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  1. It's possible the raid on Februrary 3 on Wiltshire Bouelvard was not (only?) about biohazardous materials. There's a part where figures (rescued children?) can be seen running way , when the video is more closely scrutinised. The Message we got was sacrifice stopped at the time. There are a few odd things on this video: at the 2.26 mark where a figure can be seen running at the 2.36 mark where a running figure can be seen chased by another -rescued child/ren panicking? at the 2.53 mark where a while circular object seems to tumble onto the centre of the street. The
  2. I've been getting "messages" in obscure ways via the media. Recentlly got "Mt Sinai/ 1.50 pm. As a few of these pther messages were very pertinent I kept it in the back of mind for a few days until a video appeared on yuhutube. Mt Sinai is Mt Horeb according to one line of research, which I covered a while ago. "Moses" is buried there apparently and the Tree of Life is a datura tree (!!!) aka Jimsons Weed Loco Weed etc. I've seen what it's done to people who have used it. Anyway Neom....mooted as a new world centre. http://www.arabnews.com/node/1436436/business-economy 7 Kings and 7 Mountains of NEOM – Saudi Arabia https://nightwatchman.blog/2018/09/18/7-kings-and-7-mountains-of-neom-saudi-arabia/ “The Seven Crowns or Mountains of NEOM Babylon” Peak Height (m) Coordinates Jabal Al-Lawz 2,549 28°39′16″N 35°18′18″E Jabal Al Qalom 2,367 28°35′45″N 35°20′03″E Jabal Maqla 2,326 28°59’67”N 35°33’54”E Jabal Ad-Dubbagh 2,315 27°51′38″N 35°44′22″E Jabal Harb 1,962 27°57′39″N 35°39′27″E Jabal Huwad 1,832 28°28′15″N 35°34′27″E Jabal Shar 1,784 27°38′52″N 35°44′32″E https://www.ncronline.org/news/quick-reads/us-catholic-officials-welcome-catholic-muslim-document-signed-pope E.g " Not a family portrait is painted between the barrier du Trone and the rue du Temple " message: Re: Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! Smart Lifestyle Find Out More > IF#...#THEY#WILL#STAGE#IT#AS#A#TERROR#THREAT#OR#DIPLOMATS#WILL#BE#USED#AS#PRETEXT#...#TO#ENTER 3 events, first two obfuscate the third. 3 separate locations (London?, Berlin?, ???) Building/structure collapse w/end of 9/10th Feb or 16/17th Feb Embassy/Diplomatic presence Assange? Last Edited by BadHairDay on 02/08/2019 06:04 PM" That was asked after looking at BHD's post on Gloop. So Events in Paris (Temple) and Brussells (Throne)?
  3. The silver object is 6 1/2 inches long, for comparison. Something odd happening at Mt Horeb/Sinai back later
  4. Well I'm still here. Two trailed me into Central library.. where I came out from behind the computer section , stood at the top of the stairs and looked down on them in both senses. They're the same here PANX> They left, making gorilla motions of annoyance. No sign of them since. Cats vs dawgs. Outcome predictable. I am however being careful as always of being out at night by myself etc. The local police are quite aware of the undercurrents of the Black Underbelly,and have already done some cleaning out of rats' nests. Good work boys and girls in blue. The time will come no doubt when a full clean up is possible.
  5. For the record: it appears I'm being stalked by members of the Mongrel Mob. If anything happens the police are advised to talk to Eli, known to them.
  6. Two local anomalies... The big one is huge.. about 20 kg I'm guessing and the little one is about the size of the silver object-and attacks the big one!
  7. KMRIA


    Pelosi invites Trump to hold State of the Union on Feb 5 https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/28/pelosi-invites-trump-to-hold-state-of-the-union-on-february-5.html
  8. Image taken by a local last night here.Thank you Robyn.
  9. KMRIA


    Another post by Brazile. A Hamilton note covering a Lincoln note. Hamilton, Lincoln and MLK were all shot.
  10. ADD. A message received very recently is that the syste has been cracked (beyond repair): this was in reference to the ongoing ringing earth phenomenon.
  11. 66 deaths registered from pipeline explosion in Mexico – state governor Jan 20-27 Lunar Phase Local Date & Time — New York, N.Y. (US/Eastern) UTC Date & Time Full Moon January 21, Mo 05:17 AM Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Candlemas
  12. My feeling is that she is either dead or on life support. Maybe she's died and they've resuscitated her.They might even be using Black Goo.
  13. I think there was almost a "hunting accident" at the New Year so things have been a little fraught. However I've still been thinking (locally someone has to do it and I seem to be the only one qualified). 5: 5 as appearing on Q Anon. The return of JFK jnr. The separate investigation from the main one with an unnamed dierctor. The death of Bush snr, possibly on November 26. Here are my tentative thoughts. SCOTUS not only means Santa Claus of the U.S. but is latin for Scot, the Scots originally having settled in Ireland. JFK jnr was a lawyer and renewal of his license to practice would be easy enough. His uncle RFK was Attorney General. Was Bush snr executed on November 22, the 55th anniversary of the assassination under JFK Jnr's direction ? As I pointed out to a friend, the Irish have a P Q liar sense of humour
  14. Racehorse owner Lady Rothschild dies aged 83 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-46855307
  15. KMRIA

    What Next for Greece and for Europe?

    Polish mayor stabbed on stage, condition very serious https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/poland-gdansk-mayor-stabbed-on-stage-at-charity-event/2019/01/13/bae5eb42-176b-11e9-b8e6-567190c2fd08_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.42b2f287153d