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    • breezy

      Happy Veteran's Day to all our men and women of our military.  Thank you for your service to our country.
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    • PANX

      Had a terrible nightmare  They will exterminate all life on Earth just like how they are doing with California now  I know that earth is a mining zone in the galaxy and the galactic criminal enterprise (Moon) has no respect for human life  They will kill us all in order to get their resources  That’s not what I saw in my dream but this will be the outcome. I know what they are up to at least!
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    • Suuzzaannee144

      Hey folks,
       Greetings from Canada! I am a Gramma now!! My daughters firstborn came on Oct 31- his actual due date. His name is Hania. Baby is healthy and I am so excited!
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    • Orion

      Weed is now legal in Canada. In other news, Taco Bell announces 697 new stores in Canada.
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    • A contagious brain-eating disease is threatening the deer population of Alabama… And can potentially infect humans… By Strange Sounds     Nov 18, 2018   http://strangesounds.org/2018/11/a-contagious-brain-eating-disease-is-threatening-the-deer-population-of-alabama-and-can-potentially-infect-humans.html "A brain-eating disease known as Chronic Wasting Disease (or CWD) is threatening the deer population of Alabama. It’s a contagious brain disease and can potentially infect humans who consume diseased deer."
    • Techno Buddhist Chanting I hope you can watch the embedded vid on the linked page. Crazy...ROFL https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20181116-00010006-kyt-cul
    • Archaeologists discover 15th century indigenous tombs with Elongated Skulls in Bolivia If the elongated skull really was in the 15th C tomb, that's really a huge news to me. But I still haven't managed to get other sources to get further info on this story, I cannot be sure if the elongated skull really belong to the 15th C bodies. Someone might had been honouring the elongated skulled people in the region, and they might decided to remove the skull from the original resting place, then put it together with the 108 bodies for very special reason, such as that those 108 were also special group of people and were there to be reanimated with the elongated skull owner when that being would be resurrected....we can only speculate, but the skull itself could be from far older time, just being placed into the 15th C tomb, not exactly the skull owner being alive in the 15th C. So far there is not much detailed info to suss out the picture of what was really going on there. However, IF the elongated skull owner really did exist back in the 15th C.......FAR OUT!!!!!!!!! That really would be a super discovery to us because 15th C isn't that long time ago in our history!!!!!!!!! Columbus could have met an elongated skulled people!!!!!!!!! (c) UFOmania - The truth is out there 2018 Published on Nov 18, 2018
    • Ami Horowitz: The Truth Behind the Caravan   UN Agenda as plain as day, and now Mexican people are protesting these people's presence in their country too. 'We don't want you here': Mexicans protest against migrant caravan  
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