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    • Suuzzaannee144

      Hey folks, Just a big Hello! Miss you guys. I am just about completed my short novel pertaining to the Mandala effect and some theories and actual events that happened to me when I was on my trip to UK and Malta last spring. I want to send it out to folks for proof reading if you are up to it. Ya Triton one of the Characters is Trithon whose name I slightly changed and it has info about the Atlanteans. How bout send me an email to: suuzzaannee144@hotmail.com to proof the next three chapters...please and thanks...here's the first:
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    • Rab

      Hello, to all. Luck, to all.
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    • VanHatchet

      omg what is up with this teamspeak!!!!
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    • Orion

      Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?
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    • Rose

      North Korea news: 200 people have died following an accident at a nuclear testing facility

      North Korea’s Punggye-ri facility has suffered a devastating collapse, leaving around 200 people dead.

      Around 100 people were killed when when an unfinished tunnel collapsed at Kim Jong-un's main nuclear testing site.

      Another 100 people subsequently died while attempting to rescue the first group of entombed workers.

      Foreign experts had warned a collapse was likely, highlighting the danger of a cloud of radioactive fallout escaping from the site and spreading across "an entire hemisphere".
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    • Is the end game being re-written?  Time will tell. New material from Q on 4chan yesterday Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Monday, 20-Nov-2017 14:58:30
    • Reader, link: TMR - "Government Finally Admits Chemical Geoengineering Via Chemtrail Operations" Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Monday, 20-Nov-2017 15:37:17
    • First this   Then this Pro-Erdoğan columnist calls on Turks to get ready for war with NATO Nov. 20, 2017 "Ardan Zentürk, a columnist for the pro-government daily Star, has said Turkey will fight a war with NATO, adding that whoever says they “will not fight” should leave the country now. Starting with a recent scandal in which Atatürk was portrayed as an enemy on a war chart during a NATO drill in Norway, then adding US aid to Kurdish forces in Syria, a court case against Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab for violating US sanctions against İran and the US refusal to extradite Fethullah Gülen, who the government accuses of masterminding a failed coup in Turkey last summer, Zentürk in his article published in the Star daily today said: “The US is not now administered by Americans who are accountable to the American taxpayer. Low-life people from the neocon/Zionist lobby with deep media connections have launched an operation against our country by turning [President Donald] Trump into a puppet.” snip https://www.turkishminute.com/2017/11/20/erdogan-columnist-calls-on-turks-to-get-ready-for-war-with-nato/ Seems Putin has also been pushed by NATO, if I'm thinking correctly.  
    •   Nuclear Official Says Hillary Clinton Engaged In Extortion – Secret FBI Informant Is Set To Blow Open Uranium-One Scandal (VIDEO) http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/nuclear-official-says-hillary-clinton-engaged-exhortation-secret-fbi-informant-set-blow-open-uranium-one-scandal-video/ we'll see if any of this leads anywhere
    • @hcvslayer  nice to see you and your post slayer
      Madagascar plague death toll rises to 171 with a 4% jump in cases as experts fear the 'worst outbreak in 50 years' WILL become resistant to antibiotics and reach US, Europe and Britain Stephen Matthews            Nov. 16, 2017   "The deadly plague outbreak in Madagascar is rapidly spiralling out of control as 171 people have now lost their lives, official figures reveal.
      World Health Organization data also shows the 'medieval disease' has infected 2,119 in the country off the coast of Africa - a four per cent jump in a handful of days. 
      The 'crisis' has prompted ten African countries to be placed on high alert, with the WHO ordering nine to step up preparations. 
      Experts fear the plague, which strikes Madagascar every year, will inevitably become resistant to antibiotics and mutate and become untreatable.
      Others worry it will eventually hit the US, Europe and Britain, leaving millions more vulnerable due to how quick it can spread through populations.
      And with the plague season expected to run until April, scientists believe there will be another spike of cases in the coming months. 
      Scores of doctors and nurses have already been struck down with the disease, and there are growing fears hospitals will be unable to cope if it continues its rampage.
      But local officials are adamant the 'worst outbreak in 50 years' is slowing down as the number of new cases is on the decline." More than 2,000 cases have now been reported in Madagascar, health chiefs have revealed, as 10 nearby nations have been placed on high alert snip http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5088307/Madagascar-plague-death-toll-rises-171.html  
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