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  1. wildcard

    Cyber-security 101 Information thread

    Ya gotta ask yourself; WTF does Experian need to hold onto this data for so long? Person applies and they run a credit check...keep the data MAYBE 90 days in case of a dispute and then...DELETE it (kill it, burn it, send it to hell!!) 2 years of data...CHRIST! and btw they have more going back longer, this is just want the hackers (I use the term loosley here) got
  2. wildcard

    Could this be possible?

    I have no idea what I am supposed to do, I only know what I can do - Capt. Kirk
  3. wildcard

    I Have Returned---Monatom. The details.

    Painkillers, ah yes my old nemisis Welcome back Monatom
  4. CA if your having difficulties posting it, PM me or Acolyte and we can post it for you
  5. Hey CA you gonna post that pic of the tap?
  6. well damn!, guess I was late to da ball once again...always a bridesmaid and never a bride I suppose. Hopefully I can catch the next one
  7. wildcard

    Cyber-security 101 Information thread

    A REAL EASY way to protect oneself from this attack type is to create a new user with just user rights, not the default admin rights most people use. IF you dont have rights then the attacker can't exploit much
  8. Botanic, YOU would be screwed then Reread post #2
  9. Follow the steps in the link below, Its all a matter of preventive security. if still have an issue PM with the device info http://www.ehow.com/how_2107256_prevent-bluejacking.html http://www.ehow.com/how_2093082_prevent-bluesnarfing.html
  10. Sorry been out of pocket so to speak for the last week or so. First off you need to setup your routers security, if you have documentation great, if not then send me a pm on brand and type but basically you want to change the default SSID then set it to NOT broadcast, what this does is make the router not tell everyone and their momma its name (SSID) next you need to change it from the rediculously easy to crack WEP to WPA2 and set a STRONG password (IMNSHO at least 12 characters) here is an example of a 20 char password fE6fK0J7YBdY,'bq/ggV now your wireless portion will be alot better off, personally I do all the above AND setup MAC filtering, your router should allow this, if need be I can walk you thru it just let me know. You also MUST MUST MUST change the default login to your router, depending on make/model it is probably somethin like User: Admin password : whatever the manufacturer sets it as... Change the user to a name you will remember change the password to atleast a 12 char password with upper/lower/numbers/special characters. As for the DNS, It will depend on your routers make/model, also its a really good time to look at your routers logs, this should be in the advanced settings and see who is connecting to your router you also need to check your browsers setting and make sure that any changes require your approval A good password generator and storage with encryption that I use at work and at home http://keepass.info/
  11. Just browsing around and found this story...yes at the Mirror : http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/secret-alien-base-mars-marine-3745652 Posting it in the believe it or not board since I have not idea if any part of this is true. Parts of the story remind me of ol' blue though...YMMV
  12. Here is a nice writeup of Spreys interview http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/pierre-spreys-anti-f-35-diatribe-is-half-brilliant-and-1592445665
  13. Ill answer your quesitons, I have lots of thoughts on this but, I am currently at work and ....cant right now. I will try to login tonight from home, barring that it will be thursday when I am off that I can speak freely