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  1. clavicus

    EBOLA: A record

    "Ebola outbreak began in February, around 300,000 people have died from malaria, while tuberculosis has likely claimed over 600,000 lives. Ebola might have our attention, but it’s not even close to being the biggest problem in Africa right now. Even Lassa fever, which shares many of the terrifying symptoms of Ebola (including bleeding from the eyelids), kills many more than Ebola" There are more real threats than Ebola...
  2. clavicus

    EBOLA: A record

    http://youtu.be/1_WOR22-SnY Saw this on vice, some famous singer in africa made this about ebola The chorus goes something like " ebola! Ebola! Dont touch your friend...ebola!" ....pop songs about diseases? Is this some kind of crowd control effort to not cause panic??...
  3. Doesn't look like much here, but go read the article. Seems to be the remains of a boat uncovered after the remains of the twin towers were removed. But now covered again by the newly built tower. This seems a lot like the movie national treasure haha.. let the conspiracy theories begin.. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/scientists-reveal-the-secrets-of-mysterious-ship-found-1612943422
  4. clavicus


    thank you magicmanx! Have been away on vacation. what was the best evidence from the video in your opinion??
  5. clavicus


    Btw this movie was EPIC saw this a while ago and was really entertained.
  6. clavicus


    here it is.. was a good watch had a few opinions my self. Some of the stuff on here is legit others not so much. Was surprised at this Apollo 20 stuff and recovering an alien girl on the moon.. I think the one thing you CANT discredit are all the structures that are shown. A couple I think are people matrixing alot. Anyway you be the judge.
  7. I started to read this and thought maybe the glass acted this way by luck but there's too many of these situations coming up today, interesting about the concrete aswell... although we are talking about a civilisation who were the first to have flush toilets. Great engineering!
  8. Read this in the morning on the subway, was interesting. About frog mouths and measuring earthquakes. Here's a picture of the instrument...link is below http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/808002-2000-year-old-earthquake-detector-worked-with-accuracy-in-china/
  9. clavicus


    This is a snip from the film where they interview Buzz Aldrin.. will update when I find a quality stream.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UbTSt6orhU
  11. clavicus

    There is a Secret Ingredient in Your Burgers: Wood.

    Did you know that there are many Mc Donalds producers who supply the meat for the patties around the world? This means that a patty bought in let's say France may have traces of meat from other countries.. Its like biting into an international piece of meat.. and this made me laugh...
  12. clavicus


    Will definitely update this thread with a link or direct stream of the film. Can you tell me more about this interaction with a reptilian? and how were you able to enter this civilisation? I thought reptilians were shifty bastards who are very secretive?..
  13. http://www.mania.com/aliens-moon-truth-exposed_article_140056.html So I have been waiting for this documentary to come out from the SYFY (yes the syfy channel who actually has had some good series that I have watched over the years) as I have always been interested in the moon and to be honest there are so many coincidences about this night light in the sky that I can't turn my head from. Even Carl Sagan mentioned that "This size appearance gives us solar eclipses. All well known. The size ratio of planet to moon is another misnomer" Anyway this documentary will try to uncover the truth of there being aliens on the moon. Surprisingly it states that there are many different aliens types on the moon. Other notable evidence include: -Photo evidence of a tower resembling a "nuclear power plant cooling tower" -Buzz Aldrin's interview from the apollo 11 mission. -3D lunar flybys of constructs on the moon. There are many more on the link above.. This is one of my recent favorite photo's I stumbled on.. "There is a structure called the ‘Shard’ located in the Ukert area on the moon which is a point nearest the earth. The structure is a mile and a half high straight up from the surface. Another construct is the ‘tower’. in the Sinus Medii region rising five miles high. It has no explanation. Spire, pyramid structure’s like Cleopatra’s Needle have also been photographed" Like this photo I hope the ones they have in the doco are better than this! there is obviously something here..a tower?.. that's up for some interpretation. Looks like Big Foot.... And if Alien's on the moon doesnt tickle your fancy this doco covers alot of other issues surrounding its creation aswell.... Raiding Jim Marrs‘, ‘The Alien Agenda’ he mentions that Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia, a mountainous region in central Greece remembered the time when the moon was not there. Shcherbakov postulates that the moon was towed into position by aliens around the time of the last big pole-shift c10500 years ago. Before or after? This would explain the survivors of Atlantis building Stonehenge and the Callanish Stones, amongst others. Measuring moon cycles and earth’s precession. They wanted to work out the possibility of any further upheavals. The moon is an artificial construct. Some would go further and say so is the earth. As is the Universe. We’re all on a big spaceship run by a gang of criminal clowns. Enabled as they are by other aliens hiding underground. Far-fetched? Too many coincidences. So can we say that alien intelligence has the ability to ‘reset’ the earth? The Atlantean ‘civilisation’ was destroyed. We are at the same point as they were. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing to do with humans on their own. It’s those who have been corrupted by the errant aliens hiding on this wee blue-green planet way out in the Western spiral arm of a small galaxy"
  14. Is it a pyramid like structure? weird....
  15. clavicus

    How to Cure a Migraine in One Simple Step

    "Have a headache/migraine? Submerge your feet and hands in hot/warm water and put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some/all of your headache." I saw this recently, it was on my buddies Facebook. Have not tried it but looks silly and may work?? ~ haha