Oceanic Anomaly off New Zealand Coast

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Intense lightning storms around the NW portion of Spain/Catalonia today, corresponding to a couple of lines running between Australia and New Zealand, going to two areas: Dunedin and Castle Hill / Christchurch (approximately)

Images tomorrow-coming to terms with a new very clunky slow computer,aa.jpg.8033acf3e0163f368d9758c9dcccfa9d.jpgnn.jpg.ea75d8551db99c58cf7d3b8d41279b77.jpg

And Antarctica.New video from secure team.(their following video notes something odd over New York)



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Possibly doesn't belong here on this particular thread, but It's All Related.

My personal interpretation of T's cryptic and Laconic posts was that a air force/space combat mission was about to take place starting in the 12 January time frame. Y is Hellenic Air Force.

The video depicts a sleeping knight, a memento mori skull and an angel holding a banner with Hellenic text.

The painting is by a 16/17th century Italian painter I think.

Dante Santori and his Tomas, Portugal Templars use the Swan synbolism and have referenced The Black Swan of Swan Lake a few times in videos as having an esoteric meaning, Tschaikowsky according to DS is Templar aligned.

The Black Swan is also , in my opinion,an ancient Celtic Bird representation of End Of The (Grid) Line, with the Boyne, in Ireland, and Iceland linked in that sense (I just watched part of a video from The Black Swan pub from Ireland. I won't watch the rest of it.)

Nemesis would be the Dyson Sphere brown dwarf paired with Mother Sun.

So, is there a battle taking place out there? If so: may God go with you T, and and all who fly with you.


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KMRIA I encourage you to cross post these thoughts on the Announcement thread also.

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Thanks Dani.This ship was in the local port till a few days ago.

Current location off Ratchild Island and the Russian base in the area. Odd pattern of movement so going to have a look on Gargle E.


A piece of the jigsaw: the Godfather  and Astana.



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