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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is dedicated to the "Matrix Code", Earth Grids, the works of Carl P Munck, Captain Bruce Cathie, John Michell, Paul Deveraux, Graham Hancock, Santha Faiia, David Hatcher Childress, Joseph Farrell, Thomas Brophy and many others who have researched ancient sites, ley-lines, places of power and sacred geometry. If you are unfamiliar with the Matrix grid, you will discover a knowledge that was possessed by ancient arrivals on Earth, and that the knowledge, in the form of arithmetic, spherical geometry, trigonometry, torsion physics, quantum mechanics and much more, was incorporated into ancient pyramids, earthen mounds, and temples. You will see that this knowledge survived millennia, from the earliest known structures, such as the Sphinx, and onto the more recent structures such as Angkor Wat, and that these structures "talk" to each-other in coded numbers. Many have studied the matrix, but few have delved into the mathematical side of the structures, as Carl P Munck has done. Munck has forensically dissected each structure's location and architecture to find it's encoded information, discovering which sites relate to each other and in what way. The matrix is global and many site's layouts and architecture replicate stellar constellations relative to the sites position, as seen in the Giza layout and the Orion constellation. It is hard not see this matrix as a machine encompassing the entire Earth, a machine that, in historical times, was activated for purposes we can still only speculate about. However, it has to be safe to say that some matrix structures had the ability to tap into, and harness, global and cosmic forces of energy, and many today, are still displaying unique physical properties. Those who have studied the matrix ( I use the word "matrix" to include ley-lines, standing stones, mounds and structures etc), have reached the same conclusion, that whether or not it was a single race of "elites", or separate elite races responsible for constructing the matrix, they all followed the same mathematical principles and measuring systems throughout the world. To quote Munck- "Nobody sets out to build 50,00-plus pyramids and mounds around a planet just for the hell of it, or want of something to do. History teaches that these primitive people were hunter-gatherers who spent their waking hours running down their next meals. If that's true, then who built these monuments? These people didn't have the time…(These) things were not built at the whims of medicine men. There was enormous global planning behind it all" There are some researches, such as Joe Farrell, who speculates that many of the pyramids were constructed and used as weapons of great destruction during an ancient cosmic war amongst the elites, a war that may still be ongoing to this day. Joe has some good books out on the matrix, and his style of writing is such that he references many other researchers work. The next post will contain a tool-box with all links and references. Whilst I am still at a very basic level of understanding of the matrix system, the amount of evidence out there, when put together- the megalithic structures, the ancient texts such as the Vedas describing aircraft and radioactive sites, the volume of sites that show large-scale vitrification, (the "glazing" of lithic structures), caused by intense furnace like conditions, add up to a very knowledgeable race, or races, armed with the knowledge to map out, from the air, the entire Earth and, over millennia, construct a matrix of geometrically shaped megalithic structures,(mss) encoding various dimensions of Planet Earth with an accuracy only achieved by our civilisation a few decades ago. These elites could obviously come and go as they pleased, and records show individual elites visiting many continents, intermingling with an array of cultures, complete with descriptions of their preferred aircrafts or submarines even. I am swayed to the idea that there were at least two groups we could refer to as good and bad, but I have adopted the terms right-hand (rhg)and left-hand groups(lhg). The rhg were a more benevolent group, teaching and instructing, whilst the left were governing areas with fear through religious control with the establishment of the priesthood, monetary systems and sacrifice. All the evidence gathered by numerous researchers runs parallel with much of what T has been trying to tell us all. Even if the geographic time-lines seem erroneous, to astronomical events, many are now of the view that Earth's rocks, exposed to certain irradiation, may in fact produce false radiometric ages, (see Tom Van Flandern's work). So the two big questions that remain is who built the matrix, and why? As mentioned, I was going to hold off from posting this until I learned more of Bruce Cathie's harmonic grid workings, and no doubt, harmonics are the primal source for what has been physically constructed here, and in some cases highlighted, but I'm hoping mathematically inclined members will get involved and we can all put our results here.