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    • breezy

      Happy Father's Day 2017, to all those great daddy's out there, who celebrate it today!
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    • KMRIA  »  Suuzzaannee144

      hello Suuz
      thank you for the videos. I'll look ta them later, as well as check any new ones you have  on youtube.The contact you asked me to get in touch with never responded to my email. and.... at some point I may pr may not go into full details of what has happened here.
      I have no desire for any kind of public profile and/but in terms of what happens on this planet iot seems to be unique. The Biy says this particular place, in terms of Gaia's energy field is the most evil on the planet. I have no reason to doubt him. It's as heavy and as dark as it gets. I've been here 10 years, HF has been here about the same time...and it's been a relentless attack, constantly.on all levels.I' may go into that further, but in all honesty I prefer those others not exposed , energetically, to this Black stuff.Even tuning into ot can be harming.Soon, we're told we get out.Whether that's by portal or physical escape I have no idea.. some things are kept from us so that They don't know either.A personal note:Saying "Pay attention" in such an abrupt way is an order. I neither give nor accept orders as I'm not in any heirarchy and only respond to Source for direction.You may not have meant it to sound like that but it did. I'm not offended really.My angels-two of them- are only necessary because I (and we) are here on a very difficult planet, and can't "see" as we normally do.
      Anyway. It's Saturday night here, the vibes are awful (the Hellfire/Satanic club ) is just down the street and I'm going home to Dream.sleep
      best Gerard
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    • Suuzzaannee144

      This is for you. Pay attention Krima
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    • feteru7

      i long for my dreams chani
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    • Something Just Happened in Japan: Tide Is Turning Hear hear! Excellent dot connections, breezy!! We will never just gulp down what forced fed info into our mouth anymore....we collectively got wiser, methinks. They won't be able to handle the speed we progress from now on and they actually won't be able to catch up to us, the ones who started to speed up to go our own ways.   Today, in fact just about 2 hours ago, Japan had a real change over of something pretty important btw. Err....at least that's how I felt.(・ω<)☆Ψ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ An anti-Japan lobbyist group decided to do the demonstration against the alternative tv program provider that's making a hell of change by revealing truths and waking up Japanese nation to take the grip of the country over to themselves, regaining their consciousness from the GHQ's War Guilt Information Programming, got surprising helping hands. The alternative channel asked people to stay away for the safety concern for the occasion.(They usually let peeps to hang out while the tv programs are filmed inside the building via huge glass windows facing the street.) The tv show dedicated to monitor this Anti-Japan lobbying action LIVE, and had 2 famous presenters on board there, who are so hated by the Anti-Japan lobbyists there for their power to speak up the opinion against them. Despite the pledge from the alternative tv channel side to not to come, about 30 peeps turned up to watch the show from the glass windows of the production company, trying to protect the building and the people inside, with full on bright expressions on their faces, ready to fight back for the crazy accusation against the alternative channel.  I didn't know what I'd end up seeing.....whether physical fights starting or not.(๑•﹏•) But when the marching Anti-Japan lobbyists arrived to the building location, saw the peeps already gathering up gazing at them with the looks to kill, they decided to move over to the other side of the street to avoid the collision.  The friggin peeps marching were hiding their faces with sunnies and masks, but we could tell they were in the age group of about 60-70 yo....meaning many of them were the COMMUNIST LOBBYISTS that used to do the same action back in the 60s..... Their crappy anti-Japan lobbying are starting to shrink down in its power (finally!!!) because people don't want to hear from them anymore. 30,000+ of us were watching it via the channel program as it was happening. There seem to be collective mind of Japanese peeps finally started to stand up to be "Japanese", not the "WW2 losers" anymore.   I suspect the possibility of those Lobbyists and intel agents from Korean peninsula and China have the connection to the incident of the cargo ship to crush against The US Aegis. But you also can't forget about the Cabal grip still present in Japan.  The BREAK AWAY peeps (from the Cabal) are helping important political moves of Japan, too. But also real Japanese peeps who want to do the best for the country is starting to shine through, making a huge impression that the Cabals, China and both Koreas can't mess us further. Their action is becoming less and less potent, because genuine peeps are standing up and revealing the truths in places such as in the UN, where friggin hell of Chinese and Korean power is infiltrated and does not function properly anymore, and the misinformed and disinformed UN officials were jaw dropping response, saying "We never know what really was going on in Japan".....   .........The Aegis crash incident unfortunately blatantly revealed how thinly the body of Aegis was built (it was a fact that they all got built thinly, even thinner than the cowlings that of F1 racing cars in the % comparison re:thickness of panels---------BECAUSE THOSE AEGIS GOTTA MOVE FAST TO REACH THE ENEMY!!!), making friggin China to easily attack the US 7th Fleet in Sth Est Asian sea. The plotter of the incident could be anti-Japanese agents from Korean Peninsula, or it could be Chinese, or possibly BOTH shaking hands and done that. And the Cabal to be behind in pushing money, using those foreign agents as theirs in disguise, trying to cause headache to President Trump.......the darkness deepens.   Either way, pretty annoying how far and deep these peeps got waged into the society in Japan, and it's almost impossible to get rid of their presence at the moment because we don't possess anti-spying law. (´Д`) (Obviously it was convenient for the Cabal to be so. FFS...)  If you can imagine 1 in 4 peeps in Japan could may well be working for CIA (the data is pretty old, though---I heard this more than 10 years ago...it's just the situation didn't change much for that duration...awkward to admit it so but that's the truth), without the knowledge of it, then you cam imagine the place has been a Cabal Heaven! Sure it has been so especially since Meiji Era started. (But alien interventions were present since the ancient time. Very very ancient time.....) You can tell how Japan was just a colony/ATM for the Cabal crap since the end of WW2.(´×ω×`)  The thing is that the law trying to clean out these Cabal and Anti-Japanese intel agents had got finally approved in the Japanese gov just several days ago, so the battle starts. But the new law is still pretty lame. It's at the beginning of trying to make it better. There's no subs but JFYI, the actual alternative tv program made as LIVE:  
    • Nice to see this being discussed.  What to believe?  At first reported to be a Philippine cargo ship, now it's Japanese owned, operated by a Philippino crew.  The "incident" happened at 1:30 am, but not reported until 50 minutes later  2:20 am.  yet US says 2:30 am.  Cargo ship made turn before "incident".  Or did it turn 30 minutes after the hit, when it returned to see if what they hit, had sunk?  Where was the rest of the carrier strike group at the time?  Fitz IS part of USS Reagan strike group.  Where was that cargo ship headed?  I was told those containers were empty, because if they had been full, the water line would have been above the red line on the hull.  The ACX Crystal  owned by Olympic Steamship Co. out of Panama a subsidiary of Japanese ship owner Sunford Shipping Ltd. , managed by Seaquest Shipping out of the Philippines and  sailing under Philippine flag.  Currently sitting in Yokohama still scheduled to sail to Thailand!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_ACX_Crystal Fitz was recently in Subic Bay for repairs, upgrades.  ISIS in Philippines, same time?  Duterte has aligned with China, and that info is all over the web, plus he has stated he didn't ask for or want our help w/ISIS. When the Fitz was in Subic Bay, there were Philippine contractors working on it, and now it gets rammed by a Japanese owned cargo ship, manned by a Philippino crew?  Sorry, I don't believe in coincidences.  Convenient too how Japan got dragged into it, since we are allies. There has been many strong words to come out of China, warning us to walk softly in the So. China Sea, and to stay away from those islands they are creating.  We also have a very tedious situation with N. Korea at this time, and is the reason we have a presence there.  If it came to push and shove, who would China back?  The US or No. Korea?  I think we all know that answer!   Right here I'm going to mention something else.   MH 370!  Had on board 20 Chinese nationals who were working in Texas, on US Defense systems.  I think at some point stealth technology was mentioned.  So then, that plane disappeared, never to be seen again, vanished, poof, gone.  Never to be found.  What if, it actually made it to Bejing, and the technology was turned over to the Chinese? Oh yes, uh huh they found parts here and there, yes well there's always replacement parts made, for every plane, and they could very well have been planted. Speaking of the cabal, you couldn't get any closer than the Rothchilds, who owned the company those Chinese nationals worked for.  If you do a search for Chinese hacking, you will find that there are many instances of hacking into our defense systems, a long history, in fact.  What if they have new stealth or cloaking technology that we don't know about? via MH 370?  The mother said no lights, no transponders. The Fitz obviously never saw Crystal, how would that be possible? Stealth or cloaking would work. Hacking of satellite systems at same time to give false positions or times could also be a factor.   Now think about this for a second.  We have read how big shipping companies are going broke, right? Ports, worldwide are choked up with cargo ships going nowhere, how about we make a deal, insurance will cover any damage, etc. So then, with current technology available, who needs missiles, bombs, planes, to take out a Navy?   IF "they" have figured out a way to do so, no ship is safe on the seas.  I am convinced this was a test, and it was a success.  We will never know the truth, but those in the military certainly do, and it must scare them to death. Who was involved?  I know what I think. Plotted, planned, multiples cooperated to see if it were possible, and now they know.  (but then, I'm a true CT, and I see this as a true conspiracy lol so what would you expect?)  btw, I sure as heck hope I'm wrong!    I feel others here on Chani are thinking the same things I am.
    • What Japanese School Kids Do to Their School Books.....ROFL 0:45~6:31 are showing the comments from all over the world about kids drawings. The rest are the comments from Japanese peeps. Sorry no subs but hilarious by just looking at them.