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    • unity

      A reminder vid...
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    • unity

      Did Matrix Got Updated Today?
      I have been having this feeling that last 24 hrs was a very special day.
      Something had changed about our shared reality.
      It was as if to "upgrade" and it feels neater and better.
      Even to my visual cue, when the change of the structure was taking place right in front of me, the perspective of the space got changed, and immediately I felt the same space somehow bigger and wider with fresher feel to the whole place...wth...
      But then, I can't be sure if I'm having a very positive result from C60 and this is a part of it....
      Anyone else felt something very profound today??
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    • breezy

      Happy Valentine's Day
      CHANI members and Guests
      WISHING ALL OF YOU - LOVE!! - Today and Everyday
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    • feteru7

      we are heading towards our dreams! it is written in our DNA, now part of our memory. dreams are short-lived but eternally imbeded in our life. some day in the future i hope dreams will be our reality! the greatest fun i've ever had has been in dreams. maybe i'm missing out in this world. :P
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    • Suuzzaannee144  »  kdog2891

      Hi Kdog..
      Jeez its been a while. I remember chatting with you the first day I was ever on Chani..that was you right- stationed at the HAARP facility?
      I heard it got moved from near Anchorage, I believe. Not sure to where. Do you know? And how are you anyhow?
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    • Warning: Something is Brewing for the Block Chain system installed into Smart Phones...China and Ee slay el shaking hands https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-21/huawei-said-to-be-in-talks-to-build-blockchain-ready-smartphone China was developing block chainable smart phones since last year. This sounds just letting THEM creating whole lot of weird back doors, regardless of the safety mechanisms of block chain... Geez they just try messing whatever we come up as a possibly better protective solution, hey.(´Д`) Now we know that the cryptocurrency sector got riddled by the Pedo-Gate images, as soon as you start using it, you are risking to be picked up as a PEDO. And this news of the Hua Wei moving into a gadget that can possibly screw you up further.....ummmmm...... Please be safe.
    • A big grin, breezy. BTW the Declaration was made by that guy and on the bottom, he states " Davos, Switzerland February 8, 1996"... Interesting it is originated from THAT Davos, where one of the nastiest group gathers regularly.
    • Connecting the Dots from the Billionaire top down (c) The Free Thought Project 2018 The page: https://www.facebook.com/thefreethoughtprojectcom/?hc_ref=ARTzzVo5cYijfoPo_oFZpj4f1rKATJg6H6yzs2gLMKNUqvLY7J6cmpnf3p2Jcc0Wgmw&fref=nf&hc_location=group
    • Facebook Burning Down: Whoa it's hitting up shite creek....(´゚д゚`) Now as Elon Musk dumping them as well, they are basically being done, methinks. Zuckerberg's latest hollow message shows it is time to forget Facebook http://www.afr.com/technology/social-media/facebook/zuckerbergs-latest-hollow-message-shows-it-is-time-to-forget-facebook-20180321-h0xsxm Zuckerberg’s ‘megalomaniac’ style has made Facebook the behemoth it is http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/zuckerbergs-megalomaniac-style-has-made-facebook-the-behemoth-it-is/news-story/a406c0a8581da33ba482f909331709aa Nobody knows how to fix what Facebook has broken https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/nobody-knows-how-to-fix-what-facebook-has-broken-20180321-p4z5fo.html Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters ‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence on Cambridge Analytica https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/mar/17/cambridge-analytica-facebook-influence-us-election
    • Laurel Canyon, California Hollywood Lots "famous" peeps in the old days like F Zappa, Mamas&Papas had Military connections: establishing group in the Famed people Military Elite M AQ .....Nasty connections and all links seem to focus to Laurel Canyon. One of the key place of the worst energy being concocted.   
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