who have a problem with the church to get a grip and leave people with the faith to get on with it. Yet what can a poor church do, not alot... so again its a 20/20 situation... But thats for the higher archy of the church to sort this out, all we simple people can do, is go about our life as we believe best. Which can be more than said about some here today.

I have no problem with the church, although I dont agree with them. Their is a political side to the church

which is completely understandable as if there wasnt, people would simply get angry about that and say, How can we follow a church that is so disorganised, if you cant see its a 20/20 situation then your blind. People that dont get it, Just dont get it which is fine, I dont get half of what you talk about, but I dont come on here or any other site, and start shouting about it.

Their has always been an anti hate campaign regarding the church on all forums, and this one is absolutely no different to the rest of the forums, conspiracy sites, people come on these sites, flap their gums, and other sheeple listen to these guys and go, Yea they know best therefore I agree. Why do they agree, because they are Mods? because they have 500 posts and people know their name? Because they are journalists? only the people can answer these things. I'm strong minded enough to realise and strong enough to stand up and go hey, you know somehting, your wrong on so many levels. Just because you have read 300 books written by 200 different authors doesnt make you right. There are now 7 billion people on this earth, and therefore, 300 books by 250 different authors, is like a tear drop in the ocean.

On one hand they say down with the church and up with Love... hahaha Love has always been the true message of the church, the only problem was you wernt listening, but thats upto you to decide on this.

Don Quixote, you know your stuff, I have read alot of your work on here if not everything you have wrote on this site. If your a believer or not has nothing to do with me.

I cant and wouldnt want to criticize your work, because deep down I dare say we share something in common.

My problem seems to be that alot of people out there are confusing born again evangelists with catholicism. which is where education has been misguided. People are tarnishing others with the same brush because they are to lazy to see the difference.

The church aint perfect, because man aint perfect simple as. But those who care can over look that and carry on the message that was handed down to us. I've read so many mind boggling things on here and other sites, that I just think wow can you be serious, is that what you believe, and you say I'm a fool?

But hey like I said I get critisied for what I believe in, and its total water off a ducks back, I know my own truth,

I dont preach to people, people come to me and ask me about stuff and I tell them how I look at life compared to someone else, I tell them why I help those in need more than the other guys. But thats a different story

I have enough belief and faith not to worry about small minded people who need daily proof of existence, and who need to put people down on a daily bases, based on their belief, its a pitty you all know who you are, but you wont be here reading this, as you are scared to realise something that cant be written.

The problem is that human kind has obscured the whole world into not understanding anything, Have people never wondered why when you go in search of an answer only more questions arise.... Its a fundamental fact....

Oooh and by the way, just incase some of you are to lazy to actually do your own studying and research (like I have over the last 15years regarding all religions and faiths and the true messages of the heavens and earths and gods and all things supernatural)

You are all getting played, and are all being converted into thinking that a ONE world is best for all...

So while you all sit here read this forum and others, saying I dont believe in a ONE world, well done, give yourself a pat on the back, you've been played, you are now part of the system, you are now on the verge of believing in a ONE world religion, so I congratulate you all, its taken 2000 years of love to be destroyed within 20 odd years of the introduction of the internet, truely modernism has destroyed man kind, and people havnt even realised this.

Their is no truth to be found, which you cant find within your heart, you have become confused and delusional, and the illusional veil is slowly dropping into your mind and you didnt even realise.

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Thanks Chewy for your reply.  Globalism in its current form is abhorrent absolutely repugnant. What makes

one shudder is what comes with it?  Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma said we need 3 world wars before they

can usher in their long hatched plans.  This is the NWO and with it, imo is probably the AC, but i hope that i

am wrong.

Kudos to you for your long suffering research. >Wisdom comes with suffering.

The Church was infilitrated looong ago and the Schism will soon break out in the open.

¨German Theologian Says Schism Has Been Reality a Long Time¨

He has come to the conclusion: "The overwhelming majority of the German Catholic professors for theology, along with their Bishops, have come to embody a split in the Catholic Church in Germany for a long time."

Study of the Illuminati and its ills:

The Illuminati Mentality

November 2, 2011

It's not that they're so brilliant. On the contrary. The mediocre are attracted because they can't make it on the their talent and drive alone. They must sell their soul to gain an advantage.

by Richard Evans


"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12

"These have one mind, and they give their power and authority to the beast." - Revelations  17:13

ie. ¨Somewhere during the Blair years in England, British conspiracy analysts noticed that the EU and Gloabalism was beginning to look an awful lot like Saint-Yves's Synarchy.  He described a Federal Europe  with a transnational corporate structure of cooperative departments - science, political, military, economics, education, entertainment (mind control) and spiritual (inner temple occult priesthood presiding an outer religion).  These non-elected departments operate behind the visible administrative councils....¨

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Thanks Don for hopefully understanding where I was coming from....

I have great admiration for people like yourself, who have studied these findings and not just following the crowd and flinging in useless comments here and there.

I agree with you on all aspects and also await the coming events with open eyes.

When the world hits this second wave of deep recession, or depression, will be for me the turning point and something I read about, roughly 8 years ago...

David Cameron the UK prime minster is someone to watch extremely closely, for me he is an evil man... He will be the down fall of my own Country Scotland, and of the world.

The time is coming, and I just hope that the people who understand will unite to save what is theirs and not theres.

Sorry if my words at times or writtings seem a little scatty or cryptic, but you never know what is around the corner. Evil is everywhere, and speading faster, because they dont keep the faith... A faith....

Which is subject to the Powers to be, in order to make it this way, this way is there way, this is controlled, mind controlled. It has been the way for decades, they have ran all the tests they need, now they are simply putting it out there...

The one I keep reminding people about mind control, is the BIG BROTHER program,

Its funny (at least in the UK) they aired this program, and people fell in love with the idea of watching people on CCTV cameras float about a house doing nothing, yet at the same time CCTV cameras were being put up ion cities, local communities left right and centre, hundreds and thousands of them, and people didnt mind because they were used to watching B.B reading about it in the Papers, listening to people talk about it etc...

It was so clear to me, and it was only until I would point this out to me that you would see their face change, and slowly understand where I was coming from...

They are taking the power away from us, but they cant take your faith, and if you hold onto your faith, then we can unite against them.

The seeds of doubt have been well and truly sown, but.... well the rest is up to the individual.

Don, have you ever read about the celestine prophecies?

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Thanks Chewy, yes, i am aware of those prophecies. Agreed that BB is ushering in like a trojan horse.

Remember the  old saying we get the leaders we deserve.  St. Francis de Sales said ¨fear can be a

greater evil than evil itself.¨  This i need to remind myself daily. Fear, dooom, negative stuff can be

overwhelming in this age of deceit.

Today I was reading about Iona, what a pwerful island, if  i was closer

i think i would chill out there. Apparently a ecumenical community of regular people live, pray, and

retreats, as they saying goes-pray, hope and don´t worry.

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You are right Don, very much so regarding negativity,

And how fear is stronger than evil itself.... I think about that often, and not that I'm a "always look on the positive side"

I do tend to try and not let negativity slip in,

Iona is a beautiful place, not that I have been but living in scotland I have heard alot about it.

Scotland itself is a Country full of mystery and mysterious vibes, or energies, it was often said that the holy grail was brought to Scotland.

I used to stay on an island myself back many years ago, and it is something special, the water centralizes you I often used to sit by the sea at crazy hours on the morning 3-4am 5-6am, and the peace and calm that comes over you is indescribable, its as if the sea speaks to you, only if you listen though...

Mystery is a great thing to have, and Scotland its islands, and places are full of mystery...

Peace to you Don and all your days, I feel that me and you could have a great conversation about things, and I would take great interest in what you have to say.

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