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    • Orion

      If whores, witches, ghosts and hobo's show up on my doorstep, I can only assume it's Halloween because our family reunion was in July....
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    • Orion

      To the lady at Costco with her son on a leash. I'm sorry that I asked if he was a rescue.
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    • Orion

      So how long before GoFundMe is America's leading health care provider?
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    • JammerAAP

      Hi Bree, you were right, it just took a while for the internet to spark up again regarding 911. There has been a tonne of stuff discussed across many sites now, including some new perspectives from unlikely sources. Hope you are having a good day!
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    • JammerAAP

      Really amazed at the lack of 911 discussion and follow up across the net today. Has everyone given up? Still raw in my mind, and wrong, just so wrong - it reeks of it.
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    • Is it just me or does that image look like a Mandelbrot set?
    • So time to see who is buddying up with whome. We could never have seen Trump as pres back then, nor his introverted policies. Looking more and more likely that a coup will occur? USNI to initiate it?
    • I found a chat in which I asked about JCV1 -02 and didn't really receive an answer. (That name was only mentioned in 3 original posts within the thread, and quoted a couple times.) Yes I knew synthia was what Ventner had created, and that it was released in the GOM.  The DWH leak was deliberate, in order to test Venter's synthetic bacteria, as Nex stated in that video, they knew exactly when it was going to be attacked.  (I also got waylaid on the JCV1 virus that causes PML, but it's not the same thing)  Is the GOM the only place this was used?  How about in October 2012, when the Rena broke up off New Zealand, on a coral reef.   "Corexit" was used there as well.  So was Venter's synthetic bacteria used again?  Ran across a video today, again Bezerk related, it seems, just use discernment in all things.  DARPA whistleblower: National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM was likely hacked by China   The image below is supposedly what the sun was doing when the NSO got closed and taken over by the alphabet agency. We were told during Bezerk, that China has a Solar Initiation Module-SIM-given to them by et's with which they can control the sun.   So what the guy says in the video causes second thoughts. The following was written by Acolyte  almost 8 years ago in part, re: EMP - SIM snip "China is still poised to demonstrate their Reverse EMP capability again. (Previous warning/demo was with Astute) Many nations are preparing and refocusing their defenses towards China using all means possible, including new and even untested military technology and applications. Again the main focus will be on Submarines and Satellites. Nations are scrambling to find/research for counter measures to combat China's Solar Initiation Module (SIM) or (SI.M)
      Some nations are publically/politically(for show) allaying against China when in fact they planning to work covertly(now) and actively with China when the Events begins sequencing." snip "A new generation of electron devices makes waves, trillions of them each second" https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2016-07-12    
    • NC river swirls with gray muck near flooded coal ash dump videos at link https://www.yahoo.com/news/nc-river-swirls-gray-muck-near-flooded-coal-040911301.html
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