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Found 15 results

  1. Let me say that since this is The Chani Project, I think it only fair to start with the Chani entity's statements regarding China. All of those statements can be found in Neo's parts 1 and 3 found at the following link. Lots has been happening regarding China, which seems to determine the need for a specific thread, so hold on, as this is going to be long. I hope all will be ok with my swiping of info from other posts on Chani while trying to draw some sort of a picture. Presenting China. http://forums.thechaniproject.com/forum/7-the-chani-project/ 3/15/08 what cern but playing dark matter, things not good play fire get burning peoples use same eye shape, war china everywere snip 3/16/08 things happen b4 15 may u stay china brown cheat and go with putin and china then brown putin china war against japan tiwan poeple with same eye shape 9/23/08 snip helo sun not wite sun yelow now when sun become orange yor line time go 2 and 3 ok me say probability sun go orange 27 october yor line time when cern go proper china make big problem 4 yor leaders october 10 yor line time china know time of orange ok 10/3/08 snip me tel u be4 sun make change sun make some yeast go piosen sun make some milk go piosen like china melamin piosen from sun yor vitamen d go poisen with melamin stay out of strong sun til after cosmosonicboom ok 10/23/08 china did make big move october 10 me not always calculate rite me cee things hapen but me make mistake sometime when u wil cee it What do we know about China?: History of China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_China History of China http://www.chaos.umd.edu/history/toc.html The Chinese are Buying Land on Every Continent: The Chinese are Coming http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/chinese-are-coming/ What's Behind China Life Insurers Buying Up American Real Estate? http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/04/09/whats-behind-china-life-insurers-buying-up-american-real-estate/ They have Built Huge Cities in China that sit Empty: "Enough empty floor space to cover Madrid": so why are China's ghost cities still unoccupied? http://www.citymetric.com/skylines/enough-empty-floor-space-cover-madrid-so-why-are-chinas-ghost-cities-still-unoccupied-1180 China - Mining: Copper Glut Fades on Mine Cuts as China Buys Stockpiles http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-03/copper-glut-fades-on-mine-cuts-as-china-buys-stockpiles Coal mine keeps Australia sweet with China http://www.smh.com.au/comment/smh-letters/coal-mine-keeps-australia-sweet-with-china-20150709-gi8jdn.html China secures licence to explore for (rare earth) minerals in western Pacific seabed http://www.out-law.com/en/articles/2014/may/china-secures-licence-to-explore-for-minerals-in-western-pacific-seabed-/ Another Week, Another Chinese Gold Mine http://dollarcollapse.com/gold/another-week-another-chinese-gold-mine/ China Disputes over Islands: China's Territorial Disputes http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/international/countriesandterritories/china/territorial-disputes/index.html China - BRICS - Finances: China is Driving the BRICS Train http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-07-20/china-is-driving-the-brics-train China in BRICS: A Threat to US Power? http://thediplomat.com/2015/07/china-in-brics-a-threat-to-us-power/ Gold Reserves and GDP: China is Playing Liar’s Poker https://www.goldbroker.com/news/gold-reserves-gdp-china-playing-liar-poker-823 China Strategy: Buy Precious Metals http://www.silver-coin-investor.com/china-buy-precious-metals.html Chinese Technology: History of science and technology in China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_science_and_technology_in_China Science and technology in China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_and_technology_in_China The Advanced Technology of Ancient China http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/ancientchina.htm China vs the World: Whose Technology Is It? https://hbr.org/2010/12/china-vs-the-world-whose-technology-is-it Facts about China: TECHNOLOGY, INTERNET & MEDIA http://www.china-mike.com/facts-about-china/facts-technology-internet-media/ Supercomputing in China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercomputing_in_China National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Supercomputing_Center_of_Tianjin China - Space: China: The Next Space Super Power? http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2015/05/world/china-space/ China National Space Administration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_National_Space_Administration Latest News About China's Space Program http://www.space.com/topics/latest-news-china-space-program/ China - Military: Behind the scenes: A secret Navy flight over China's military buildup http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/26/politics/south-china-sea-navy-surveillance-plane-jim-sciutto/ 8 reasons to worry about the Chinese military build-up in the South China Sea http://www.markmancapital.net/blog/2015/6/18/8-reasons-to-worry-about-the-chinese-military-build-up-in-the-south-china-sea China Military Strength http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=china China Japan Relations War - WW11: World War II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II Second Sino-Japanese War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Sino-Japanese_War Japanese invasion of Manchuria https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_invasion_of_Manchuria I wanted to give some information about the complexity that is China, on all fronts.
  2. landdownunder

    Dogon: The Aussie Connection

    LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog I By Jack Heart on October 28, 2016 Source: Veterans Today http://tinyurl.com/j7bz6cz By Jack Heart, Orage & Friends Every story has a beginning and an end, everything in between is just a story… Aboriginal dancers telling Dreamtime stories at the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. (Photo credit: Barton Silverman/The New York Times) The oldest stories known come from the Aborigine people of Australia. Their stories go back at least 30,000 years. They are passed on orally by the tribe’s elders under a rigid tradition called “the law” which ensures the preservation of the Aborigines ancient tribal narratives. Linguistic scholars who have studied them have noted the Aborigines ability to sustain “the inter-generational scaffolding needed to transmit stories over vast periods.” 1 Aborigine tribal lore has been academically documented to chronicle the thawing of the Ice Age and the flooding of the Australian coastline thirteen-thousand years ago.2 According The Wisdom Keepers an episode of Ancient Aliens, the television show purporting to document alien intervention in human history, Aborigine lore also recounts meteorite impacts, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and solar eclipses…3 What is certain is that aborigine culture ignores the brutal realities of its own existence and focuses on what is now called the dreamtime. The word dreamtime itself is a mistranslation of the Aborigine word alcheringa, which means the uncreated source; a source which was always there, which perpetually yields fresh materials from which everything that is perceived is derived. To the aborigine the dreamtime is an altered state of consciousness that lies across the uncharted chasms of the mind, a place where everything that ever was has been imprinted forever in the aether. Nothing that was, nothing that is, can be lost and it can always be accessed by going back to the beginning through ceremonies and dreams. Rivers of Emotions – river stories from pre-colonial Perth According to Ancient Aliens, “in many ways the concept of dreamtime mirrors the ancient Hindu idea of the Akashic records.” 4 This may not be true… The idea of Akashic records go back no further than Madam Blavatsky and Theosophy, a system of mysticism which she founded. Akasha simply means aether in Sanskrit. The expansion of the microcosm into the macrocosm and contraction back of the macrocosm into the microcosm is a doctrine of just about every reputable school of mysticism. “As it is above is so it is below” to the Hermitic. “And the living creatures rush forth and return” as it is written in verse 537 of the Zohar: Concerning the Eyes of Microprosopus… If Blavatsky and her followers got the idea from anywhere other than a library that there was an astral hall of cosmic records it was from Tibetan lamas schooled in the all but forgotten ways of the ancient Bon religion. Bon was the mysterious religion of Tibet before Buddhism, a primal type of animism that believes all things animate and inanimate are sourced from an invisible world. Ancient Aliens is a show that is often painful to watch yet is a necessity for any serious student of human history. The show has by far its finest moment in its decade long existence when it proposes that the Aborigines concept of the dreamtime matches a leading edge property of String Theory called the “Holographic paradigm.”5 There are tears in the fabric of Man’s reality that upon scrutiny open to abysses of darkness. Quantum entanglement as been proven over and over again in laboratories whose annual budget would bankrupt a small country. Einstein was wrong and his precious “particles” do react with each other by some mechanism that travels faster than light. Anyone who’s ever had a premonition should have known that… In the Holographic universe, quantum entanglement the enigma of superluminal interaction between particles –what a baffled Einstein called “spooky action at a distance,” petulantly denying its existence in the face of all the evidence (even then) 6 – is easily explained. What are being observed in particle physics are not particles at all, but different aspects of interference patterns generated by the collision of spherical frequency waves emanating from an Event Horizon. The Holographic paradigm postulates, in fact takes it as a given, that at the threshold of the time-space continuum, what physicists call the cosmological horizon, lay the source of everything that is, ever was, or will be. The information that composes the universe is never lost or changed. It’s immutable and is broadcast in oscillating signals, generating a chaotic sea of fluctuating frequencies that are picked up by mans senses and translated by the mind into the three dimensional world in which he finds himself. In short, consciousness takes place inside a frequency receiver and “reality” is a television show… The empirical evidence is overwhelming that the human brain works in the exact same manner as a hologram. This is called the Holonomic brain theory by neuroscientists. Many just cannot accept its implications. But its founder Karl Pribram, who held professorships for ten years at Yale and thirty at Stanford, was the Albert Einstein of neuroscience… Pribram died in the beginning of 2015 at the age of ninety-five after a long and distinguished career working side by side with such giants in science as BF Skinner, John von Neumann and David Bohm; arguably the most brilliant physicist that the Anglo-American empire produced during the twentieth century. Bohm collaborated closely with Pribram in the formulation of the Holonomic brain theory, but his earlier radical communist political affiliations would have barred him from the inner sanctums of the Stanford Research Institute. Dreamtime – Mankind creates his shared holographic reality There at Menlo Park, in the womb of madness, Pribram would have had access to at least some of the classified material of Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ. Throughout the seventies Puthoff and Targ were weaponizing the paranormal for Americas Department of Defense. They were working in the outer limits of quantum entanglement. In fact, Pribram admits to consulting with both Puthoff and Targ about it before beginning his collaboration with Bohm…7 In the same interview, from years ago, Pribram explains that “when an input comes in through one of the senses to the brain, it has to then become encoded in some way so that there is a representation.”8 Pribram calls these representations memory traces and says they have no localized point of origin in the brain. “If you hack away at the brain” in surgery “you would expect that whatever representational process there is and –call it a memory trace if you will– that it would really be impaired tremendously, that you would remove a memory,” like cutting off a piece of a picture. “It doesn’t work that way.” Pribram –a highly skilled neurosurgeon– noted among other things for his experimental work at the Yerkes Primate Center, of which he became director, recounts that “when lesions occur in the brain there is never any particular memory trace that is removed.” Recalling from over a half century of experience he continues “you may remove something, like the way to retrieve, to get back out the memory. For instance; you might not be able to talk about it but you can still write a note and say what it is you mean.”9 But the overall method by which these memories are spread throughout the brain, enabling them to avoid damage from injury, has always been a mystery. Pribram explains that it was discovered in the late fifties that the input from the retina is organized in spots, then focused into lines in the cerebral cortex suggesting that the cerebral cortex is filled with cells that act as line detectors. These cells are sensitive to lines at multiple orientations and once you have lines you can create “circles, faces, stick figures, whatever” to formulate images.10 The idea that the cerebral cortex was interpreting interference patterns can be traced back to Germany in 1906.11 Decades later, John Lashley, Pribram’s mentor at the Yerkes Primate Center, reached the same conclusion. Interference patterns can be seen in the water if you cast two stones in a pool. When the series of concentric waves generated by each of the stones clash the resulting confused ripples or wavelets are interference patterns. In the interview Pribram asks “what might constitute those interference patterns in the brain” and “given interference patterns, how do you get an image out of that?”12 He then answers his own questions saying both problems were solved when people started building holograms at the University of Michigan and at Stanford (around 1962). He qualifies that by saying “because a hologram is a photographic store of ripples, of interference patterns. Instead of pebbles on a pond, what you have is light beams hitting the film.” 13The light then spreads in ripples over the surface of the film. Pribram continues “Every light beam that hits does that and the neighboring ones do it and the neighboring ones and so you got every light beam, every part of a beam essentially spread over the entire surface. That’s why mathematically it’s called a spread function.”14 In a hologram that spread function is translated into images and with every passing year in neuroscience, it becomes more and more apparent, Pribram uses the word “overwhelmingly,”15 that the brain functions in the same manner. Pribram goes on to say that “over the last thirty years or so more and more evidence has accumulated to suggest strongly that the cerebral cortex acts as a resonator. It resonates to the frequencies of energies that are being transduced by the receptors; it’s the frequencies of energies.” He emphasizes that this is not an epiphany. German scientists were talking about it in 1906…16 Holography works by using interference patterns to encode information about a three dimensional object into what is, for all intents and purposes, a two dimensional light beam. The interference patterns can then be translated back into a three dimensional object. A tremendous amount of information can be stored and transferred this way. _________ Another profoundly functional feature of the hologram and analogous to the non-locality of memory in the human brain, is that all information is stored throughout the entire hologram. As long as a part of the hologram is big enough to contain the interference pattern, it can recreate the entire image stored in the hologram. Holographic technology is based on the Fourier transform, a type of integral transfer sometimes called an improper Riemann integral. The Fourier transform itself is a mathematical function originally used in the nineteenth century to show the transfer of heat between two systems. Fourier transforms are the foundation of Spectral Analysis in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. In a Fourier transform two graphs are created; one showing the frequency domain and the other the time domain. The differential is then mapped between the two domains and through various permutations of the equations a spread sheet is achieved of all the individual frequencies that constitute a function of time, what is defined as a signal… Often it is easier to solve a problem in the time domain by working on it in the frequency domain. Afterwards transformation of the result can be made back to the time domain by reversing the equation, what is called an inverse Fourier transform. The entire signal can be filtered simply by changing the frequencies in the frequency domain… A Fourier transform can, theoretically, be used to send a function of the three dimensional continuum into a moving four dimensional mass or vice a versa… The father of the Holograph is 1971 Nobel Prize recipient Dennis Gabor, who right after WW II produced the math –called windowed Fourier transforms– necessary to make one. Gabor served in a Hungarian artillery unit during WW I and in the twenties was instrumental in the development of the electron microscope in Berlin. When the National Socialists came to power in 1933 Gabor, a Hungarian Jew that had converted to Lutherism, fled Germany to England. By the time Gabor worked with them, Fourier transforms had been infused with the genius of Bernhard Riemann, the nineteenth century German mathematician who broke the back of Euclidian geometry for good, making quantum physics and relativity possible. Erwin Schrödinger, the twentieth century Austrian physicist whose wave equation would become one of the two pillars of quantum physics and the foundation of wave mechanics. David Hilbert, the German mathematician who taught most of the others and after whom Hilbert’s Space is named, and Werner Heisenberg the discoverer of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, the other pillar of quantum physics… John Von Neumann Gabor would have at least had access, if not worked directly with the legendary John von Neumann, Hilbert’s best pupil. Gabor and von Neumann were both Jews, native Hungarians and born to money, although von Neumann’s education under Hilbert had been paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation. Von Neumann was in fact titled nobility, besides being the man who named Hilbert’s Space in Hilbert’s honor. Von Neumann was perhaps the most brilliant mathematician who ever lived. He would leave Berlin upon concluding his tutelage under Hilbert and be in Princeton by the end of 1929… At Princeton, von Neumann delighted in playing Prussian marching music so loud on his gramophone that Einstein, who was in an adjoining office, would have to ask the authorities to intervene. In vain, there was nothing Einstein or anyone else could do about it. Von Neumann wrote the textbook for Quantum mechanics; Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik, or in English Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. His mathematical contributions to civilization could fill a library, but his real achievements remain classified till this day. It is said that when von Neumann was dying of cancer, while under sedation he was surrounded by a Special Forces guard to insure he didn’t blurt out any of the empire’s secrets. Von Neumann would tell anyone who would listen, delighted in it, that he had mathematically proven Einstein wrong. Most academics, although they could not understand his math, believed him and still do… Although they are now fonder of the experimental results of John Stewart Bell for their Einstein bashing…17 Einstein had always insisted that there were hidden variables that when discovered would reconcile quantum physics, which is indeterminate, and relativity, which is determinate. In Einstein’s vision of the future there would be just one unified field of physical phenomena and that would be determinant. In physics, determinant means events transpire as a result of a mechanistic necessity and are therefore predictable. They follow laws. All physical phenomena should follow rules. But they don’t. In Quantum physics, quantum entanglement is not the only enigma. There is the double slit experiment where an individual particle is fired through a slit and another through a different slit at a screen. What shows up on the screen is a wave interference pattern which could have only been made by waves passing through the slit… There is the wave function collapse and quantum randomness in general. If the observer calculates the position of a “sub-atomic particle” in space they cannot calculate its momentum because the very act of locating it influences its trajectory. If they find its momentum, the act of their doing so prevents them from finding its position. That’s the short definition of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. It’s all about predicting probabilities in a matrix, nothing is certain and the observer is part of the equation, anathema to ‘good science…’ _________ Erwin Schrödinger Erwin Schrödinger, who won the Nobel Prize in 1933 for providing the equation that makes it all work, was more than just a scientist. A philosopher and poet at heart, he was a lifelong student of the Vedas and believed individual consciousness was a manifestation of the universal whole. Back then, Schrödinger described the prevailing interpretation of quantum physics, now called the Copenhagen interpretation, as making no distinction “between the state of a natural object and what I know about it, or perhaps better, what I can know about it if I go to some trouble. Actually — so they say — there is intrinsically only awareness, observation, measurement.”18 The Copenhagen interpretation is the prevailing school of thought in quantum physics to this very day. As George Berkeley, the father of Immaterialism and therefore the Copenhagen interpretation, said three hundred years ago; nothing can exist if there is nothing to see it, “esse est percipi,” to be is to be perceived. After serving as an apprentice to the mysterious German scientist; Max Wien, heir of Friedrich Paschen’s late nineteenth century experimental research on hydrogen spectral lines in the infrared region, Schrödinger would begin publishing papers about atomic theory and the theory of spectra in the early twenties… He would publish his famous equation in 1926. In the twenty-first century, it’s still the tool mathematicians use to describe a wave function. In the Copenhagen interpretation the wave function is the most complete description that can be given to a physical system. In Quantum mechanics, the Schrödinger equation predicts probability distributions from which results are drawn. A probability distribution is a mathematical description of a random phenomenon. There are no exact results and at the time Schrödinger is quoted as saying “I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it.”19 Einstein was livid. Not only was special relativity no longer feasible but perhaps relativity itself. As every school child knows he said “God does not play dice with the universe!” Schrödinger worked closely with Einstein in the ensuing years, attempting to formulate a unified field theory and reconcile the whole mess into one determinant science, but by the end of the forties he had abandoned those efforts. In a 1952 lecture, he made the first documentable reference to what has become known as the multiverse, prefacing it by saying that what he was about to say might “seem lunatic.” 20 A Plane of All Possible Worlds With Different Start Conditions Schrödinger went on to tell his perplexed audience that when his equations seem to be describing several different histories they are “not alternatives but all really happen simultaneously…”21 Famously, in 1956 Schrödinger would refuse to speak about nuclear energy at an important lecture during the World Energy Conference, giving a philosophical lecture instead because he had become skeptical about the entire subject. He would cause a great deal of controversy in the physics community after that, abandoning the idea of particles altogether and adopting the wave-only theory also put forth by Hugh Everett III in his many-worlds interpretation of the multiverse. In the many-worlds interpretation, the wave in the quantum state is the only thing that is real and under the appropriate conditions it will exhibit particle-like behavior. In Everett’s multiverse, everything that ever could have happened in the past did and every possibility spawns its own universe where that possibility did and does occur. After John von Neumann died prematurely of cancer in 1957 Hugh Everett III would become the Anglo-American empire’s go-to guy on Quantum physics… Pilot Waves were first proposed by Einstein in an effort to explain the wave interference patterns produced by particles in cases like the double slit experiment. He had hoped that they could be explained deterministically if the particle were somehow guided by an electromagnetic field; “which would thus play the role of what he called a Führungsfeld or guiding field.”22 The idea of a pilot wave was picked up and made mathematically feasible by Louis de Broglie in 1927, but with little support from a physics community now enamored by Heisenberg and the Copenhagen interpretation, it died a slow death from neglect. _________ De Broglie’s math was resurrected by David Bohm in 1952 and renamed Bohmian mechanics. Heisenberg, who had been “profoundly unsympathetic”23 to the idea from its inception in the twenties wrote in 1955 that it was nothing more than an “exact repetition” of the Copenhagen interpretation “in a different language…”24 Regardless of the value of “Bohmian mechanics” the rest of what David Bohm had to say about the holographic universe may be a summation of everything that was really learned by man in the twentieth century (outside of course all those in this account who had an above top secret clearance…). David Bohm Bohm said there were two worlds. The primary one he called the Implicate Order or the enfolded order. He said the enfolded order was “the ground out of which reality emerges.”25 The other world, “reality,” the world of the human senses, the world where consciousness dwells, he called the Explicate Order or the unfolded order. “What we take for reality, Bohm argues, are surface phenomena, explicate forms that have temporarily unfolded out of an underlying implicate order. Within this deeper order forms are enfolded within each other so systems which may well be separated in the Explicate Order are contained within each other in the Implicate Order.”26 Superficially it would appear the two worlds are “dual forms related by an integral transfer” but the reality is the unfolded order cannot exist independent of the enfolded order.27 Bohm, always a pariah to the powers that be because of his politics sometimes had his work classified before he could even finish it. In the Manhattan project, he was barred access to Los Alamos and was not allowed to write the thesis for his own scattering equations. Einstein had always been his mentor, shielding him and preventing his ostracism from academia and Bohm had always worked closely with him in Einstein’s quest to save physics as he knew it. But by the end of the war, Bohm had come to the conclusion that quantum mechanics would never become a deterministic science. He stopped looking for deterministic mechanisms as the cause of quantum phenomena and set out to show that the events could be attributed to a far deeper underlying reality. Bohm’s idea of an Implicate and Explicate order mirror the conclusions reached by Mircea Eliade, the world’s foremost theological scholar of the WW II era… Eliade said there are only the Sacred and the Profane. The Sacred is the place of mythology, where the gods and archetypes dwell together with all the things that establish the very structure of this world. The Sacred is the First Cause of the Gnostics, the alcheringa of the Aborigine and the Implicate Order of Bohmian mechanics. The Profane is the material things of this world, the things that have nothing to do with the Sacred. They are basically just like the set in an old black and white movie story… Eliade said they “acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality.”28 In other words, it is only through its participation in the Sacred that the Profane finds validation. Through his myths, his ceremonies and his rituals, even in his behavior and dreams, man manifests the Sacred into the Profane. It is Man himself that breaths reality into the fleeting and phantasmagorical world of the Profane… Eliade said that in order to uphold the world of the Profane, the Scared must be manifested into it, over and over again. He called these incarnations, these places where the Sacred intersects with the Profane, the Eternal Return (not to be confused with Nietzsche’s Eternal Return, just as important but more to do with the cycle of the Yuga’s and the Mandela). Eliade called these manifestations of the Sacred into the Profane hierophanies. Eliade maintained that all Shamanic practices in cultures uncluttered by the poisons of twentieth century rationalism, indeed the foundation of all Paleolithic spiritual practices, was an attempt to produce these hierophanies. No one was, nor ever will be, more influential than Mircea Eliade, not even the vaunted Joseph Campbell. But present day academia with its penchant for semantics and cutting the whole up into smaller and smaller pieces till there is nothing left to see at all (both Pribram29 and Bohm30 warned the world about this), still rails against him. They say Eliade painted all cultures with too broad a brush stroke and seem to feel that their exceptions are more important than his whole, the same mistake Einstein made… But even Eliade’s staunchest critic; Geoffrey Kirk, Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge from 1974 to 1984 and prolific author himself, concedes that what Eliade said about the Eternal Return fit the culture of Australia’s aborigines like Cinderella’s slipper… There has always been something dark and foreboding about Australia. Master of horror H P Lovecraft wrote about it in The Shadow out of Time. There is something menacing, something unspoken and threatening, a nameless fear of the stark and unforgiving land and an instinctual loathing of its native aborigine inhabitants that runs like an unseen current through the hard White men who dispossessed them. In 1770 a British exploratory expedition led by James Cook would land in Botany Bay where the great city of Sidney now stands. They began shooting the natives immediately and the fighting would continue for over a hundred and fifty years. It finally subsided after the Coniston massacre in 1928 in the Northern Territory, which left over a hundred Aborigine dead. Overall the fighting left thousands of Whites dead and hundreds of thousands of Aborigines. There were no pitched battles; the fighting was at close quarters, often hand to hand before repeating rifles were invented and savagely brutal, more like gang fights than military engagements. Atrocities were committed by both sides and in the interest of political correctness a well documented history of cannibalism among the Aborigine has been kept suppressed by the authorities.31 The Aborigine bore no animosity towards Whites because of their skin color. Eating the dead was strictly business in a land where distances are endless and the sun relentless. As settlers claimed the rights to all Australia’s fertile land the Stone Age hunting and gathering lifestyle of the Aborigine provided less and less sustenance. Resentment, and hunger, became inevitable. But a journal from as late as 1849 explains how the Aborigine viewed Whites as their “ancestors who have returned to them again.”32 The archived diary describes how the Aborigine, before eating each other, would “scorch off the entire outer skin or epidermis which reveals the ‘true skin’ which in all branches of the human race is quite white.”33 “Their impression being that when they die ‘The black fellow England walk and by and by jump up white fellow.’”34 Australia is rivaled for geological anomalies only by its nearest neighbor Papua New Guinea. Both have stood in isolation for what academia says is sixty thousand years. Only their indigenous tribes, more like ghosts than men, can testify as to what cataclysmic events they may have witnessed. In the Kimberley region of Western Australia four thousand year old cave paintings depict fantastic beings from the dreamtime called Wandgina. Local Aborigine believe the actions of the Wandgina in the dreamtime manifest themselves as features in the landscape of Australia’s Great Western Desert. They believe these beings control the wind, the rain and the lighting… Rising like a specter out of the center of the Australian continent and on an otherwise almost unbroken horizon is Uluru or Ayers Rock, an isolated hill that appears like a single great stone has been imbedded into the earth. Uluru, a Mecca for tourists, is famous for its glowing red appearance at dusk and dawn and is sacred to the Aborigine. The Wandgina At two miles long, over a mile wide and eleven hundred feet high Uluru is by far Australia’s best known geological anomaly. But just as striking is Kata Tjuta, fifteen and a half miles to the west and Mount Conner, slightly to the south and forty-five miles east of Uluru. Kata Tjuta or the Olga’s consists of thirty six domes covering a little less than eight and half square miles, the tallest being Mount Olga at over seventeen hundred feet high. Mount Conner covers eight and half square miles and rises nine hundred and eighty-four feet at its highest point. All of them are conglomerates of granite-like stone and gravel cemented by a matrix of sandstone, about 50% feldspar, 25–35% quartz and up to 25% rock fragments. Explanations abound for how the island mountains, called inselbergs by academics, got to be in the western desert. They range from the electric universe theory which postulates that they are the result of an immense electrical discharge, to creationism which of course believes they were scoured out by the deluge, all the way to academia’s old standby of a greased pig, erosion… Kata Tjuta Local Aborigines believe most of the south face of Uluru is the result of a war fought in the dreamtime between the carpet-snakes (Kunyia) and the venomous-snakes (Liru). The northwestern corner of Uluru and most of its north face were formed as a result of the activities of the hare-wallaby’s (Mala) and the comings and goings of other dreamtime entity’s fill in the rest of Uluru’s geological features. To the Aborigine it is the dreamtime that generates this world and with it the landscape… Black Mountain National Park is located at the northern end of Queensland, a little over five miles from the Coral Sea. “The park” is just a restricted three square mile area around a pile of dark colored granite boulders, some the size of houses. The pile reaches almost a thousand feet in height. Academics have explanations for this striking geological anomaly but to the untrained and perhaps the more objective eye the boulders appear to have been placed there by unknown methods for unknown reasons. Some believe the missing have simply been lost forever in the labyrinthine passages between the boulders. Others claim the missing were eaten or enslaved by reptilian aliens that, among other things, have been sighted around the rocks. They believe reptilian aliens have a secret base under Black Mountain where UFO sightings are a regular occurrence. UFO’s have been receiving a lot of attention lately in Australia. An Australian himself, Duncan Roads –editor of Nexus Magazine for over a quarter century and the most respected name in the alternative media – recounts “Australia is certainly a hot spot of UFO sightings. We’ve had a phenomenal growth in the reporting of UFO sightings by the general public especially since the advent of the internet.”35 Roads points to the area around the Blue Mountains in Australia’s New South Wales “as a hotspot of UFO sightings and other mysteries. There is certainly a lot of mystery in the Blue Mountains. Campers, bushwalkers, explorers all have got tails of mystery, disappearing people, strange tunnels, strange noises and strange creature sightings…”36 Kevin Gavi Duncan According to Aboriginal tribal elder Kevin Gavi Duncan, “the Blue Mountains is a very sacred area, sacred place, especially the highest places, because we would be closer to Baiame, closer to god.”37 The human disappearances in the Blue Mountains seem to be focused around Mount Yengo. Called the Uluru of the east, the flat top of Mt. Yengo rises about a thousand feet above a plateau and is believed by academics to be all that remains of an ancient volcano. Perhaps because of its prominent flat top, Aborigine tribes believe that after he was done with the act of creating this world their creator god Baiame leapt back up into the spirit world from Mt. Yengo. Roads continues “UFO sightings of the Blue Mountains have triggered many magazine articles, radio shows and books. A lot of people have come forward over the last few decades to document and put onto the record their own experiences.”38 Rex Gilroy, author of Mysterious Australia, has unearthed accounts of UFO sightings in the Blue Mountains by nineteenth century pioneers…39 Ancient Aliens straight man David Hatcher Childress theorizes that the Blue Mountains are a “stargate, some portal to another dimension and jumping to hyperspace perhaps…”40 Childress speculates “For some reason Australia was the place where they put this hyperspace portal used by extra terrestrials.”41 Duncan continues “there are stories that elders would say, that some people have actually travelled back to the Morning Star and have come back again.”42 Earlier, standing in front of an ancient rock carving depicting Baiame about forty miles southeast of Mt. Yengo, Duncan explained “Baiame came from a place that we call the Morning Star within the Mirrabooka. Mira means stars and booka means river. That is the Milky Way that flows across the North Star. ”43 Baiame, Bulgandry Aboriginal Engraving site, Brisbane Water National Park, New South Wales, Australia Duncan then gives his interpretation of the petroglyph. Baiame “holds the Moon in one hand and the Morning Star in the other. Which is a bit like what we call planet earth and these are the two moons which exist around the Morning Star in the Mirrabooka.”44 What the petroglyph shows is Baiame with his arms outstretched and a giant knife horizontal across his naval. The hilt is under his left arm. He is holding a circle in his right hand and a crescent in his left. Below the crescent is another circle suspended in mid air and slightly smaller than the one he holds in his right hand. To the right of the free floating circle, perfectly horizontal to it, is a much smaller almost tiny circle. Slightly to the right of the tiny circle and above it is another tiny circle.45 If the two tiny circles are rotated about two hundred and eighty degrees clockwise or ninety degrees counter clockwise so that the tiny circle that was furthest from Baiame is now in the hilt of the knife you would have close to an image of what, left to right, is in the middle of Australia. Mount Conner would be the large circle, now furthest right. _________ The Three Sisters rock formation is about fifty miles to the Southwest of Mt. Yengo. The three craggy pillars of sandstone tower above the lush Jamison Valley. No doubt conjuring memories in Australia’s early Anglo-Saxon settlers of the three Wyrd Sisters crouched at their cauldron casting spells on both gods and men in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Wyrd is an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning destiny, to come to pass, to become. By the fifteenth century it had come to mean having the power to control fate. In sixteenth century Scotland and northern England wyrd implied that an event was miraculous. It wasn’t till the early nineteenth century that weird came to mean something was odd. The Proto-Indo-European root is wert meaning to turn or to rotate… In the 1965 epic science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert, the Wyrding Way is an overwhelming close quarter fighting technique used by the story’s messianic hero and his rebel armies with devastating effectiveness. In hand to hand combat its adepts are able to maneuver around and strike their opponents at speeds that resemble teleportation to the observer and words and sounds can be amplified to become lethal weapons. Mastery of the Wyrding Way required the adoption of a completely different concept of what the space-time continuum is and what its cause and effect are. The essence of the Wyrding Way is summed up in both the motto and the mantra of its practitioners “my mind affects my reality.” Wyrd is a notion taken from the pre-Christian religion of the Norseman. In Old Norse the word is Urðr. It is also the name of the mother of the Norns, female beings who rule over the destiny of gods and men. There are many Norns, good and evil, who appear at a person’s side at their birth and decide upon their future. Norns ~ three beautiful women that water the Tree of Life Urðr (fate), Verðandi (present) and Skuld (karmic debt) are the most powerful of the Norns and said to have come to intervene in a time long past when the gods ruled too haughtily over men. The three beautiful maidens pour the purifying waters of the Urðarbrunnr (Well of Urðr) over the Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) to keep it eternally rejuvenated. The Urðarbrunnr is said to be one of three wells, one under each of the three roots of the Yggdrasil. Each root reaches to a different far off land. The other two wells are Hvergelmir (bubbling boiling spring), located beneath a root in Niflheim (Abode of Mist), and Mímisbrunnr (Mímir’s well), located beneath a root near the home of the frost jötnar (Giant). It was said that Odin gave one of his eyes to drink from the Mímisbrunnr, the well of wisdom and understanding. Aside from Tasmania and parts of New Zealand Australia’s Blue Mountains is the last real stop in the Pacific Ocean before the Antarctic. The Blue Mts. are about as far away as you can get from the land of the Norsemen on the Baltic Sea. But as Caroline Cory author of The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God notes “there are several umbilical cords on the planet. This particular location is located exactly at negative thirty-three latitude.”46 Cory then recites the standard alien enthusiast dogma about the thirty-three degree latitude of planet earth aligning with the center of the galaxy and how it is “continuously being visited from different parts of the planetary system from different parts of the galaxy and even from beyond this galaxy, from way out in the universe.”47 Most amateur UFO enthusiasts have never heard of Bruce Cathie and his book, Harmonic 33, published way back in 1968. But most professional researchers are well acquainted with the book, and many new age authors use Cathie’s math to validate their Tinkerbellian speculations. This is the cover sentence in Harmonic 33. There are rumors that the original book was immediately pulled from bookstore shelves, edited, then rereleased with Cathie put under wraps and assigned a handler, never to produce anything again of any consequence for the general public, though he would write a few more books. Cathie, a New Zealand airline pilot, saw his first UFO in 1952. He would be fascinated till he died in 2013. He began collecting data and collating it with sightings by other pilots over New Zealand. Using techniques borrowed from French UFO researcher Aimé Michel he was able to establish two track lines where aerial anomalies were being regularly encountered. From there he “was able to form a complete grid network over the whole of the New Zealand…”49 Cathie learned that the American survey ship Eltanin had taken some of the strangest photographs of the twentieth century off the west coast of South America. There, thirteen thousand feet beneath the waves mounted on the pacific sea bed was an “aerial-like object” that was “two-to-three-feet high and had six main crossbars spaced evenly up its stem with a smaller one at the top. Each set of crossbars had a small ball at the end of each arm.”50 Later, one of the scientists who had been on board the Eltanin told Cathie the object was thought to be metallic and an artifact of some kind. Cathie was able to align his New Zealand grid with the coordinates of the artifact fashioning what he reasoned was a world energy grid and perhaps used as a galactic navigational tool by extra-terrestrials. Interestingly enough, in light of Erwin Schrödinger’s actions at the World Energy Conference in 1956, Cathie did not believe nuclear weapons could be detonated randomly but would have to be at exactly the right coordinates at exactly the right time to work. Using his world energy grid he started publically predicting the exact times and places of test sites before they got him muzzled… In Cathie’s own words “It was only a matter of time before I realized that the energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists. It became obvious that the system had many military applications, and that political advantage could be gained by those with secret knowledge of this nature. It would be possible for a comparatively small group, with this knowledge, to take over control of the world.” 51 Aliens are a very grey area, as is reality itself. What the Explicate Order translates out of the Implicate Order, what the Sacred manifests in the Profane, they are like points in a wave that show up as a particle. Just as surely they are guided only by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle… Something is going on in the Blue Mountains, always has been. It’s been categorized by twenty-first century academia as paranormal but it’s something Australia’s aboriginal people are well acquainted with. Duncan Roads is the man who introduced Bruce Cathie to the general public. He knows words like von Neumann knew numbers. He says “the Australian aborigines have a connection and a relationship with what we call extra terrestrials and UFO’s which goes back tens of thousands of years. Their rather nonplussed by their existence, they have developed an awareness of individual types of visitors from what we call outer space.”53 The Three Sisters crouch at the south edge of the town of Katoomba, an Anglo-Saxon enclave of artists and artisans. They can be viewed from its golf course and are the most famous landmark in The City of Blue Mountains, a ribbon of contiguous towns, which lie on New South Wales Main Western railway line. The City of Blue Mountains has dubbed itself ‘The City within a World Heritage National Park.’ It has Sister City Relationships with Sanda City, Japan and Flagstaff, Arizona in the USA. Kachina March – John Steele (1921 – 1998) Located in the southwest of the Four Corners, an area famed for its paranormal activities, Flagstaff is the unofficial capital of the Navajo (Diné) Nation and the Hopi, the priestly tribe who are the keepers of the Diné’s most profound secrets. Like a penitent kneeling at the foot of the altar, Flagstaff prostrates itself at the south foot of Agassiz Peak, Freemont Peak and Doyle Peak in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness. To the Hopi this area, part of the San Francisco Peaks, the remains of an eroded composite volcano, is the most sacred place in the Four Corners. In fact it is the most sacred place in the world… San Francisco Peaks At 11,464 feet, Doyle Peak was the site of the world’s highest astronomical observation point from 1927-1932. Built by the Lowell Observatory, the stated purpose of the cabin on the south side of the summit was to scan the heavens and make spectroscopic observations, especially in ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths… In 2005 “a collaborative project team formed, the heart of which is still active today, including NASA scientists, Navajo Medicine Men, and both NASA and Navajo educators.”54 Flagstaff is the home of the Lowell Observatory, the U.S. Naval Observatory and the United States Geological Survey Flagstaff Station… Rock art from Sego Canyon at the northern frontier of the Four Corners. Citations 1 – Reid, Nick, and Patrick D. Nunn. “Ancient Aboriginal Stories Preserve History of a Rise in Sea Level.” The Conversation. 13 Jan. 2015. Web. 25 July 2016. http://theconversation.com/ancient-aboriginal-stories-preserve-history-of-a-rise-in-sea-level-36010 2 – Ibid. 3 – “Ancient Aliens S11E07 – The Wisdom Keepers.” 11:00. YouTube, 7 July 2016. Web. 26 July 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-mX1eWoj6I 4 –Ibid. 29:33. 5 –Ibid. 30:09. 6– MARKOFF, JOHN. “Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real.” Science. New York Times, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. 3 Aug. 2016. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/22/science/quantum-theory-experiment-said-to-prove-spooky-interactions.html?_r=0 7 – “Karl Pribram ‘Holographic Brain’ New Dimensions 1:12:52.” Youtube. Insightfreeman, 5 Dec. 2012. Web. 15 Aug. 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awFleswtH2Y 8 –Ibid. 23:34. 9 – Ibid. 23:52 – 25:04. 10 – Ibid. 30:58. 11 – Ibid. 37:07. 12 – Ibid. 38:47. 13 –Ibid. 39:18. 14 – Ibid. 39:50. 15 – Ibid. 49:15. 16 – Ibid. 51:12. 17 – Goldstein, Sheldon. “Bohmian Mechanics.” 2. The Impossibility of Hidden Variables … or the Inevitability of Nonlocality? Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 26 Oct. 2001. Web. 24 Aug. 2016. Substantive revision Mon Mar 4, 2013 http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/qm-bohm/ 18 – Ibid. – 1. The Completeness of the Quantum Mechanical Description. 19 – “A Quantum Sampler.” Science. New York Times, 6 Dec. 2002. Web. 26 Aug. 2016. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/12/26/science/a-quantum-sampler.html 20 –Deutsch, David. “The Beginning of infinity,” page 310. 21 – Ibid. 22 – Goldstein, Sheldon. “Bohmian Mechanics.” 3. History. 23 – Ibid. 24 – Ibid. 15. Objections and Responses 25 – Peat, David. “Non-Locality in Nature and Cognition.” Nature, Cognition And System II. Page 304, 1992. Web. 21 Aug. 2016: https://books.google.com/books?id=PgPoCAAAQBAJ&pg=PA304&hl=en#v=onepage&q&f=false. 26 – Ibid. 27 – Ibid. 28 – Eliade, Mircea. “The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History.” Page 5, Princeton: Princeton UP, 1971. 29 – “KARL PRIBRAM – A Holonomic Brain Theory”: 2:35 & 8:08. Youtube. Faustin Bray, 12 Apr. 2011. Web. 29 Aug. 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK3ILQmyIis 30 – Bohm, David. “Wholeness and the Implicate Order,” 1980. 31 – Cooke R.N. Rtd., James. ANTHROPOPHAGITISM IN THE ANTIPODES OR CANNIBALISM IN AUSTRALIA. N.p.: n.p., 1997. Print. A privately published collection of documented accounts. 32 – Ibid. Page 3. Henry de Burgh, Diary in Battye Library quoted in The Breakaways by W. de Burgh, St George Books, Perth, 1981. 33 – Ibid. 34 – Ibid. 35 – “Ancient Aliens S11E07 – The Wisdom Keepers.” 1:35.YouTube, 7 July 2016. Web. 26 July 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az_ymlfc7OM 36 –Ibid. 23:47. 37 –Ibid. 23:05. 38 – Ibid. 24:09. 39- Ibid. 24:33. 40- Ibid. 26:02. 41 – Ibid. 42 – Ibid. 26:35. 43 – Ibid. 8:26. 44 – Ibid. 8:54. 45 – Ibid. 9:07. 46 – Ibid. 25:37. 47 – Ibid. 48 – White, L.G. (1969, September/October). HARMONIC 33 Reviewed by L.G. White. Retrieved September 12, 2016, from https://borderlandsciences.org/journal/vol/25/n05/Cathie_Harmonic_33_Review.html 49 – Cathie, Bruce. “The Harmonic Conquest of Space.” Nexus Magazine, Oct. 1994. Web. 13 Sept. 2016. http://whale.to/m/cathie.html 50 – Ibid. 51 – Ibid. 52 – Ibid. 53 – “Ancient Aliens S11E07 – The Wisdom Keepers.” 27:00.YouTube, 7 July 2016. Web. 26 July 2016. 54 – “NASA and the Navajo Nation.” NASA Astrobiology at NASA Life In The Universe. Ed. Julie Fletcher. NASA, n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2016.
  3. Breaking on Bbc I made a video back in Aug 2014 expressing my views on the argument put forward by the Russian chiefs of staff, and that an US satellite had been overhead at the very exact moment the plane had got shot down. I mean its crazy the narrative put out by the ZIO media since the start that it was Russian rebels involved and Russia by default was using its forces and equipment in the area. Enough to justify full fledged sanctions and full out media war against Russia. Wasn't the Orange revolution funded by Soros and the bad lettered agencies. Or had Russia planned the ousting of its own loyal lapdog Viktor Yanukovych for fun and games. So naturally we have to believe that the attack was by Ukrainian forces at the behest of US Zio stooges to frame Russia and get the world countries to follow behind it. Till this day we see their pathetic Nato followers being forced to follow the US orders to sanction and pariah Russia at every level. Be it the OLYMPICS or the oil prices the Rubble or you name it. The Zio Ogres have launched everything but the kitchen sink. To get THE RUSSIAN bear to charge them and in return justifying further action or even WW3. Also, Germany has been attacked systematically by the Elite bastards with multiple terrorists attacks, Unjustified fines by the US Justice department on V;W and D.B and most of all by the flood of refugees which is threatening iTs very existence. Maybe this all began when Germany publicly supported Russia initially by Germany. And then we have the Mh370 which was clearly the pilot instructed to take the plane to Diego Garcia, where many people on nearby Maldives Islands saw the plane fly low overhead. And some passengers cellphone sent out a black picture, withe the GPS co ordinates showing the plane 8 kms from Diego Garcia. I bet you an US satellite was flying overhead there too. You see where this all going? There had been a Malaysian Tribunal in 2011 at which BUSH, Cheney and Blair had been charged for war crimes against the people of Iraq. Where it was made clear that there had been no connection between Saddam and 911 or WMD's which had justified the killing and occupation; So EVEN though they killed innocent people on two Malaysian airlines planes and thousand other places. Clearly the elite have been suffering tremendous setbacks in theIR NWO plans. They are very desperate as the try to go and live on mars. Launch rockets or satellites. Or the fact they lost Crimea and Syria by the actions of Vladimir Putin. I think anything can happen at any moment now, so take ACTION and precaution out there! Wherever you are! You never know when you could be targeted by the one eyed bastard sitting with his fat ass on the Pyramid that you and me built. Soros knew that the Brexit was on going to be a black Friday. But the attacks on Putin and Russia show that they are not mindless slaves, instead they are the part of the opposition of the NWO. But are they crazy enough to start WW3 ? Not with the recent U.F.O intervention clearly seen here and here. Are the aliens helping us to defeat the NWO and preventing the destruction of Gaia? As usual with fewer answers than questions. ASK http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37495067
  4. ALIEN HUMANKIND -THE EXPERIMENT " 48 WEEKS WITH DHOR KYRISTYL " For the past few months we have been drip fed information that changes our perspective in regards to the events involving "Jesus Christ" & that era where a New Religion sprang into life and not by chance or coincidence , but, by Design !! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED ------------------------------------ Alien Humankind Part 1 - Introduction Cheers
  5. Suuzzaannee144

    Seeing is Believing

    "Using new types of lenses scientists have said that we can now see “entities” or “anomalies” both in space and our terrestrial environment. According to scientists at Thunder Energies Corp these entities are being detected mostly around military installations and industrial sites. Bb-tv.com reports: Thunder Energies Corp (TNRG:OTC) has recently detected invisible entities in our terrestrial environment with the revolutionary Santilli telescope with concave lenses (Trade Mark and patent pending by Thunder Energies). Thunder Energies Corporation has previously presented confirmations of the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays detected in preceding tests. In this breaking news, Thunder Energies presents evidence for the existence of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) of the dark and bright type...." Now ain't that an eye opener- where can I get some??? http://yournewswire.com/new-type-of-lense-detects-entities-invisible-to-humans/
  6. I've been following Valiants posts at transients.com. I just find them fascinating as well as a message to ...... http://www.transients.info/2014/04/the-signs-sightings-of-mysterious.html Pink Diamonds, Gold, Masters and Skulls The signs, sightings of mysterious creatures and more things to come - Valiant An important and strait to the point update from Valiant. If you are left wondering what he means when he says , 'Remember that Coastal Flooding Event?', well, I believe this relates to some of the language that has been forecasted within the webbot's Global Coastal Event and the timing of this event was set for about May 2013. When taking into consideration my theory of adding +1 year onto the timing of that, as mentioned in my article, 'The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift', then that would make sense towards what Valiant is saying. So many other events predicted to occur last year, are occurring now because of what I do believe was a result of the manipulation of time. I will take a guess that when Valiant is mentioning an object being ripped from the sky, he may possibly be referring to a craft, (yes, this is really stretching the imagination), that may contain the device or machine, that could have been affecting time over the last year. I will add here a forecast that Clif high discussed once, which talked about an object that suddenly became visible for a few months, that people could see with their eyes. It seemed to be in the sky, it seemed to have some relation to time travel. From the language, it sounded like it it was stationary or was visible for a long period of time before it disappeared. This mention by Valiant reminds me directly of this forecast and I have been wondering for a while now if they are connected. By Valiant via No More Sleeping, April 4, 2014 Knock Knock…The Signs, Sightings of Mysterious Creatures…More Things to Come… Posted By: Valiant [send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 4-Apr-2014 12:13:40 A Pink Diamond. Used correctly with the right harmonics and Rainbow bridge of light, can cure any disease, Slow, or even reverse aging… When worn by pregnant women, it bestows Great gifts upon her child born… I wonder what else a Pink Diamond can do? Hmm… I hear you encouraged Japan to outlaw And stop whaling. It’s about time. I believe that deserves a little something… Time is moving faster, that’s part of time Re-aligning, it has to happen. Unfortunately, the consequences of past events Means things are going to happen faster… And remember what I said, your tinkering Made things worse. You’re about to see it. If a singer takes the stage in Southern California, and the Earth begins To shake. (ie: during a live ‘show’) That’s a warning that The BIG ONE is coming. Get out while you can. What concerns me most is the Yellowstone Caldera…if the Big One hits, it could set off That boiling point…You don’t want that to Happen…if the Yellowstone Caldera blows, it Could destroy the entire continent. Now, if I were an Ancient Master and I Wanted to quiet that down, I would take One of the Master Crystal Skulls there…to Yellowstone, Facing East…surrounded by a circle of 13 obelisks of pure gold…90 meters apart Not that fake 14 K gold crap you pedal to The public…Only pure Gold… A sacred circle with the skull, could very Well calm that stormy ground… The design of one of my harmonic diamond drawings Might inspire a pattern there… Don’t screw that up…Understand? Too much is happening too fast… All the continental plates are becoming unstable, That Yellowstone Caldera could trigger them all… The Mississippi… The Atlantic…but that one could go off Anyway…Remember that Coastal Flooding Event? That’s coming…only this time it Will effect the Southern Hemisphere… South Africa, South America, the Gulf Coast… The damage control here is unbearable. There’s only So much I can do. But if there’s any way I Can help I will. Remember, pure gold has the power…not That watered down cheap stuff you sell to The public. I swear if people knew what they Paid for, the quality of jewelry you actually sell, They would scream… At present no one sees true treasure like they Did in ancient times. Unbelievable. You need to know, people are reporting Sightings of a gargoyle like creature, Resembling Mothman, in Western Pennsylvania… Called the Butler Gargoyle, sightings are Growing. The head of the Cryptozoological Society recently contacted us concerning this Requesting any help with information. If anyone has sightings of the creature please Report in to the Society in Pennsylvania to inform them. These sightings, you know what that means… More is coming… Now would definitely be a good time for some Very helpful alien intervention… If not… Remember Roswell? An alien incident unlike any other Will repeat, falling from the sky making Roswell look like Candyland. Falling, or perhaps ripped from the sky is a better Word…You never know. I wish I could report more about the creature sightings But I don’t like to mess with Mothman-like things… They know when you try to sense them, and it attracts Their attention. Something I’d rather not have. I can only imagine the creature is appearing As a result of events speeding up, disasters, And the upcoming Mississippi event. Be careful everyone. Please. And now would be a GOOD time to disarm ALL nuclear devices and bombs… You wouldn’t want an unforeseen earthquake To rattle those, would you? Remember what I said about stupid mistakes? And don’t even try to lie or cover these up, The more you try…the more people will notice. The artwork I’m sharing now is one of my Eagles, Eyes in the Skies for you…rather Appropriate now…it’s also one of the few I still Have available…if interested, please let me know. Dear Mr. Spaceman, I understand circumstance May have some of your people…settling here… Like it or not…Remember going public only Earns points now. Won’t that be polite to talk in Person rather than sneak around. Interesting. That’s all for now. ~~~~~ You can find his work here: http://nomoresleeping.wordpress.com/
  7. The CHANI Knowledge Base is a Board where CHANI members are welcome to come ask questions of other CHANI members, who through education, research, employment or personal or professional experience, have gained what would be considered advanced & helpful knowledge in a particular, or multiple, fields of interest. These members have been invited, or have volunteered to assist other CHANI members by sharing the knowledge they have. Each participating member have been asked to provide a small introduction about themselves and the fields/topics they feel comfortable to take questions on. I'm honored to have these members on Chani so please keep your questions and comments respectful and civil at all times. Blue ET is the Author of the book CoEvolution https://www.nexusmagazine.com/products/books/ufos-and-the-unexplained/coevolution-updated-2011-edition-detail He also has and maintains a very popular and informative thread here on Chani started by NexusEditor. At the time of this post it has had over 45 000 views already, which is an accomplishment on our small forum : http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/619-coevolution-nexus-extracts-thread/ So without further ado here is Blue ET's Introduction and as you will see he is way too humble in my opinion. I think he is a very special person and a good friend. INTRODUCTION: A little about myself before I joined Chani: Prior to 1989 I knew basically nothing about any subject now discussed opening and wisely on Chani. All I had in my head was what I saw and had experienced back in those amazing 10 days off earth. A few years after that and several visits to Bruce Cathie later I was chatting to an Editor of an unknown Magazine out of Australia call Nexus. This quickly followed by the editor of that magazine Duncan Roads graciously sending me a box load of past editions of Nexus mag so I could speed read myself up to date with basically the ‘unknown’ or the big mainstream lie! I almost fainted both with relief (I was not alone) and with the overwhelming amount of knowledge I had to absorb to understand at least a little of what was really going on here on Planet Earth……but before that, let me tell you about things I did not need to read about. I was born lucky some might say, unlucky just as easily said. From day one I hated school, every day I spent at those institutions of unlearning was like a day removed from my life path. I left just as soon as I was able. I learned nothing there! Nothing I could not have learned at home in double quick time at least. I also seemed to be born with a life path no one was ever going to change. I was stubborn to the point of insanity about not doing what I didn’t want to do, and equally stubborn about doing what I wanted to do. Nothing about that has ever changed, I’m now 65 years old. I never get sick, and I mean never. I have always followed my passions to the detriment of money and life station, nothing has changed there either. Of all here on Chani I might be the least qualified to be called an expert. I’m a quick learner, I’m an observer, I have an eye for detail, comes naturally, I had very quick reflexes which made me a very good race car driver a few years ago. I love speed, I love adventure, I love nature, I have almost always been self-employed because of the freedom of life path that gives me, so I have ended up a very inquisitive loner mostly I find it difficult to make friends I don’t tolerate fools and my IQ when up many notches after 1989. The annoying thing about that is I know I still have a huge amount to learn about everything, so really I should be the one asking you questions not the other way around, LOL.
  8. The purpose of this thread is to report any and all unusual sightings of ET Alien Races. Strange Creature reported in the Carmel area. "The witness was driving near Carmel on Dec. 12, 2014, came up over a hill and saw a 7' tall slim, gray creature with muscular legs that walked like its knees were backwards. "The 60-year-old former Marine (who allegedly saw the creature) also said it didn't seem to have arms. He also included a sketch made shortly after he arrived home. A resident of the Carmel community has reported seeing this strange-looking creature along Carmel Road on Friday, Dec. 12. http://highlandcountypress.com/main.asp?SectionID=2&SubSectionID=20&ArticleID=25578 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ritoban-mukherjee/strange-gray-creature-spo_1_b_6395236.html Honestly idk, ostrich looking being. Cheers Icanseeatoms.
  9. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/573878/20141125/nuclear-weapons-attack-explosions-aliens-life-mars.htm
  10. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/574079/20141126/woman-former-nasa-employee-humans-mars-1979.htm#.VHbaA9KUcuc This article might be of interest. During the Viking lander mission, a woman called Jackie claims to have seen 2 people, dressed in spacesuits walking towards the lander. She also said that the spacesuits looked protective, but were not like the ones our astronauts wore. There is a link to an audio file where Jackie talks about it. The article is short but there is also a second link to a youtube video where another man who worked for NASA is also making the same claim. This is important because the article appears in the Australian Edition of International Business Times, and unless I'm mistaken, I sense that these types of articles are purposefully being filtered into mainstream media, possibly with an aim to desensitise the general public. Most comments are negative, stupid, ignorant and recalcitrant - but that's the general population anyway, however there are some comments that are open minded.
  11. Icanseeatoms

    The Group

    The Group so named after a group of 10 friends that back in the 1980's shared the same interests. Everything unexplained, unsolved, mysterious, secretive, Ufo's, secret societies, paranormal & supernatural & much much more. Presently consisting of over 250+ members , The Group's goals are to research and find the truth & present it to you in an entertaining factual and informative video format . What you see and what you hear are combined to loosen the bonds that bind you Everything is Connected. http://youtu.be/hj7FoLcqxVk http://youtu.be/89Y_RUup9lA Cheers Icanseeatoms.
  12. http://www.mania.com/aliens-moon-truth-exposed_article_140056.html So I have been waiting for this documentary to come out from the SYFY (yes the syfy channel who actually has had some good series that I have watched over the years) as I have always been interested in the moon and to be honest there are so many coincidences about this night light in the sky that I can't turn my head from. Even Carl Sagan mentioned that "This size appearance gives us solar eclipses. All well known. The size ratio of planet to moon is another misnomer" Anyway this documentary will try to uncover the truth of there being aliens on the moon. Surprisingly it states that there are many different aliens types on the moon. Other notable evidence include: -Photo evidence of a tower resembling a "nuclear power plant cooling tower" -Buzz Aldrin's interview from the apollo 11 mission. -3D lunar flybys of constructs on the moon. There are many more on the link above.. This is one of my recent favorite photo's I stumbled on.. "There is a structure called the ‘Shard’ located in the Ukert area on the moon which is a point nearest the earth. The structure is a mile and a half high straight up from the surface. Another construct is the ‘tower’. in the Sinus Medii region rising five miles high. It has no explanation. Spire, pyramid structure’s like Cleopatra’s Needle have also been photographed" Like this photo I hope the ones they have in the doco are better than this! there is obviously something here..a tower?.. that's up for some interpretation. Looks like Big Foot.... And if Alien's on the moon doesnt tickle your fancy this doco covers alot of other issues surrounding its creation aswell.... Raiding Jim Marrs‘, ‘The Alien Agenda’ he mentions that Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia, a mountainous region in central Greece remembered the time when the moon was not there. Shcherbakov postulates that the moon was towed into position by aliens around the time of the last big pole-shift c10500 years ago. Before or after? This would explain the survivors of Atlantis building Stonehenge and the Callanish Stones, amongst others. Measuring moon cycles and earth’s precession. They wanted to work out the possibility of any further upheavals. The moon is an artificial construct. Some would go further and say so is the earth. As is the Universe. We’re all on a big spaceship run by a gang of criminal clowns. Enabled as they are by other aliens hiding underground. Far-fetched? Too many coincidences. So can we say that alien intelligence has the ability to ‘reset’ the earth? The Atlantean ‘civilisation’ was destroyed. We are at the same point as they were. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing to do with humans on their own. It’s those who have been corrupted by the errant aliens hiding on this wee blue-green planet way out in the Western spiral arm of a small galaxy"
  13. Inviting All Ghost Hunters and Paranormal & UFO Investigators to CHANI Are you a Ghost Hunter or Paranormal & UFO Investigator, an Abducte or Contactee ... or maybe this Topic is your Hobby? If so, then Welcome to CHANI and feel free to post your info here on this thread or start your own thread on our Paranormal & UFO Board here: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/forum/50-ufos-aliens-crop-circles-the-paranormal/ You can post a small introduction about yourself and what you do as well as links to your website, Facebook or twitter feeds. We want to grow our Chani community so I invite you to share your views, opinions and experiences with our growing online community who are already interested in this topic. Blessings Acolyte
  14. Posting this here too, as suggested by Acolyte KGB and aliens propel latest UFO interest December 12, 2013, 10:25 am Link: http://au.news.yahoo...t-ufo-interest/ Russia is riding a new wave of UFO interest after claims the former superpower has had alien insight for decades. Among recent reports in Russian media is a tale that a UFO crashed in Mother Russia in the Soviet heartland in 1969 and was recovered by Russian military. Thevoiceofrussia.com reports that an alien found with the foreign ship was given an autopsy. The landing and autopsy was filmed, the website reports. A new alien story has emerged from Russia, sparking speculation the former superpower may have inside information. Photo: Youtube "According to Pravda, the KGB has allegedly had a special unit designed to gather and monitor all pieces of information regarding mystical and unexplained phenomena reported inside and outside the Soviet Union," Voice of Russia reports. The Huffington Post compares the reported alien landing at Sverdlovsk in 1969 to that in Roswell in 1947. Both were claimed to have happened near military installations and both have long captivated a curious public. While making clear that "serious" UFO experts doubt the veracity of the Russian alien claims, the HuffPo asks a serious question. "If, indeed, this was all a staged hoax, why would The Voice of Russia - which currently broadcasts to 109 million listeners in 160 countries and is considered one of the top five radio broadcasters in the world - suddenly circulate this story again now?"
  15. WellNow

    Is this Kewper?

    A friend just sent me a link to this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQH11GW7w8Q At the same time I was re-reading the classic Kewper testimony from Linda http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/other/crystalinks/coverups2.html Seriously, is this Kewper?!? If so, we may be in a watershed moment where more than a few anon leakers from times near past will come forward honestly like this fellow!