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Found 1 result

  1. Suuzzaannee144

    The Hand

    I have been on this forum for some years now learning some great stuff and sharing some things.I want to say that I have not revealed some important things, mainly because of uncertainty of motivation...but it is time. It has come to my knowledge that i am a descendant of the Jesus and Mary lineage- like many others who are descendants of teh Cathars were all either direct descendants or of the disciples...and not only from THAT spiritual lineage, but there were several groups of "the Twelve ( 14 actually) all over the world that appeared at that time. We know of one group in Russia and another group I heard tell of among native tribes in Canada- all teaching the same message. Many of us then are a part of that special lineage that shapes our spirits and minds. What has come to my attention is that there is a "guidance" for them that serve by nature the highest good. This is certainly true of myself. I have had so many near deaths too numerous to count and scraped or breezed through virtually unscathed....but I am now facing my death...it won't be long now and I must needs tell the world what I know. It is because of this guidance that I am still here to tell it, so I shant waste any more time hiding it. I believe that i have been hunted since before I was even aware of who I was...however I shall not go into the strange occurrences which involve time travel and being visited as a child... nor the event that took place which led me to the knowledge of magic and dragons etc...that would just take too long. Suffice to say-if you think that Hollywood is just creative- think again- truth is often stranger than fiction. I will start when I published my book " Reflections On A Near Universe" in 2007. Now, I had been guided through the whole writing of the book, and indeed some of it came through my hand but not my mind- another higher being wrote it through me. When I read it later I could hardly even understand what i had written- but I knew it was the truth.Yet by the grace of God and my loving father, the book was self published and I felt I had done my duty to the divine and humanity and could carry on with my life...HAA it is to laugh! Firstly, "They" sent someone to my home town to smear me. The man enticed me with half truths and lies, then went around telling lies about me all over town. Many people who knew me didn't believe the lies, but some did and to this day there are places I never frequent ( that I used to) because of that. He disappeared and I think my protectors killed him, but I am not sure what happened to him- only that he was suddenly gone.When i say " my protectors" I am talking about angels- they have been giving me guidance directly since I was about 35. Now I wondered why they would send someone to do this when I am a single mom, no money, no position, very few friends and live in a hick town in rural Canada! It did not become clear to me why they sent someone until 2012 when I saw the sculptures- sculptures that looked very much like the drawings in my book, ( I have just been looking for a pic of one but cannot find it now). These sculptures that depict a large ball with a cross section showing wheels with teeth on them - wheels within wheels are the ones I am talking about. One of which I have seen a photo of is at a university in the UK which is owned by the Vatican- that was how I came to realize, the sculptures ( there are several of them out there by the same artist) were made with the same imagery as teh drawings in my book in which I described how time travel could be done. At the time ( 2012) I was surprised and flattered but not shocked. I knew my work had been followed by a few people as I posted a lot online, but it did send a message to me. It told me that whomever had copied my work had a great deal of money and had ties with the Vatican. Then came the other attacks soon after. I was infected with a strange "insect- like" skin disease. I am not kidding. One day i was normal, the next I had bugs crawling all over my skin- and what's worse is - some other people can see them!! I can feel them, but ( thank God) I can't see them...but i do see clearly the reaction of some people who are either horrified, shocked, disgusted,feel sorry for me and a whole gambit of reactions which make it VERY clear I am not just imaging it! That came in 2009- and it happened while I was in a sweat lodge. After that sweat I was taken out for lunch unexpectedly by a German woman ( whom I knew but not well) and a visitor who was very wealthy and I never saw him again. That changed my life. I was quite beautiful before that...but everything changed when I went through various means to kill them off-I used every treatment I could think of which killed them and i would have a bump from where they had pods of eggs...it's disgusting...but they have never gone away and is something I shall not forgive. It is like having scabies only these bugs are not contagious- they were manufactured for ME!! I nearly committed suicide a few times...but then I had to come to realize why they did that to me. They were trying to force my hand to get rid of me- to stop me from doing whatever it is I was supposed to do which meant -they knew what I was going to do- they would never have gone to such trouble if they did not know. But I deal with it. Beauty is beyond the face and I have overcome my vanity.... Then after that, I was dosed with a " nano virus" in 2014- at a music festival. One day I was fine and later that day I was extremely sick. I nearly died again and would have if it were not for my coils that i was experimenting with. They saved my life. They continue to save my life...but it is getting harder and harder to maintain. Ever since 2017 when they began to put in the antennas ( for the 5G phones so they say) that penetrate human tissue and installing them everywhere- my symptoms have been getting worse and worse. I have tried everything. the symptoms are extreme stomach acid , headache, terrible stomach pain and diarrhea...So it begs the question- who did this to me? Well I know now it was " the Hand" and I know who that is- David Boreanaz - the actor who is much more than an actor. He has been trying to get close to me since about 2004 when his show "Angel" came on TV. He appeared to me in the flesh- showing me his face so I would recognize him and then I would see another person there. At first I thought it was a hallucination, but it happened so many times and he seemed so friendly I thought he was here to help me. He has various faces he uses, but I know now he is a Vampire who can shapeshift. He is teh one who dosed me with teh nano particles- I saw him there and recall he drove by when I smelled the strange smell in teh air and breathed it in. He is still trying to do his Masters bidding. ( saw him last summer trying to interfere with my life again). There is no doubt in my mind that he is the Hand. His character in the show "Angel" was originally named Angelus and Angelus in history was a close associate of Francis of Assisi - whom the present Pope is named after. We are now in no doubt as to who controls the hand. While there may be others who are in their employ, it seems quite clear to me whom the group who orders these things answer to. The question is- why? The answer comes back to who I am. It is because of my soul- the light it carries. The intelligence within me that is beyond me. It is the power struggle of dominance of Good and Evil. Evil has had its' time now for two long counts- as history has been erased or twisted that we can hardly see the ways in which our minds and beings have been "herded" and confined. It is the way throughout history that Mary ( Magdalene) has been hunted and called a whore ( that's what the smear campaign was saying about me), why they cut off her head and forearms ( skull and cross bones of Templar pirates), why women of strength and spiritual purpose ( especially those with red hair) have been quickly silenced or shoved under the carpet. But no more will we be silenced. The truth will find the light of day as it is meant to and the fact that I am going to die soon ( which is entirely preventable if they would just stop using microwaves to power our devices and radio towers) does not change how I feel or what I know or that I shall continue to do everything within my power to free the people of ascending light from the yoke of slavery they have bound us with. The struggle will not die with me. As I sit here, with protective layers of mesh clothing and blankets and several cycoils running, I continue to do experiments and develop technology that may help the ones coming and those who have eyes that see. Never give up. When it is all said and done and those dark souls who do the bidding of the domineering dark turn on their masters- and they will one day-my struggle will be vindicated. The way of truth....