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    • JammerAAP

      Any Chanites going to X-US conf in Sydney Australia?
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    • Blue Wren

      Hi everyone.  Just thought I'd pop in again after so long.  Hope everyone is well   I"ll check out the posts and see what I've missed out on  Love yas!
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    • Suuzzaannee144

      ..."As per Seekers comment on Trump's father....I saw a vidéo made in Russia that was about Russian/UK scientists that were working with Proff Schauberger ( alien tech of flying saucers) some years ago on Chani forum- in which it showed the men...one of them was the spitting image of Trump- clearly a relative. Same haïr same facial bone structure...there is something in that. I will try to find link." Suzze          
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    • breezy

      Happy Father's Day 2017, to all those great daddy's out there, who celebrate it today!
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    • KMRIA  »  Suuzzaannee144

      hello Suuz
      thank you for the videos. I'll look ta them later, as well as check any new ones you have  on youtube.The contact you asked me to get in touch with never responded to my email. and.... at some point I may pr may not go into full details of what has happened here.
      I have no desire for any kind of public profile and/but in terms of what happens on this planet iot seems to be unique. The Biy says this particular place, in terms of Gaia's energy field is the most evil on the planet. I have no reason to doubt him. It's as heavy and as dark as it gets. I've been here 10 years, HF has been here about the same time...and it's been a relentless attack, constantly.on all levels.I' may go into that further, but in all honesty I prefer those others not exposed , energetically, to this Black stuff.Even tuning into ot can be harming.Soon, we're told we get out.Whether that's by portal or physical escape I have no idea.. some things are kept from us so that They don't know either.A personal note:Saying "Pay attention" in such an abrupt way is an order. I neither give nor accept orders as I'm not in any heirarchy and only respond to Source for direction.You may not have meant it to sound like that but it did. I'm not offended really.My angels-two of them- are only necessary because I (and we) are here on a very difficult planet, and can't "see" as we normally do.
      Anyway. It's Saturday night here, the vibes are awful (the Hellfire/Satanic club ) is just down the street and I'm going home to Dream.sleep
      best Gerard
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    • It's odd Suuz, Parkes strikes me as being honest and decent, but some of the things he says as wrong. Bias,covering himself or others misinfo, or part of a factional agenda?. I wouldn't know. One brief comment he made a while ago: that the Falklands War was about the British rescuing  the Goo  from Nazi control was "???" for me. Same with statements  re Anu and the Annunaki . Anyway a brief look at Zaps Today, shows a line on Bern, Garmsichparten  "German part" (an ancient Celtic site which became partly German in the the early ADs, hence the name, also where the 1936 Nazi  Winter Olympics were held in ) and Bratislava: all Celtic Grid points.  
    • Have to say it...Simon seems to be on someones payroll...this is not the first time...
    • You know - he's right....long long time ago, my father was the CO of the police department's Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) training program....I used to go when I was a kid....fun stuff....ANYWAY.....yes....looks like training facility - the driving patterns in the concrete - and the figure 8s...there were cones instead of colored road....but the patterns are similar