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    • Orion

      is there any way to increase the amount of recipients for an outgoing mail message?
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    • unity

      LOL the Bot is working hard and it's now hard to get to the posts made by us to leave my reactions. Never thought we end up such huge load of new threads generated daily! Sorry if I missed anyone's posts. I need time to get to you...! ROFL
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    • PANX

      It’s a bit tragic when you find out that children listen to extremely contaminated music today and they are supportive of it when I tell them I don’t like such music. It happened today when a child picked up her phone and I saw her songs that she listened to so I asked politely and were given permission to play a song so I started “Shinzo no Tobira” and she thought the cover was creepy! 
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    • PANX

      Microchipping is the first phase of planetary dictatorship under China. Microchips are produced in China and chipped to corporations offering their employees to chip. I have a feeling they are two moves away from conquering us on all levels. The countries where corporations are offering microchipping is Sweden, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Finland. Finland alone offers biometric microchips from the government itself. There is no safe place
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    • breezy

      Happy Veteran's Day to all our men and women of our military.  Thank you for your service to our country.
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