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Found 1 result

  1. Happy Fifth Anniversary CHANI May 29, 2011 - May 29, 2016 Acolyte. I wish you were here. The following material is from the CHANI postings. I recall in the first days of this site, the infinity of illusion and the illusion of infinity quote was at the top of the page. I always felt this part of the material was profound and important, so for CHANI's 5th Anniversary, i'm using it, as a post and discussion topic. We have all been aware of changes, in things we have known as being one way, that are now quite obviously different. Even down to Bible passages, changing. I find it interesting that some of what was said below, in 2008, seems to be exactly what we currently discuss, as we find our way. How much talk has there been of Nazi's, Hitler, Vril, Aliens and our history being wrong? infinity meaning: the quality of having no limits or end : the quality of being infinite a space, amount, or period of time that has no limits or end a very great number or amount illusion meaning: a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. a deceptive appearance or impression. a false idea or belief. 06/04/2008 "Hi this is Chani, I would like to mention and update you on a few things. The OP and the Elder I'm communicating with have been very scaress the past week. (There is some problem on thier time line) I will post two things. The first is some things I want you to know and the second part is a very controversial discussion I had with an Elder. The following is a channeling I recorded from an Elder. The Elder said he would be back to explain but I've not heard from him for more then a week. Here is the first and only paragraph I recorded: " The first thing to understand the YOU, you must understand "Infinity". The second thing you must understand is "Illusion" The third thing you must both understand the" infinity of illusion" and "the illusion of infinity" The forth thing to understand is that the above means nothing and it explains everything. (This is all I got and the Elder have not come back to explain or elaborate) snip Where you were borne and living right now in these "end" times is TOTALLY due to your karmic burden. I understand and accept this know as a fact of life.Living in a "safe place" does not mean you are fortunate, enlightened or elite, it means you are in the best place possible to learn from the experience yet to come. You are where you need to be for further growth to the Grace of the One. Now here is the controversial part which both shocked and enlightened my existence. Nothing and I mean nothing shocked or prepared me for this. Please don't judge me as Nazi or some evil. I'm only relaying what I've come to understand from communication with an Elder. He mentioned how our history was totally wrong in our history books. Especially relating to Hitler! He said Hitler tried to eradicate earth of an evil genetic generation of evil beings that was hindering the evolution of all human beings on earth. If Hitler succeeded we would today already be in a cosmic union and alliance with our galactic counterparts and entities. The elder explained that Hitler, or rather the entity that possessed Hitler, was actually the good or catalyzing force for our planetary transformation. The elder explained that "we" need another Hitler to "save" us and our thinking of love. Love is both the most righteous,balancing and misunderstood concept in our current existence and understanding.. He said there is no second coming of a "Jesus" but there is a second coming of the "Hitler entity" and that Hitler entity is already born and living among us for some time now and will come forward soon. Death and cruelty is a Gateway we still need to grasp the significance of. Everything else is a deliberate prolonging, distraction, deception and illusion of working with so called light or workers with light. A light that is wrong in so many ways it is setting our evolvement back for centuries. Receiving inspirational light messages from beings from the astral will not help us still living on the physical. The OP is not from a higher or astral dimension but from a parallel dimension very similar to our own that have gone through this. The Elders say we must not trust the astral beings ever! They (Elders) have first hand experience of the deception of so called enlightened astral beings. Light has turned into Ego and manipulation and also the agenda of the esoteric plan of deception amongst physical systems (solar systems). Ego is borne out of light and a misconceive illusion of enlightenment. It is time for us to stop using the term love as a justification for the actions by our ego. We now falsely believe light is somehow a forgiveness or a "let out Free" of our Karmic burden. Light and Love is our final test and subsequently our final failure. There is no savior or escape clause from our karmic burden. Light has no value when it existence or origin concept is born from darkness. Our human history is born from an convicted darkness enhanced by to religion and delusional new age thinking. We are "convicts" on a prison planet and time. The light is our last and final hinder to true oneness with the Creator energy. Our existence is from dark matter by the Creator. Thinking you have light is a contradiction. Enlightenment comes from the darkness of silence. Silence and servitude is the only truth. Once we realize this enlightenment is forthwith. There is no light without darkness but there has always been darkness without light.. Understanding the nature of darkness and its purpose for harmony is the lesson we, you and me, need to learn from this "prison planet: time and incarnation. Only then will the Creators true light be known to us that this place is not where we should be. The light ONLY comes when darkness ENDS and NOT before. We've not overcome darkness yet so there is no light here, however our prison term is ending.. You and me are all here to serve out our darkness(conviction). Once our sentence is over will we be welcomed back to the true light. Our hell is a true holy war and we are in the final phase of harvesting our beliefs and returning on the path of the One. Love Chani. (Please don't judge me. I too have some difficulty and is a skeptic with the above found here: http://chani.invisionzone.com/topic/5311-me-tel-u-now-15-may-part-3-without-trolls-and-repetitive-verse/ Care to share your thoughts? Do you understand the "infinity of illusion and the illusion of infinity"?