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Found 3 results

  1. Interesting article http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/economist-2015-cover-filled-cryptic-symbols-dire-predictions/
  2. EDIT: I started this list while asking myself "why do I keep researching this stuff?" Which quickly turned into 'why do any of us keep up with it?' After writing several points down I thought it would make a funny poll but it quickly got out of control (diversified) I hastily posted it here after some silly conversation in the TCP chat a couple of nights ago in free text after I realized the TCP polling system didn't support multiple choice. Anyway, these are the recent paths I know I've gone down, withdrawn from some, continued others. I'm thinking it might be a good poll to actually post in a public space in the coming months as more of these topics gain exposure to the general public. Have some to add? Please do and will revise the list. In the meantime, can a mod move this to the humor forum? Thanks. Since 2012 or when Thatcher died have any 'new world' revelations or CHANI predictions come true in your opinion? Yes, shifts on the political stage such as the Snowden leaks are evidence things are changing. No, The sequence of CHANI predictions were off significantly. Yes, but this is an ongoing process which will take several years to show significant evidence. No, I don't see any major change in the world, there have been some interesting events but no less interesting than the previous 10 years. Yes, mysterious events like disappearance of the Malaysian flight are evidence. Not exactly, but the aliens have been among us and ruling us for decades or centuries and are about to make their presence known any day now. (joining timelines) Yes, can't you see the unicorns and rainbows? But seriously, my life has improved significantly in the past few years in many ways and I see positive changes in the world around me. Not yet, but the merging of the inner earth dimension and our own is happening now and crossover events will start occurring soon. (joining timelines) Yes, it is clear the governments manually manipulated timelines or falsified facts for both Mandela and Sharon's passings to dodge the prediction. Not yet, but the galactic superwave is going to hit any day now, and then we will see some dramatic changes. Yes, I can feel the new energies rising and see the effects in the world around me. Not yet, but the topic has breached the overall social consciousness and will enable the majority of humanity to shift the future in a positive way. Yes, the end of the World is upon us, just look at the police and surveillance state emerging in first world nations across the globe for evidence! Not yet, but it's coming. Any day now. I can feel it! Maybe, the CHANI predictions were off since Thatcher but I am willing to accept timeline adjustments since ~98 when they were originally received. No way, 2012 revelations and the CHANI messages are bunch of nonsense. I honestly have no idea.
  3. Sekhmet

    Wisdom of a 3 year old

    Hi, This is a follow up on a previous thread I introduced a few years ago, about the Wisdom of Children, and earth changes predicted to take place. Today I share with you an ongoing situation that is being described to me by my 3 year old daughter, who was only just born, when my son began telling me similar reports 3 years ago. He is now 6 and doesn't talk anymore about his planet, or where he came from, or what will happen. Now his little sister has taken the reins. In the past few weeks, she has gotten more elaborate in her descriptions. She says that her friends, the tiny people that talk to her in the early morning (before she gets up), are telling her to get ready because "soon" some things are going to happen on the earth and we are all going to go somewhere. She says that soon we will go to the Pink place. Now, mind you she loves pink. I don't mean she likes pink. She is a three year old girl, and if the entire world could be pink, she would have it so. Every article of clothing must have some pink on it, preferably all pink with some variety in the shades. I have never seen such focus in dressing. But I digress... This pink place has a pink sky. Pink and Blue. The ocean is also pink and blue. There is some purple too. You get the picture. She says that soon, (won't be more specific), her friends are going to come for us and take us to this pink place to be safe. I ask her what will happen before we go. How will we know when to go? She says that the trees will fall over, the oceans will explode, and everything will stop working. No lights or electricity. She doesn't know why, or how the ocean can explode, but this is what she saw and was told. I asked her if something would happen to the sun, and she said..."Yes, the sun will go out. It will all be dark. We will have to go in the dark." She says it will be night, but whether that is true night time or a darkness comes over the sun, I couldn't say. I asked her to describe the Pink land where we go, and she says it is like earth, but different. There aren't very many people there. It isn't busy and there are not any cars. There are some trains, but they don't have motors. No motors there. No machines at all. Everything is clean and everyone is happy, and we have all we need from nature. I asked how long we would stay there. She said we can stay there as long as we want but that we are going to come back after a while when everything is fixed again. I ask her if things will fall in the sky and she says that yes, we will see shooting stars everywhere, (falling satellites and meteors. I have seen this too). When I asked her if there was anything else we needed to do she said, "don't worry, Baba, we are going to go in a flying car!" That is all for now. I will come back with more after I talk to her more. I try to do this each morning as soon as she gets up. I find it amazing that she literally communicates with fairy-like beings in the early morning--like Tinkerbell says--find me in that place between asleep and awake. This follows a year or two of reports from our other son who reported daily on the arrival of his planet, a huge ship/planet, hollow, full of animals and beings, travelling with a "dark sun" that emits no light so we can't see it. There are 7 planets that orbit this sun he says. He said it was coming, and that it would soon be here and we would go on it. I never speak about such things with them, only ask questions. My wife and I only talk about things like earth changes in private, although I don't know that it helps, as both these children are quite telepathic.