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  1. http://youtu.be/P3UVtaBrA4I Fellow Chani members check out this video I just came across, is this for real? People are reporting that the snow fall from the recent storms that hit the Eastern US is not melting when open flame is under it, it actually blackens and melts like styrofoam accompanied with chemical smells. The link below the video on you tube takes you to another site with more people trying the same thing. I may have to make a trip up into the mountains here and try this experiment for myself and collect samples for further analysis, I think I may need a microscope. I would encourage anyone who can to try and prove or debunk as well, though take safety precautions please.
  2. Akamu

    Sea monster filmed by oil rig camera

    It maybe me but it almost looks like its "skin" is shifting between translucent and that brown color, appearing practically see through at some points. Very odd indeed not completely convinced its a giant jelly...wheres the dome head part shown in the other footage? Im no jelly fish expert but thats an important part no?
  3. I'm really not sure about this and haven't done any real in depth research on these groups but what Dutchsince says about what is going on is kinda crazy. I've come to trust dutch over the time I've followed him but none the less I'm perplexed by the whole affair, take a gander, what do you guys think? I hold your opinions in high veneration as well. :D http://youtu.be/Oh4hnJ_h7_o
  4. Akamu

    Capitol Chase

    http://youtu.be/Ao3617loZ0k This is a raw video of a DC police car ramming through a barrier, was it intentional? Was this how the officer that was medic-vac out by helicopter and blamed on the woman hurt? I find it odd.
  5. At 53 days from today that would be November 6...only time will tell whats to transpire
  6. Ah yes i saw that video too Phillip, very intriguing, what could ISON really be? Maybe a comet with smaller objects in orbit around it, the classic Nibiru winged object, or extraterrestrials "ancient gods" returning.... or none of the above and totally something outta left field. I kinda feel like a kid right before christmas the anticipation to know what it is. T, that series of pictures do you know if that is ground based telescope or space?
  7. Im actually relieved to hear that thanks Neo
  8. Akamu


    http://youtu.be/2u8J4KJaZSc I posted this video on the earth events forum but i thought i'd drop this video off here too if you all havent seen it yet. Im baffled i dont know what to think this is.
  9. http://youtu.be/2u8J4KJaZSc this vid on you tube is very interesting its supposed to be comet ison with what look like flat, possible, disk shaped objects orbiting comet ison.
  10. I believe the motivation for TPTB is probably profit they will control this recycling centers and then sell the oil right back to the consumers and make a huge profit on it. Regardless of that tho that machine is, if it goes into mass production, going to be probably the greatest invention of modern day. A solution to the ever growing piles of plastic that will never degrade.
  11. this vid is from a gentleman by the name of BPearthwatch on youtube and he breaks down the pictures of ISON from hubble, and i gotta say it looks like a winged object...will be watching this very closely http://youtu.be/7AUljj2XTSI
  12. http://youtu.be/q33KyLkP_Rg This video was brought to you by the fellas over at Thunderboltsproject, its titled The Fourth State of Water by Gerald Pollack. Very intersting he talks about a 4th state of water that is between solid and liquid that has a very crystaline like structure.
  13. Akamu

    Planetary appearance

    Thanks Breezy just want to do my part to connect dots if I can
  14. Akamu

    Planetary appearance

    I don't remember how I came upon these videos but they are very interesting especially at around 11:30 he shows the top of the bowl shaped magnet after the plasma experiment, notice the hexagonal shape at what I would consider the pole. I would suggest watching all 3 of "The Premier Fields" good stuff, their were going to be more but the page owner stopped at 3 a shame too.
  15. Yes i realized that but still it could have been a land locked state instead. The whole idea was a bit of a strech to begin with, just something that pop'd in my head when i heard about what happened in Mobile.