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Found 3 results

  1. Jaw-dropping time lapse shows near-completion of Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus (VIDEO) Dec. 17, 2016 © Matthew Roberts / YouTube "A stunning new aerial video shows six months of progression in the building of Apple’s giant new complex in less than 4 minutes. Apple Campus 2 has been under construction for three years and is scheduled to be finished in early 2017. Designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, the ring-shaped “spaceship” will house more than 13,000 Apple employees, making it one of the largest office buildings in the world. snip gif picture The entire project boasts 2.8 million sq ft (260,000 sq meters) of buildings spread over a 176-acre site in Cupertino, California. The footage, posted on YouTube by videographer Matthew Roberts, shows the incredible building taking shape over the course of six months, ahead of Apple moving in next year. The building circumference is more than a mile long and the site will hold 300,000 sq ft of research facilities. APPLE CAMPUS 2: 6 Month Time Lapse 4K snip https://www.rt.com/viral/370644-apple-spaceship-campus-video/ From Google Earth You will note it's built between fault lines, which I found curious. Perhaps it is literally a spaceship? Tx Phillipbbg
  2. I will start w/some of the cold temps Jan. 1 snow cover set U.S. record January 4, 2013 "Snow coverage in the United States on New Year's Day was the most in 10 years with 67 percent of the 48 contiguous states covered by snow, meteorologists say. That surpassed the previous record set in 2010, when the new year saw 61 percent of the United States beneath snow, AccuWeather.com reported Thursday. That was the year of the mid-Atlantic blizzard dubbed "Snowmaggedon" that set a long list of records in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore." http://www.terradaily.com/reports/Jan_1_snow_cover_set_US_record_999.html New Delhi suffers coldest day in 44 years Jan 3. 2013 "New Delhi has suffered its coldest day in 44 years amid a cold snap across northern India, the local weather office said on Thursday. The maximum day temperature on Wednesday reached just 9.8 degrees Celsius (49.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the lowest since the winter of 1969 when records first began, an official in the local meteorological department told AFP, with a minimum of 4.8 Celsius. There is expected to be little respite in the coming few days with the weather office forecasting that chilly conditions will prevail." http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/New_Delhi_suffers_coldest_day_in_44_years_999.html More than 100 die of exposure in cold snap Jan. 3, 2013 "LUCKNOW // More than 100 people have died of exposure as northern India deals with unusually low temperatures. At least 114 people have died from the cold in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a police spokesman, Surendra Srivastava, said yesterday. At least 23 of those died in the past 24 hours. Mr Srivastava said many of the dead were poor people whose bodies were found on sidewalks or in parks." http://www.thenational.ae/news/world/south-asia/more-than-100-die-of-exposure-in-cold-snap Australia's Hobart experiences hottest day Jan. 4, 2013 "Australia's southern island of Tasmania has experienced its hottest day since records began, with the capital Hobart sweltering at 41.8 Celsius (107.2 Fahrenheit) on Friday. The Bureau of Meteorology said the temperature in Tasmania, where records have been kept since the early 1880s, beat the previous high of 40.8 Celsius set in January 1976. "There are only three or four (days) on record over 40 degrees so it's quite rare," said Melbourne-based Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Murray Keable." http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Australias_Hobart_experiences_hottest_day_999.html Bushfires savage towns as heatwave hits five states A wool shed goes up in flames near the Carlton River in Tasmania, where up to 80 buildings were destroyed. Picture: Richard Jupe Source: The Australian Mark Schliebs and Nick Leys From:The Australian January 05, 201312:00AM " BUSHFIRE season arrived in force yesterday as emergency fire crews in five states fought blazes amid record temperatures and ominously dry conditions. In Tasmania, east of Hobart, fires destroyed as many as 65 buildings at Dunalley and 15 at Boomer Bay. There were also unconfirmed reports that one life had been lost. Fires burned out of control in Victoria and South Australia where temperatures were well above 40C and strong southwesterly winds worsened conditions. Tasmanian fire authorities were making comparisons to the conditions that led to the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria that left 173 people dead, state fire chief Mike Brown declaring "we reached catastrophic fire danger ratings at times this afternoon". http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/bushfires-savage-towns-as-heatwave-hits-five-states/story-e6frg6nf-1226547898544 Buenos Aires Swelters Amid Heat Wave, Power Outages "BUENOS AIRES – A blistering heat wave, power outages and a fuel shortage added up Tuesday to a second day of hellish conditions in Greater Buenos Aires, home to about a quarter of Argentina’s 40 million people. Amid a plethora of recommendations by the authorities on how to deal with the soaring temperatures, which on Tuesday were expected to reach 36 C (97 F), people took refuge in any shade they could find to get out of the blazing heat of the Argentine summer. The National Meteorological Service renewed this Tuesday a high alert for the Argentine capital and its surrounding areas due to the high temperatures, which created scenes the total opposite of those seen these days in snowbound Europe and the United States. “The city of Buenos Aires (with its 2.8 million inhabitants) has a summer average of 90 deaths per day but, for example, during the heat wave at the beginning of 2001 it went up to 250 deaths in a single day,” the weather service warned on its Web site. http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=382538&CategoryId=14093 Polar bear killed by HEATWAVE: Argentine animal dies after becoming 'nervous and irritated' amid scorching heat and noise from Christmas Eve fireworks By Sam Adams "'Winner' died of hyperthermia at Buenos Aires Zoo after overheating in high summer temperatures Polar bear was also thought to have been frightened by noise from Christmas Eve fireworks Animal was one of the most popular attractions at the Argentinian Zoo" "The last remaining polar bear at Buenos Aires Zoo has died after overheating in soaring summer temperatures. 'Winner,' who was one of best loved attractions at the zoo, is believed to have been unable to control its body temperature in the extreme heat of the Argentinian summer and died of hyperthermia. The animal, which was covered in heavy fur to cope with freezing conditions in its native Artic habitat, was also believed to have been frightened by the noise from fireworks let off to celebrate Christmas Eve." Read story here.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2253662/Buenos-Aires-Zoos-Polar-bear-Winner-killed-heatwave.html
  3. Storms to hit Brisbane as Queensland heats up October 27, 2014 "Skies are expected to light up on Monday afternoon. Dramatic lightning storms are expected to hit Brisbane, while temperatures in some parts of Queensland have tipped 40 degrees. Skies are expected to light up in the state's capital on Monday afternoon when the mercury peaks at 36 degrees, about 10 hotter than average for this time of year. In Cunnamulla, in southwest Queensland, a temperature record that stood for more than a century tumbled on Sunday when it reached 42 degrees. And the weather bureau says other long-standing October temperature records could fall by the end of Monday. Advertisement "We're talking about eight to 10 degrees above average in some places, even 11 or 12 degrees," forecaster Dean Narramore said. "We're talking record temperatures for much of the southern interior and southeast inland today." snip http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/storms-to-hit-brisbane-as-queensland-heats-up-20141027-11cg9u.html#ixzz3HNlkvHqN