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Found 3 results

  1. David Cameron: the EU is not working and we will change it March 15, 2014 By David Cameron Only the Conservatives will give voters a real choice over Britain's future in Europe, says Prime Minister David Cameron "The British people now have a very clear choice: if you want a referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU or leave, only the Conservative Party will guarantee to hold one. If I am Prime Minister after the election, I will negotiate a new settlement for Britain in Europe, and then ask the British people: do you wish to stay in the EU on this basis, or leave? I will hold that referendum before the end of 2017, and respect the decision. A year ago, in a speech at Bloomberg, I set out my plan to reform the European Union and change Britain’s relationship with it. Britain is not alone in our view that change is needed. No one has argued harder than Angela Merkel that the European Union needs to reform if it is to compete in the modern world. My Dutch counterpart has coined the phrase “Europe if necessary, national when possible”. We share a view that the status quo is not working, and we intend to change it. I completely understand and share people’s concerns about the European Union. Our businesses value the single market. But they find the degree of European interference in our everyday life excessive. People are worried that Britain is being sucked into a United States of Europe; that may be what some others want, but it is not for us. They see decisions being taken far away, rather than by their elected representatives in Parliament. And they worry that European rules have allowed people to claim benefits without ever working here. As a result, democratic consent for Britain’s membership has worn wafer thin." snip http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/eureferendum/10700644/David-Cameron-the-EU-is-not-working-and-we-will-change-it.html
  2. G'day I am trying to stir a bit of action with local community groups with a call to arms... Beggars on the edge of the Virtual Highway. The rapid world wide growth of the Internet has been the catalyst for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is now starting. The business environment as we know it will change dramatically offering many new challenges and opportunities. The Macquarie Valley is not well placed to prosper in this exciting future. As a service technician I regularly travel throughout the Orana Region. There are many towns that are a step back in time socially and commercially. I am seen by many as an expert and am often asked as to how to get on the Internet and make some money out of it. I have some little known local success stories to whet their appetite, and then explain what it is going to take to get there. The problem is that some of the tasks are beyond the local skillset. Those wishing to make their first steps have to look out side their local area and so are liable to be exploited by opportunistic marketing companies. I have several examples of that happening. I believe that there needs to be a business model developed for small regional communities where the youth are given incentive to learn the new skills, and then employment opportunities offering those skills to local businesses. This would be a win-win situation for the sustainability of the communities. When web pages can be easily built by the community, opportunities and ideas can become realities. There are good people in the region who have the knowledge, however there is currently no program in place to help them impart to others. The other issue is venue. There has been dramatic change in classified advertising with gumtree.com.au cornering the market. I do have concerns about its ownership and future direction. When I tell the story of gumtree’s origins and purpose, there is always surprise. A good example of what could be developed is the virtual bazaars that offer a venue for small traders and management of the financial transaction. aliexpress.com and buychina.com offer a venue for very small traders in China to get a world wide presence. How many of those will become big traders in the future? The first three industrial revolutions came about as a result of mechanisation, electricity and IT. Now, the introduction of the Internet of Things and Services into the manufacturing environment is ushering in a fourth industrial revolution. Those who do not embrace this change risk slipping into third world status and becoming beggars on the edge of the virtual highway. How about it? Are you really about getting the valley moving and shaking in the 21st Century? Or just shaking a beggars bowl on the side of the road? Chris Ryan of PanOrana Engineering. I also added a quote about revolution... Too much??? Regards
  3. Tetragramatron

    Which wave are you gonna surf?

    There will be two waves First wave - Those who with true intention seek the true balance. Through the Divine Feminine to open up for the Sacred Fire of God, which is neither Female nor Male yet both. When the wisdom sought inside opens up into the world the Sacred Fire will spread between those who sees and hears... Salvation through reconnection with always were, always will be. The waters of Life will flow through... Second wave - The reaction of that part of the world which is caught in its own illusion of grandeur and slavery. Antichrist will rise. Those who seek power, those who follow books and dead gods will see everything they always thought they wanted. To be ensnared by the easy fix and what seem like outwardly salvation. There will be a solution for everything, yet it will be another invisible cage. This will be connected with all the seven layers which is held in captivity by the demon kings, from the Earth itself, to the fake throne of the fake god on the 7th layer of lie... The Divine Mother will awake, uniting Eve and Lilith to connect into the sacred fire. Creation being an embodiment of the Mother, seven fold, will wake, so will the Earth crumble as the Sky and Stars. This will bring great chaos, those who are on the first wave will know the Truth within and be calm - those of the second wave will blame those of the first wave for not following their false savior with their false solution. So will the Earth shake and so will those riding the false wave attack many of the first - believing that killing will bring resolution. To make war for peace as it has always been a custom... They will seek the center of the first wave, yet not find it - as it is a wave initiated through every truthful heart. This will be the beginning on the end which will also be the start of the new beginning... The Birth of a World that may hold the Sacred Flame without melting away. For those who are persecuted and killed for the Truth their soul will rest in the true God... To wake, let go of any outside authority, let go of the fake gods demon voices inside, purify yourself and know. Any system, religion, book is flawed - seek inspiration outside, but Truth inside and Love will set you free - Love is Real... So the question you need to ask yourself... Which wave are you gonna surf? Be well and be blessed snip http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2424393/pg1