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    • Suuzzaannee144

      Hey folks, Just a big Hello! Miss you guys. I am just about completed my short novel pertaining to the Mandala effect and some theories and actual events that happened to me when I was on my trip to UK and Malta last spring. I want to send it out to folks for proof reading if you are up to it. Ya Triton one of the Characters is Trithon whose name I slightly changed and it has info about the Atlanteans. How bout send me an email to: suuzzaannee144@hotmail.com to proof the next three chapters...please and thanks...here's the first:
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    • Rab

      Hello, to all. Luck, to all.
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    • VanHatchet

      omg what is up with this teamspeak!!!!
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    • Orion

      Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?
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    • Rose

      North Korea news: 200 people have died following an accident at a nuclear testing facility

      North Korea’s Punggye-ri facility has suffered a devastating collapse, leaving around 200 people dead.

      Around 100 people were killed when when an unfinished tunnel collapsed at Kim Jong-un's main nuclear testing site.

      Another 100 people subsequently died while attempting to rescue the first group of entombed workers.

      Foreign experts had warned a collapse was likely, highlighting the danger of a cloud of radioactive fallout escaping from the site and spreading across "an entire hemisphere".
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    • The Vatican's Response?  The report needs some serious study.  What this means in real terms is that we don't like those outcomes so we are going to seriously study the report - for as many years as it takes until people forget the report even existed and we can just carry on with business as usual.
    • With nearly 83 inches, this place is NY’s snowiest Natalie Vaughn              Dec. 16, 2017 "ALBANY — Winter has yet to officially start, but snow is already piling up in some parts of upstate New York. According to the National Weather Service, the areas with the most snow are in Oswego and Lewis counties — which get clobbered each year with snow drifting across the eastern edge of Lake Ontario. And it's the usual places: the tiny town of Redfield in Oswego County is leading the state with 82.6 inches of snow as of Friday. So at this rate, Redfield is on pace for its second straight national recognition: Last year it won the USA Today Network's first annual Golden Snowdrift Award after getting 350.5 inches of snow -- which equals more than 29 feet. “There are certain areas of New York that get more snow than others," said meteorologist Christina Speciale of the National Weather Service. "Those spots usually are by Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and that’s due to lake effect snow.”    snip http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/politics/albany/2017/12/15/nearly-83-inches-place-nys-snowiest/108634560/
    • Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program Dec. 161, 2017          HELENE COOPER, RALPH BLUMENTHAL and LESLIE KEAN snip video showing UFO "WASHINGTON — In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find. Which was how the Pentagon wanted it. For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze. The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence. For the past five years, they say, officials with the program have continued to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties. The shadowy program — parts of it remain classified — began in 2007, and initially it was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time and who has long had an interest in space phenomena. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space." snip https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html 2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/unidentified-flying-object-navy.html
    • Cross posted from the Shouts thread. Billionaire Apotex founder Barry Sherman and wife found dead in Toronto home https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/two-found-dead-at-home-of-billionaire-apotex-founder-barry-sherman/article37348222/ "The bodies of Barry Sherman, the billionaire founder of global generic drug giant Apotex Inc. http://www1.apotex.com/global, and his wife, Honey, were found in the basement of the Shermans' Toronto mansion on Friday, but mystery surrounds the cause of their deaths." "Police were tight-lipped about the case. They would not confirm that the two bodies were the Shermans but say they are treating the deaths as "suspicious." As of late Friday, however, the homicide squad was not in charge of the probe and the investigation was being conducted by detectives with the local 33 Division." "Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at 11:44 a.m., Constable Hopkinson said. But he would not say who made the call. He said the pair were pronounced dead at the scene."   BTW, I had never come across to a site with "www1." before...
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