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Found 3 results

  1. In September 2015, Agenda 21 Will Be Transformed Into The 2030 Agenda August 7, 2015 Michael Snyder "If you didn’t like “Agenda 21″, then you really are not going to like “The 2030 Agenda”. Next month, the United Nations is going to launch “The 2030 Agenda” at a major conference that will be held from September 25th to September 27th in New York City. The Pope is actually traveling to New York to deliver an address which will kick off this conference. Unlike Agenda 21, which primarily focused on the environment, the 2030 Agenda is truly a template for governing the entire planet. In addition to addressing climate change, it also sets ambitious goals for areas such as economics, health, energy, education, agriculture, gender equality and a whole host of other issues. As you will see below, this global initiative is being billed as a “new universal Agenda” for humanity. If you are anything like me, alarm bells are going off in your head right about now. This new agenda is solidly rooted in a document known as “Agenda 21″ that was originally adopted by the United Nations back in 1992. The following comes from Wikipedia… The full text of Agenda 21 was made public at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit), held in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt the program. The final text was the result of drafting, consultation, and negotiation, beginning in 1989 and culminating at the two-week conference. Since that time, Agenda 21 has been modified and amended numerous times. Noteworthy changes occurred in 1997, 2002 and 2012. But now the UN’s sustainable development program is being given an entirely new name, and the scope of this agenda is being broadened dramatically. The following is what the official United Nations website has to say about it… The United Nations is now in the process of defining Sustainable Development Goals as part a new sustainable development agenda that must finish the job and leave no one behind. This agenda, to be launched at the Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, is currently being discussed at the UN General Assembly, where Member States and civil society are making contributions to the agenda. Just a few days ago, the core document for the 2030 Agenda was finalized. When what is in this document starts getting out, it is going to create a huge stir among Americans that are concerned about the ambitions of the globalists. The following comes from the preamble of this document… snip The following map that comes from America 2050 is one example of what they want to do. A recent piece by Dave Hodges alerted me to this map, and it shows what the United States may look like in a few decades if the globalists have their way… http://www.america2050.org/images/2050_Map_Megaregions2008_150.png And of course this is just the tip of the iceberg." snip http://www.dcclothesline.com/2015/08/07/in-september-2015-agenda-21-will-be-transformed-into-the-2030-agenda/ tx Reddwolf Perhaps this has something to do with the following two links that had us puzzled? The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-un-is-planning-to-migrate-americans-from-california-followed-by-the-entire-southwest/ Yes, using the drought to justify this, but, isn't the drought being geo-engineered? Then this one, it all begins to make sense now! Seattle Trying to Ban Land Ownership in Name of Equality snip "According to a draft letter obtained by the Seattle Times, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s advisory committee on housing is currently drafting a set of rules that will ban single-family zoning in Seattle. Part of the draft reads: “We can still be a city for everyone, but only if we give up our outdated ideal of every family living in their own home on a 5,000 square foot lot.” snip http://offgridsurvival.com/seattle-trying-to-ban-land-ownership-in-name-of-equality/
  2. We often see that things happen for a reason, so looking between the lines has become second nature...I will lay out the information that has been presented to me: When the comets came such as is described in Uriels' Machine ( Lomas& Knight) I was told that right before the series of comets came that decimated the islands of Atlantis, a group of "refugees" from space came asking aid saying they were running from another more aggressive species. It was decided to allow them to land. The inhabitants did that act of compassion at their peril. Turned out they were not refugees at all but the aggressive species they were said to have been running from. When the comets came in earnest the next few days , the alien race did all they could to decimate the culture. ruling class and infrastructure...and took over when the dust cleared. I believe we are facing the exact same situation now. ( thereabouts)... This has come to a head when I think of that I had read info about white Dracos piggybacking on the backs of comets.... That the natural goo in the Earth has been compromised into this programmable goo...or some of it- activated by a wavefield being purported from both inside and outside the Earth... The new Pope said he would baptize aliens. The Dracos that took to rule after the last flood had servants and priests who were Annunakkii who later took over the VATICAN under the " Rock of Peter" and set up the systematic slavery of every man woman and child on this planet via the papal bulls and then the law and international law systems.( money magic) Now I come to the heavy part I came to this conclusion while studying how the child sacrifice circles were operating; that they had to have been using blood and goetic magic meaning using it on politicians and dignitaries who were invited or visiting the churches or castles in the areas the events were to occur...then of course, the mind bending frequencies being put out by HARRP, SuperDARN and Cern which are working toward the activation (formation) of the "programmable goo"...and controlling people. And all this at the heels of the head of teh Vatican Pope Francis- who just gave speech to Congress in the US and UN. And last but not least is the reports that "Nibiru" is amok with seven "planets" or comets in tow about to pass by or possibly hit the Earth as it goes by- all this week. Sorry I mislike being so realistic. But of course, you are never given a problem without also being given it's solution. And for those who do not know me, I rarely talk about something I have not already found or are working on a solution. I will keep you posted ...
  3. Massive UN Global Tax Coming In December S.Noble October 21, 2015 "Dr. Ben Carson told Glenn Beck on his radio show today that if the UN continues as it is, the US must stop funding it. It’s not clear if he knew the UN is planning to launch a global tax on carbon at the global warming summit in December. The UN global leaders are planning to tax carbon worldwide. This is a very serious attack on our sovereignty and our freedoms. They hope to put a price on carbon in the name of global warming. It will be a massive redistribution of wealth out of the United States to the UN who will then mete it out according to their socialist values. This is similar to cap&trade worldwide but much worse and once our president gets us into it and it becomes an integrated world system, we will never get out. When countries become used to living off us, they won’t give it up. That’s how welfare works. This global tax is their “incentive” to get us to stop using energy, the energy that has made us successful, so we can turn over our money – the tax – to dictators and statists who have run their countries into the ground, but Barack Obama will tell us it’s the right thing to do in the war we are fighting against an imaginary enemy. A Carbon Pricing Panel has been convened by they World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and the International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde along with the OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria. This demand came on the first day of the last round of negotiations in advance of the Paris climate talks in December. The group says we need to do it for a low carbon, productive, competitive economy of the future." snip http://www.independentsentinel.com/massive-un-global-tax-coming-in-december/ orig source: http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pr/2015/pr15473.htm <<<press release from the IMF uh huh one more way to enslave us worldwide carbon tax Calif Gov. Jerry Brown is on the panel, sure brings to mind entity's Brown cheats, yet again. He has been an awful Governor for Calif.,