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Another Dinosaurs Depiction With Humans: Amazon in Peru

I just got to this info via a Jpnse Alternative Media. The original news source was written up in Spanish.

It's too difficult to try to read what's the content, but it was written by the famous "UFO hunter" in Japan, Shinichiro Namiki.

Just check out the pics......I screenshot them at 125% of what I could get cleanly.

I can't read it for I don't get the copies of the magazine. 

I'm guessing if you search Peruvian/Spanish articles, might find the ones with similar images, then to translate the article into English.

(c) Mu/ Gakushu Kenkyusha Publishing Co 2018


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27000 years ago's Stone Age Japanese Guy Had Blue Eyes

Using 3D printer, Japan resurrected the face of a man from about 27000 years ago, found on Ishigaki island, far South of Japan.

He was 165cm, not so tall. There are 19+ bodies found in one place on the island. One of the biggest number of bodies gathered in one place being found from that time.


↑Screenshot from the article. There is a much bigger close up pic on the link.

Check out the Hazel coloured eyes! They were not just fibbed to shove them in for a good look.

Genetically Jomon indigenous people of Japan were originally Caucasians with Blue Eyes.

It takes 4000 years from the state of darken skin to become "white" was analyzed via British remains of stone age people.

27000 years ago, Japan still had Blue Eyed genes prominent then. 

And under the brown colour of eyes, BLUE colour is in tact....that's today's us with brown eyes....

Somehow the image of the guy from 27000 years ago reminded me of him...


(c) Lord of the Rings 2001


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5000 yo Ancient Star map in Scotland: The Ancient Cochno Stone

The channel owner copped from YT and lost his most viewed channel dealing with our turf.
Skip to 1:48 for the actual story. Awesome pics.
And how amazing to learn neolithic people shared core ART awareness.
I'm sure Aussies notice similarities of symbols used in Scotland very similar to that of Aboriginal maps in Oz.
(c)The Lost History Channel TKTC 2017
Published on Dec 21, 2017
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The Curious Case of the Explorer Who Met a 1,000-Year-Old Mayan Priest Inside a Cave

A truly weird tale of a real account of mysterious old man and a half....

(c)Did You Know ? 2017

Published on Sep 11, 2017

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DISCOVERY: Is THIS the Oldest Portrayal of The Sphinx? | Ancient Architects disrespecting towards the vid poster....but it was also the COMMENT SECTION conversation I really thought worthwhile to post to mention.

Personally, yes I think it had a lion head.

But what was the representation for?

I think of one of our ancestors, LYRANS. 

(c) Ancient Architects 2018

Published on Jun 3, 2018

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The Proof of Giant Trees Existed on Earth?

I have an issue with how we started to see things on Ggl Eth.

I reckon ALL nature contains "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" patterns because we hold the formulas like chaos theory with Fractal design and the nature likes to copy and spit out Fibonacci sequence away from Golden Means, ALL NATURE WILL SHOW THE PATTERNS WE SEE ON DIFFERENT SCALES naturally.

And those similar patterns could be presenting different stuff like geological feature to mimic the pattern (because all nature encompass such formula naturally away from the Humans or Aliens for that matter), we may be getting fibbed into thinking in wrong path. (Sorry I may not make sense. IDK how I can explain this in concise manner....(´×ω×`))

Thus when we look at the stuff like this and say "this is huge", maybe that's just showing some similar patterns we grasped on our level of size that's going with the law/formula being applied to the nature, which means what we thought we are seeing may not be "it" as we imagine, and we are viewing something with incomplete understanding and believing in what we "see".

At the same time, I DO believe we had giants and large sized trees before. There are too many proofs!!!

Loooove how we cut through to these interesting points of Earth history, that's for sure! 

And pls check out the comment section. People are bringing in very plausible counter facts etc, we do need to dig down deeper.

Let's continue doing more research on this matter....!

(c)MrMBB333 2018

Published on Jun 15, 2018

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Mystery Debunked on Round Rock Balls Around The World? (There is a pic on the article with a small sized rock ball.)

According to this geologist in Japan, all those round (huge to small) come out of soil are a sort of GEODE containing ONE dead body of something.



Basically, Earth encrusted a dead body of SEA CREATURE for each of the ball. Apparently, according to this geologist, this formation has been known among geologist for ages.


If above was the case, I'm so sure one of us would have already dug it up and presented with the rock balls to us, flagging hard that "yeeeey it's been debunked" before, right? I don't think I ever came across to this "fact" before. ....Well, maybe I didn't look around hard enough??



"When a sea creature dies, the dead body starts to rot by covered by mud and sand of the sea floor, then the organic matter starts to release acid made of such as carbon. This acid reacts with calcium in sea water, it becomes Calcium Carbonate. This reaction spreads equally to the surrounding, the ball of Calcium Carbonate is formed round and grow to wrap around the dead body.

The formation used to be thought that it'd take millions of years, however Calcium Carbonate has the nature to form very quickly. Even large sized ones only takes a few months to a few years to form in incredible speed." (Translated by unity from above sentence from the article linked on top.)

A dead body in the centre of those balls...!?

You know the sizes of those balls in Costa Rica? Maybe fairly large sized dinosaur babies or something is in the centre then.

BUT I still have problem with this.

WTH are the ones found in Russia? They were NOT round like Costa Rica ones. But flattened round like some typical UFO shape we can think of....are they still holding the same answer to the round balls...??

Maybe they got formed in very shallow water...?????


(c) Paul Seaburn 2015

We need to break them up or use imaging scanners to see the inside....................

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German version of Stone Henge: Wood Poles Were Used, Not Stone

140km from Berlin. They discovered about 30 Females and Kids sacrificed and dumped into holes on the site. I'm still trying to find the age of the site.


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"I AM WHO I AM. CREATOR OF ALL THINGS.": A Message Found Next To Giza Pyramids

Apparently according to Gary, the message was seen since 1999. I have to go into other photos to verify that so I'll just leave it as is for now.


Above image from (c) Gary Parker??

The original NASA photo here and it's full size: 

You need to see the whitish area, upside down. It's depicting a typical head gear worn Egyptian King.


↑(c) NASA 2012

(c) JoshTolley 2018

Published on Jun 15, 2018

Rabbis translation: "God's gonna return to the city of David in Jerusalem on 26th July 2022" and they went huh!? for it's NOT written in Torah. (And IDK what the word "God" implying here.)

.....REALLY? My skepticism kicked right in when I heard that. But I gotta point out that Gary said he hadn't been pulled into any religious views since the find.

My CT head thought straight away that this could be an inserted job from the Globalist agenda to suit their plot to continue oppressing us down. BUT we dunno the full picture of it yet. Very interesting to say the least.

...This story reminded me of how Bible Code came under the spot light in a way.

Picking up shapes out of the shadows of buildings to call them as Hebrew letters? However I wouldn't also discount the formulas in the nature showing as above and as I could also say "why not", too.

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Mysterious giant sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

"The tomb, which dates back to the Ptolemaic period between 305 B.C. and 30 B.C., was uncovered in the city of Alexandria.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Mostafa Waziri, general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced that the 6-foot high sarcophagus, which is 8.7-feet long and 5.4-feet wide, is the largest ever found in Alexandria. "

....Too huge for a human body....

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Michael Tellinger New Anunnaki Discoveries in Ancient South Africa 2018

There were some pretty cool info in the vid....! But I liked Michael always, so I might be biased. Please check it out.

Fossilised Anunnakine preserved and identified for the parts by a physician when Michael was there......

(c) Earth Ancients 2018 for the vid

Published on Jun 15, 2018

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