October and The CHANI Entity

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Did the entity specifically mention Kissinger?


[iD226702 Springsongs)]

Hi OP! So glad to be here with you.

Are you able to tell us here what needs to be said to Henry Kissenger and the Pope?

Are they involved with the dark portal you warned us about?


helo springsongs

tanku for nice words me also hapy cee u

me not know what elders want to say kisinger and pope or why elders ak me to help make contact with crystal adult human

telepath elders wil then speek adult human and give human specal power

elders wil then give adult human a mesage to give kisinger and pope

me not abel find crystal adult human yet to speek telepath

me stil looking

me did speek one human but he scar

not want speek anymore with me



By the way, if you refer to the "me tel you now" threads where Neocharm sorted out all of the dialogue from the GLP entity thread, you can read and search key words (I use my browser's find function) to see what the entity said.  Neo posted it in 4 parts.  Here is the first one:  It and the other three threads are contained in "The Chani Project" Forum, along with other very useful threads concerning the Chani Project. HTH


Plus there is a link to a (rather large) document that you can download containing the entity thread

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Thanks for that Kandescent. I bookmarked your link.


I downloaded the document and am going through it now.


I wonder what is missing from this, 5 years of contact had to have produced so much more information.



Btw, I hope the message he gives Kissinger is the same one I'd like to give him, but I'm sure Karma and Death will be seeking him soon enough and he'll get the message.


I've been watching the Pope...he has been acting odd according to some people, but he's seen something dark this I am sure of, so to me he's not being odd.

He recently blessed over 600 exorcists from all denominations and from all over the world...he also has been talking about the Devil and demons lately.


I'm not Catholic or Christian, but I do believe that dark things do exist, for I've seen them myself.

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I still think "watching the pope" may refer to the old pope who stepped down....

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Pope Benedict...yeah, he didn't sit well with me...something not right about him.

I've been watching him too.

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@ Nameless -- maybe you just don't trust him?   sic......


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Hello Triton and Nameless.

What you speak of I have written about in my second published book.

As we continue to move through the void we all will experience déjà vu, crossing timelines, confusion, irritability, calmness too, headaches, mood swings, being almost in a trance for seconds to minutes, simply wanting to be with loved ones, knowing this reality is an illusion and is nearly over, syncronicities and the list goes on and on.

I and my family experienced this and still do. It even actually separated us all.

As we move into the more expansive consciousness and higher realms, we first have to go through our own paths to connect again with loved ones. In your case Nameless, you either are on the same path with your daughters or your awakening at the same time.

My wife fought it and ended up creating a denser energy around her not letting this in for now.

My youngest daughter actually nearly lost it and ended up crying and getting lost in her emotions for months. This intense energy of denseness has taken place in October of 2014.

I started to lose my bearings as well until just recently. I thought I was nuts too for a time.

I have found many, many others like us that have woken to these phenomenal moments.

I have been on this path since 2007.

I feel strongly that something major will happen this year. Have since 2008.

When we are ready on our paths we open that passageway. Until then, most are angry, lost, hurt, sad, on autopilot, and simply living life as zombies.

You're not nuts. Either am I.

The only way I am on this site due to amazingly enough finding a new friend who sent me an excerpt of Chani-Project.

This is similar to Carla Ruekert, Wynn Free, David Wilcox. They all elaborate in one form or another about higher source beings that communicate with them. The Law of One, Council of Twelve, Elohim, Ra, Ptahh, Star Logos and etc.

All is the same. It's simply our higher self communicating with us now since the veil has been lifted. Each of our paths, no matter through science, metaphysics, religions, entities, God, Angels, Aliens, or by placing the pieces to your personal puzzle together now; all place us in our knowing, awakening, understanding and what comes next.

Don't feel weird, different or confused.

This is the most prolific time to be on the planet; what comes next will astonish you. I have been here in my dreams, go there all the time in my dreams and now can go there in my day dreams.

Anything you can imagine; multiply it 10,000 times.

Just be careful to stay in your conscious state as well as your higher state of light. Keep them in unison. Flow with the energy and all will be well. Like breathing in and out. Let the negative waves simply pass through you as your thoughts do.

Things will get way more rocky before this reality ends and our new one comes forth.

I hope this helps you both or anyone reading this.

Love, smile, laugh, learn, breathe, relax, flow and enjoy the ride ahead.

Far as my blessed family is concerned, I miss them greatly; after 13 years together, it's hard, but I know I will meet them on the other side.

Again, this is why you see so many deaths, suicides, relationships that all of sudden stop and so many wanting time for them.

We are all connected and we all eventually leave this reality.

Take care dear soul sisters and brothers.

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Thank you for your posts and thoughts Guest-Awakening 111 and welcome to Chani - I think I might call you GA though if that's OK.  LOL I hate having to type long names. 

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Thank you very much Jessica.

You can call me Jon if you would like. I truly appreciate being welcomed to Chani and I enjoy reading so many wonderful posts and expansive insight. It's nice to be on a site of like minds, hearts and wisdom. I hope your having a fantastic day, week and your weekend is filled with love!

Yours truly,


ps. How do I become a full member, not a guest?

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Just register Jon - it is free.  It would be really nice if you could use Jon as your Chani name cause it is a lovely name. I use my own name, simply because I am too old to get into all the Avatar and OP names and at least I wont forget that when I need to re-login but its up to you.  LOL

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Plasma Weapons Aimed For the Moon?

Posted By: Lion [send E-Mail]

Date: Friday, 27-Mar-2015 09:23:02

In Response To: How Disabling The Moon Will Dissolve The Matrix (Lymerick)

No one will believe you, of course.

No one will believe the moon is an artificial machine, or a base of operations for the controllers.

No one will admit the moon NOT a natural celestial body.

No one is going to buy that, of course.

Sometimes it doesn't matter if anyone believes you or not.

Most of the time, public opinion is irrelevant, because 'public opinion' is only the result of programming the stupids.

There are times when things need to be done to protect ignorant children from themselves.



March 26, 2015

Kelli Coffee confirms the multitude of control systems that

are run from the moon including mind control, weather

control, reincarnation, etc. ….see what YOU can do NOW to

do your part in lifting the veil and freeing humanity.

by Kelli Coffee

Guest writer,

First I want to congratulate you all for not falling for the

deception that has been so carefully laid out in front of

you. You are creator beings who are currently dealing with

manipulative beings that cannot create, but only manipulate

what already exists.

These beings have infiltrated religions, governments,

corporations and the media. If you are paying attention,

they are not using force to carry out their plans, but

suggestion and trickery, not unlike the blue guy attempted

when I died. They are putting their ideal outcome in front

of you in the form of laws, tv programs, movies, news

casts, religious texts, education and social systems. They

have created deities who are really your slave masters, and

have put them so high on a pedestal that you can’t tell

they are actually evil, draining the life out of you to

feed and nourish their very existence. Without us they

cannot exist. They have carefully studied humans to be able

to manipulate them to create whatever they want. That is


A revolution is taking place. This is not a violent one. It is

not even physical. It’s a revolution of the mind. Assume

everything you have learned your whole life is false, and

was presented to you in an attempt to guide and manipulate

you to their end game. Take the moon for example. Why do

stars shine through the dark part of the moon, and the sun

shines through the moon during an eclipse? It’s because the

moon is a space ship that is crystalline in nature, and the

hologram imposed on the surface can’t block out the light.

Just like it is a hologram, the hologram you are in also

cannot block out your light.

You deserve a huge pat on the back for making it through this

past year. Most of the population was scheduled to be

destroyed this past year. The manipulators are off schedule

because of you, and your resistance to their programming.

Waking up was only the first step. You have to discover

that you are infinite light, and have the power to do

anything. You must hold this power close to you, and only

use it to help this planet and mankind. Do not give this

power away to those who want to continue to create fear for

their food source.

(SNIP link doesn't work so don't know if any more.)


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Hi Jon--yeah join up--welcome to the Chani forum- 8)


I have been going through all these changes for many years--goes quiet--then ranps up again---I call it the roller coaster ride--ups and downs spread out over the years--but now of late-last year or so, it is really ramping up.


seeming missing time-or days haha(forgot my Boys Birthday recently till I was reminded by my Mum--OOPS)---time is speeding up--days going quicker, then some days seem to last ages---but so much happening out there.


I had to get away from the city-- years ago--found a some what quieter place-- well it has been better over all but there has been moments here when I have had "those" moments when you either push some ones buttons( you know when that happens-a person is talking to you and you hit the "programing" button and they spit the dummy at you LOL)--or you just feel the energy getting thicker.


Little reminders I call them,  I have a great memory, so I know I have learnt(remembered) things I should keep in the forfront of my mind--but life gets in the way(slight sleepyness) and you have to be prodded or reminded of things again.


So every now and then you get a prod--or a flick behind the ear from your higher self(as I like to think of it)  I do feel there is a big field of energy coming in from the Cosmos at us(Earth)--Cosmic Sonic Boom???--but a little more gently than some would have us believe.


Thats why I like Chani(forum) coz its a bunch of like minded Souls who input all sorts of info--wisdom--fun and laughs--critical thinking--and up to date info.


I keep a tune up on my intuitions and empathic abilities--and notice a lot of things that others around me don't--I have never felt that this is my home--just visiting, used to think I had to try and conform when I was younger--to please my family and friends--but could not help grow away from them.


Anyway--this feels like a family at the moment--there are a lot of us just waiting--we know the changes are here now--some days I get all angsty and want it to hurry up and get on with it--some days I just be-- and  there is a lot more of them now--they go so quick.


My watch lost 3 hours recently--needs a new battery I thought--but wait a minute--its not that old-I changed it a year ago--should last for 2-3 years--really fresh battery too--- so I found the old battery and checked it on the multi meter--interesting!-- it had a full charge again?-- so I pulled the battery out of the watch and put the old one in again-- going strong-- checked the "new" battery and it had a full charge???----------WTF?----I did think to myself for a split second when I noticed the watch lost time that I have jumped a time line LOL--- so I am a little bit more tuned to the time again.


It seems again of late that every time I look at the clock or watch that its 10-10 or 9-09 or 4-44 or 5-55 and so on--that has happened a lot over my life---or I can remember times when I was engrosed in some thing--look at the time and get back to what I was doing for what seemed like hours and then look at the clock again and only a few minutes had past?????--thats a brain snap moment LOL.


anyway------------I wait with calm anticipations-------something I have had a bit of a learning curve with here in this dimension- :)

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