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Found 9 results

  1. As the Veil is thinning I think more of us are going to notice things outside the normal visual spectrum. Please share your thoughts/insights and experience/advice here. blessings aco
  2. To some, it might sound like outright paranoia. Others may interpret it as nothing more than a rumor, one that should be firmly relegated to the world of the likes of The X-Files. And more than a few might simply write it all off as fantasy-driven nonsense. But for those who have experienced it, it’s no laughing matter. What am I talking about? Apparent secret surveillance of so-called “alien abductees,” that’s what. And, make no mistake, there are plenty of examples… Betty Andreasson, an abductee whose experiences have been chronicled in detail by researcher and author Raymond Fowler, has for years reportedly been the subject of official monitoring by what sounds like the work of some covert arm of government, the military or the intelligence community. For example, in early 1980, when UFO investigator Larry Fawcett was working as the chief investigator for Ray Fowler on the book The Andreasson Affair: Phase Two, mysterious, unmarked helicopters plagued both Betty and her husband, Bob Luca. According to Fawcett and his writing partner, Barry Greenwood: “They reported that their home was over flown numerous times by black, unmarked helicopters of the Huey UH-1H type and that these helicopters would fly over their homes at altitudes as low as 100 feet.” [sNIP] http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2013/12/alien-abductees-and-secret-surveillance/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=alien-abductees-and-secret-surveillance
  3. In absence of a similar thread I've taken the opportunity by doing so. Many dream-posts have been posted in T's topic "THE ANNOUNCEMENT" and that is fine by me. Though, I think it's a good idea to collect all kind of dreams that we've been experiencing lately in one, same and single topic making it into a kind of a collective dream-journal that we could use as data for cross-reference. Having that said, I'll start with a dream or sleep paralysis I had last night. Monday the 14th of July there was a full moon, or super moon if more preferably. Before falling into sleep I woke up in a paralysis, and struggled with having control over my body. I looked up and saw UFO:s above me. I drew the conclusion that the paralysis was the doings of malevolent UFO technology. It was quite a logic reasoning. I was having a battle of control of my body in the paralysis against the UFO:s. This was only a dream/paralysis and we can use it as data for Sympan U.O. material. Why does a paralysis occur? Later on the same night after that I've woken up from the paralysis I went into sleep-dream mode again. This time I saw the terrestrials Chinese draconians!! They were controlling, and grouping souls in a FEMA-like camp a few miles to the east of the dream position that I was invoked in. The scenario before seeing this draconian camp was a mist being pushed to the east and therefore I turned my vision in the same direction and saw the chinese flag and the camp. I, then, realized that inside the camp with the chinese flag woth a thousands of lost souls is not a place where I wanted to be. I intuitively turned my vision back to west and escaped into the mist and saw flying terrestrials above me. They pushed the mist to the east. Why? I saw clearly it was to lure the souls of humans into the camp. When I ran into the mist I was chocked because we were escaping from it. The chock came from that mist was totally godless and was only invoked to scare us. I managed getting a few miles into the mist before I was caught by a chinese terrestrial. I woke up, and realised that the draconian terrestrials exist up to the 5th dimension. This dream that I had last night could be an indicator that andromedian forces are now focusing on ensuring the safety of all souls within the soul camps. Not without fight and struggle it seems. They are truly desperate now. fetteru7
  4. By Caitlin Dickson 11 hours ago Yahoo News Outgoing senior Obama adviser John Podesta reflected on his latest White House stint Friday, listing his favorite moments and biggest regrets from the past year. Chief among them: depriving the American people of the truth about UFOs. Podesta’s longtime fascination with UFOs is well-documented, as his brief political hiatus following four years as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff freed him up to pursue his otherworldly passion. At a 2002 press conference organized by the Coalition for Freedom of Information, Podesta spoke on the importance of disclosing government UFO investigations to the public. “It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there,” he said. “We ought to do it, really, because it’s right. We ought to do it, quite frankly, because the American people can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it’s the law.” [snip] http://news.yahoo.com/outgoing-obama-adviser-john-podesta-s-biggest-regret-of-2014--keeping-america-in-the-dark-about-ufos-234149498.html
  5. The CHANI Knowledge Base is a Board where CHANI members are welcome to come ask questions of other CHANI members, who through education, research, employment or personal or professional experience, have gained what would be considered advanced & helpful knowledge in a particular, or multiple, fields of interest. These members have been invited, or have volunteered to assist other CHANI members by sharing the knowledge they have. Each participating member have been asked to provide a small introduction about themselves and the fields/topics they feel comfortable to take questions on. I'm honored to have these members on Chani so please keep your questions and comments respectful and civil at all times. Blue ET is the Author of the book CoEvolution https://www.nexusmagazine.com/products/books/ufos-and-the-unexplained/coevolution-updated-2011-edition-detail He also has and maintains a very popular and informative thread here on Chani started by NexusEditor. At the time of this post it has had over 45 000 views already, which is an accomplishment on our small forum : http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/619-coevolution-nexus-extracts-thread/ So without further ado here is Blue ET's Introduction and as you will see he is way too humble in my opinion. I think he is a very special person and a good friend. INTRODUCTION: A little about myself before I joined Chani: Prior to 1989 I knew basically nothing about any subject now discussed opening and wisely on Chani. All I had in my head was what I saw and had experienced back in those amazing 10 days off earth. A few years after that and several visits to Bruce Cathie later I was chatting to an Editor of an unknown Magazine out of Australia call Nexus. This quickly followed by the editor of that magazine Duncan Roads graciously sending me a box load of past editions of Nexus mag so I could speed read myself up to date with basically the ‘unknown’ or the big mainstream lie! I almost fainted both with relief (I was not alone) and with the overwhelming amount of knowledge I had to absorb to understand at least a little of what was really going on here on Planet Earth……but before that, let me tell you about things I did not need to read about. I was born lucky some might say, unlucky just as easily said. From day one I hated school, every day I spent at those institutions of unlearning was like a day removed from my life path. I left just as soon as I was able. I learned nothing there! Nothing I could not have learned at home in double quick time at least. I also seemed to be born with a life path no one was ever going to change. I was stubborn to the point of insanity about not doing what I didn’t want to do, and equally stubborn about doing what I wanted to do. Nothing about that has ever changed, I’m now 65 years old. I never get sick, and I mean never. I have always followed my passions to the detriment of money and life station, nothing has changed there either. Of all here on Chani I might be the least qualified to be called an expert. I’m a quick learner, I’m an observer, I have an eye for detail, comes naturally, I had very quick reflexes which made me a very good race car driver a few years ago. I love speed, I love adventure, I love nature, I have almost always been self-employed because of the freedom of life path that gives me, so I have ended up a very inquisitive loner mostly I find it difficult to make friends I don’t tolerate fools and my IQ when up many notches after 1989. The annoying thing about that is I know I still have a huge amount to learn about everything, so really I should be the one asking you questions not the other way around, LOL.
  6. The CHANI Knowledge Base is a Board where CHANI members are welcome to come ask questions of other CHANI members, who through education, research, employment or personal or professional experience, have gained what would be considered advanced & helpful knowledge in a particular, or multiple, fields of interest. These members have been invited, or have volunteered to assist other CHANI members by sharing the knowledge they have. Each participating member have been asked to provide a small introduction about themselves and the fields/topics they feel comfortable to take questions on. I'm honored to have these members on Chani so please keep your questions and comments respectful and civil at all times. So without further ado here is Monatom's Introduction: INTRODUCTION: Ok, here is some information about myself and my involvements. For nine years I was a full time Christian minister, yep you heard that right. I founded a Christian school that went on to become the biggest of its kind in the country. Travelled the world as an evangelist/teacher for a few years and was asked to be on an International Board (Haggai Leadership Institute ) based in Singapore.By this time however, I had already decided to leave the church. I built my church on the supernatural and had many interesting experiences which were essentially spiritual. Furthermore, I asked too many questions my peers either could not answer or were loathe to try. I fell out of love with RELIGION and left the church for good in '85. It took me years to deprogram from the religious aspects while valuing the spiritual experiences. During this time, however, I met STAN DEYO who opened my mind to a lot of things. I visited him in Perth when he was resident here in Australia and assisted him with his first book, "THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY". He also came to speak for me at the City Hall in the city I reside. I have since assisted another author with writings about religion though I have no desire to commit to print myself. Between '89 and '91 I went to Lightning Ridge to mine opal. I had already studied MONATOMIC ELEMENTS and one thing led to another and I discovered a substance which later proved to exhibit properties of a NATURAL SUPERCONDUCTOR. I experimented with this substance personally and found out as much as I could about it and when I get rich I will do a lot more with it. Another area of intense study is REVERSED SPEECH, which I studied for several years, finally teaming up with two other researchers for a whole year. During this time we reversed Politicians,NASA and News Media. I wrote some seven chapters after this in which I detail a lot of my thoughts on the subject. This is available to anyone interested. I found this exercise to be a most interesting one. Interested in UFO's since a kid, after seeing several. One of my children, (daughter) has had experiences during her pregnancy with her son with beings and craft. She is quite intuitive and I have been able to explore further with her. Have also studied PSYCHICS, conducting my own interesting tests to determine where the gift and control of the gift join. I have been a LUCID DREAMER and have had some amazing experiences through this avenue. I bought NEXUS MAGAZINE since Issue 1 and find Duncan's balanced approach conducive to my own way of thinking. I have some interesting contacts, of late in the FINANCIAL sphere, where initial signs of change are often seen in our outward world though I am not a financial expert. I am soon to have lunch with a retired barrister who lives not far away who is going to tell me about his exploits when he was hired by the Chinese to track their gold through the Federal Reserve. ( Gold that was shipped to the USA prior to WW11). I would be happy to expand on any of those topics in Bold as I have had experiences in those areas and I am prepared to share them in ways that may assist others.
  7. Icanseeatoms

    The Group

    The Group so named after a group of 10 friends that back in the 1980's shared the same interests. Everything unexplained, unsolved, mysterious, secretive, Ufo's, secret societies, paranormal & supernatural & much much more. Presently consisting of over 250+ members , The Group's goals are to research and find the truth & present it to you in an entertaining factual and informative video format . What you see and what you hear are combined to loosen the bonds that bind you Everything is Connected. http://youtu.be/hj7FoLcqxVk http://youtu.be/89Y_RUup9lA Cheers Icanseeatoms.
  8. http://www.mania.com/aliens-moon-truth-exposed_article_140056.html So I have been waiting for this documentary to come out from the SYFY (yes the syfy channel who actually has had some good series that I have watched over the years) as I have always been interested in the moon and to be honest there are so many coincidences about this night light in the sky that I can't turn my head from. Even Carl Sagan mentioned that "This size appearance gives us solar eclipses. All well known. The size ratio of planet to moon is another misnomer" Anyway this documentary will try to uncover the truth of there being aliens on the moon. Surprisingly it states that there are many different aliens types on the moon. Other notable evidence include: -Photo evidence of a tower resembling a "nuclear power plant cooling tower" -Buzz Aldrin's interview from the apollo 11 mission. -3D lunar flybys of constructs on the moon. There are many more on the link above.. This is one of my recent favorite photo's I stumbled on.. "There is a structure called the ‘Shard’ located in the Ukert area on the moon which is a point nearest the earth. The structure is a mile and a half high straight up from the surface. Another construct is the ‘tower’. in the Sinus Medii region rising five miles high. It has no explanation. Spire, pyramid structure’s like Cleopatra’s Needle have also been photographed" Like this photo I hope the ones they have in the doco are better than this! there is obviously something here..a tower?.. that's up for some interpretation. Looks like Big Foot.... And if Alien's on the moon doesnt tickle your fancy this doco covers alot of other issues surrounding its creation aswell.... Raiding Jim Marrs‘, ‘The Alien Agenda’ he mentions that Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia, a mountainous region in central Greece remembered the time when the moon was not there. Shcherbakov postulates that the moon was towed into position by aliens around the time of the last big pole-shift c10500 years ago. Before or after? This would explain the survivors of Atlantis building Stonehenge and the Callanish Stones, amongst others. Measuring moon cycles and earth’s precession. They wanted to work out the possibility of any further upheavals. The moon is an artificial construct. Some would go further and say so is the earth. As is the Universe. We’re all on a big spaceship run by a gang of criminal clowns. Enabled as they are by other aliens hiding underground. Far-fetched? Too many coincidences. So can we say that alien intelligence has the ability to ‘reset’ the earth? The Atlantean ‘civilisation’ was destroyed. We are at the same point as they were. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing to do with humans on their own. It’s those who have been corrupted by the errant aliens hiding on this wee blue-green planet way out in the Western spiral arm of a small galaxy"
  9. WellNow

    Is this Kewper?

    A friend just sent me a link to this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQH11GW7w8Q At the same time I was re-reading the classic Kewper testimony from Linda http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/other/crystalinks/coverups2.html Seriously, is this Kewper?!? If so, we may be in a watershed moment where more than a few anon leakers from times near past will come forward honestly like this fellow!