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  1. I am lucky enough to have a history teacher that goes off the books and from his personal knowledge from studying. For anyone wondering why the natives fed up with Columbus... When the Spanish came over they had two main goals, gold and conversion. The queen of Spain was though to be the closest to God in a way similar to the pope. Her theory was that if she did God's work perfectly, she would ascend right into heaven. She then sent people to convert the natives who had no formal religion. Basically, the Spanish came over and said "Hey there is this religion where you go to heaven, now that I showed you it, the LEAST you can do is break a little sweat for me. I mean, come on, I just saved you from hell and put you in heaven". They would often justify their acts by saying it was God's deed or something along those lines. Why did they give their land up so easily? The natives never really thought a person could own a piece of land, it wasn't theirs, it was earths. The whole idea of giving other people money to live in a free world was pretty stupid. When the colonists offered gold, guns, and gadgets for land that they don't even own, they thought the colonists were idiots. Another thing is that people think the natives were stupid and naive, they weren't. They were civilized, they had governments, they weren't savages, only a few tribes were bloody-thirsty, only because they realized what the colonists were doing.
  2. Gahenian

    Protests starting to sweep across US

    I would just like to add my 2 cents: I pass by City hall where the Ocuppy Philadelphia protest is going on and I'd like to say it's very organized. They have tents, medics, food, good planning, and are actually supported by the Mayor (Nutter). The mayor told them that as long as they keep it peaceful, he will support them. He wants the Occupy Philadelphia protests to be seen as a good example of protesting (peaceful, organized etc). They got their permit signed in a day or two from city hall which means the city is on their side Hopefully other protests become peaceful & organized so we don't have martial law imposed.
  3. Gahenian

    Greatest speech ever(words of wisdom)

    Yeah, it gave me the chills when the "The kingdom of God is within yourself' part.
  4. Gahenian

    Greatest speech ever(words of wisdom)

    Thank for this Anden, really is a great speech that is inspirational.
  5. Because they can, the people who are seen as the 'leaders' in the operations are usually smart enough to not to get caught.What they do is get a bunch of kiddies around the age of 16 in their IRC channel and use them as scapegoats for their attacks and they get jailed. While those kids are getting jailed, they are talking over skype. Probably just intimidation, but who knows.. there are some geniuses out there that have been working with computers/servers all their life.
  6. Non-resistance means that the battle of souls is won In 1963, Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk that was protesting again Buddhist persecution, sat down in a busy intersection in Saigon in the meditative position. A fellow monk poured poured gasoline all over his body. Suddenly, Thich dropped a match and set himself alight whilst repeating a prayer. He maintained a calm and meditative posture as his body burned, and then he simply toppled over. After his body was fulled immolated, the Buddhist monks took his book and tried to re-cremate it. After the re cremation, all that remained was Thich's heart, which refused to burn.
  7. Gahenian

    Where to meet?

    Smoke signals. Or we can just get some cups and invisible string
  8. Yeah. I really wish there more of a guide.. I know your supposed to guide yourself, but I don't know how to guide myself haha.
  9. So basically the 'Ascension' that is supposed to be coming with Elenin is fake and we have to wait for the Elders or something? What if one Ascension is real and the other's are fake and the Beserk or whoever are all disinformation agents? How do we know who is a disinfo agent and who is not?
  10. Gahenian


    Just a thought, has there ever been any cases where healers can heal senses such as hearing or eyesight? Welcome to thechaniproject. We are happy you are here, and contributing, but will take this opportunity to remind you to keep your posts respectful of all other posters on this forum, or you and your posts will be removed. Thank you.. breezy
  11. So what was the thing about blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin? I just know Hitler wanted people who were of that description. Also... If I say something and reverse it.. I will hear something? Could you give me some pointers in what to say, how to reverse and stuff etc? I have the programs, just not sure what speed or how to analyze it for words. Thanks! I can't wait to break free from this prison and hopefully I can become 'a good ET' to other races!
  12. That and a simple subway fire couldn't really burn all of it like that since most of the systems are pretty good when dealing with fires. They would shut the electricity off and then the crews on standby would rush in and put it out. Also, the operators and the train stations have fire extinguishers and some stations have sprinklers that are controlled and used when the electricity is off. Look up pictures of cars in a nuclear blast and compare them, if it's just plain rust.. then I dunno. It could of just been someone who bought it and let it sit in a junk yard and it's getting taken to a metal company for scrapping.
  13. You mean tic, TOCK .......right? Tic tacs are a mint-like candy.. just saying
  14. In the water or in the wilderness.
  15. Gahenian

    Shacking up in Denver

    I wonder if they'll cancel school! Who cares, they're in their own tombs if something does happen.