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    Background on the Anunnaki Gods

    i can't back up the following with the research of others other than to say it is perhaps "intuition" from having been on the cusp of the conspiracy scene for over a decade, but here goes... our solar system was created by encoded light beamed from a distant constellation, upon which reaching its programmed destination rendered itself and created the sun, which in reality is a stargate, which enabled further encoded light to be transposed via the stargate at a far quicker rate. the encoded light via the stargate rendered itself and created the planets, terraformed them and once that process was completed a beam of encoded light rendered itself creating dna and thus living sentient beings in a variety of forms. in order to monitor the evolution of the living sentient beings, upon the death of their physical bodies, their souls directed themselves thru the stargate sun and thus back to the constellation of origin, whereupon the souls could be analyzed and from there variations of encoded light could be tweaked, beamed thru the stargate, and the solar system and its living sentient beings thus continued evolving. but then came saturn and the moon that nudges by the side of earth. with saturn being a stargate controlled by life forms from another constellation, and the moon being some sort of soul capturing/soul destroying/soul modifying device designed to wreak havoc with the original creators of this solar system or quite possibly be some sort of means of trying to destroy life of the original creation constellation. if we consider the vast distances of space and the concept of light years, encoded light is realistically the only way to "travel", and even with a stargate to speed things up it might well take some considerable amount of time (along with the concept of the stargate acting like some sort of firewall, protecting the original creating constellation). the possibility easily exists that there are a multitude of stargates aka a multitude of suns, many of which may very well have opposing saturn style stargates and control moons near the planets which harbour living sentient beings created by the original creating constellation. with chemtrails abounding all over our heads on this planet, and a multitude of antenna beaming out a blanket of disrupter style frequencies, one could wonder if this is a developed means of "saturn" and those from the constellation that control it, of trying to completely shut down our interface with our original constellation that created us. but equally there is the notion that amongst us work people with encoded dna designed to thwart such a move so that eventually we can return to living in a peaceful and harmonically balanced solar system. whatever the truth be, i reckon the most important thing to remember is to not fall for the fear. cos if such a hypothesis as outlined is close to the truth of things, all we are doing is giving those behind the control of saturn and the moon a helping hand.
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    Book of Aquarius

    nextom... hey i can't read the book it might interfere with my experiment :gurns: seriously though i have already downloaded and will certainly read it. and i apologize to darth and yourself, genuinely not trying to deflect people off from reading the book or listening to the audiobook in its original form, just wanted to contribute something unique with the material as a gift to the forum. peace (from another real person).
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    Book of Aquarius

    sorry nextom i wasn't trying to verve the topic elsewhere. my film was also a alchemic experiment, of sorts. however i am not interested in achieving near or full immortality nor turning things into silver and gold (after all, in my opinion, it is the lust of such things that has probably been the biggest negative on this planet (and no doubt many others) for gubbins knows how long. rather, i am a believer in "free expression as revolution", that is to say trying to unlock minds shackled by the snowballed generational effect that the pursuit of eternity and material riches has had on living sentient beings (or "human beings" as maritime law decrees us to be). certainly "immortality" would be useful for travelling the vast distances of space, but equally "the powers that be", if and when they had such a tool at their disposal, would probably wipe out 99% of the "human beings" on this planet aka thanks very much for your blood, toil and sweat, but since we are now able to be around forever, and since we are still going to procreate, we're going to eventually need all the space that your swift untimely demise is going to create, for our own progeny (who will also get a free ticket to immortality). as for space travel? nah! all those enlightened immortals from other solar systems who didn't wipe out the living sentient beings who actually helped them achieve eternity, well they'll probably be ready and waiting for such miscreants. oh dear, there i go swerving off the topic! or does examining the motivation for wanting immortal life and material riches actually count for something? perhaps i should read the book or perhaps i'll wait and see if my alchemic experiment resultants with positive fruits, after all if words are merely symbols coded in written and sounded forms to express intent, does it really matter how one inputs them or in what order? the original intent was there, the only difference is by allowing it to enter into the mind in scrambled form it's left to the collective subconscious to process aka in conjunction with god, the universe, whatever you want to call it, and i trust such a unified entity over the words of a select few... always. but hey, live long and prosper!
  4. in my humble opinion folks that's the reality and truth of it all. thanks bob, that was pure quality.
  5. tocaboar

    The Terra Papers

    agreed, i think that is the main reason people can relate to his writing- the english language has quite possibly been constructed in a manner that makes it hard to convey fundamental truths (or perhaps it's a case people have been programmed by state education and "television" to associate certain meanings to certain words without considering that combinations of certain words actually have more than one expression). there's probably legions of "analysts" monitoring things and reporting back in near real time to their superiors... all at the expense of the tax payer (of course!). that's why i think it is important for people not to be apportioning blame too much- it merely gives "them" the excuse to continue their "divide and conquer". if people express things in a peaceful and non violent manner (not always easy to achieve!) even the most hardened miscreant person with power has the opportunity to see the error of their ways and make amends (unless they're "grey" aka lack such ability by virtue of their genetic make-up). re: my username, it's a acronym, explanation here if you'd like to have a gander... http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,642.msg4445.html#msg4445 thanks for that, it was very interesting
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    Book of Aquarius

    sorry about that darth, if memory serves me correct megaupload does do that for some reason occasionally.
  7. tocaboar

    The Terra Papers

    i found the terra papers much easier going than zecharia sitchin's "earth chronicles", then again it might be down to the fact i prefer to be a jack of all trades rather than master of one. a negative of not just the conspiracy scene but just about anything in all walks of life is the urge of people to get credit for the sake of credit, perhaps due to the competitive nature of trying to survive in the relatively recent past bolstered by the shackles of "money" and into the relatively new phenomena of people wanting their "15 minutes of fame" as andy warhol put it- and if he hadn't said that i wonder if glossy glory wouldn't be so persuasive in the now... where are we? well things seem pretty dire but ponder where we might be now if we hadn't been gifted the internet. perhaps a indicator that whoever is attempting to ravage this planet, and its people, has some sort of galactic obligation to give us all a sporting chance. btw, can't find a original source for that "two eagles" quote, but does it really matter if it was he or someone else or no one at all who ever first said it? we all know its the truth...
  8. one of the main reasons i joined the forum was because of this thread so thank you to the op and other contributers in particular bluecoat2. what with the sceptic nature of the internet and the conspiracy scene in particular it is easy to dismiss things as "hoax" but where would we be if we allowed the scepticism to close our minds? if this is truth from bluecoat2 he/she is taking a enormous risk which is to be respected and appreciated. and should it turn out to be some form of buffoonery... well this is far superior entertainment than being tuned into some garbage reality television show. like the late great bill hicks said "it's just a ride". if anyone is looking to pass a spare hour or so whilst waiting for bluecoat2 can i ask you to consider visiting a post i made on the following thread where details of a film i've cobbled together can be found... http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,642.msg4445.html#msg4445 i hope this is okay with the moderating team (just this once, i promise!)
  9. one could ponder if it was a simple case of him not being able to produce results (on that day) or "them" having some sort of tech on them to ensure his demonstration didn't succeed on that particular occasion... thanks for posting about his work, it was all new to me. if i may i would like to ask you to ask john if cannabis or hallucinogens have ever played a part in his approach to his work- that is to say has some notion entered the landscape of his thinking whilst high (sativa) or stoned (indica) or tripping (shooms etc) or hey! a mixture of "enhancers" carefully tailored to expand cognitive boundaries? i can fully comprehend that he might not want to comment on that and equally fully respect if you felt it was inappropriate to ask him. cheers.
  10. tocaboar

    Book of Aquarius

    thanks darth for the link to forgotten books. i downloaded the audiobook and have cobbled together a remix of chapters 3 thru to 52 with the addition of a osho kundalini meditation track and various sound effects thrown in. but wait! there's more. a few month back i made a film using public domain footage sourced from archive dot org to go with a mix cd called "70 minutes of madness" by coldcut. what i have basically done is cut out the coldcut mix and added in the book of aquarius remix. the main reason i have done this is i wanted to contribute something unique to the forum and perhaps give people something to watch and listen to whilst waiting for the bluecoat2 announcement. anyhows i rendered it in flv format (to keep the filesize low) and have uploaded it to megaupload cos a) it cost me nowt b) it costs nowt to download and c) megaupload has pretty fast download speeds for free users. should people want to watch it but don't have a flv player may i recommend "vlc media player" (easy to find with a quick google). it's a smidge over 70 minutes long thus that is why i haven't uploaded it to youtube. the film is called "the osho chaos accelerated book of aquarius remix" - tocaboar :P http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RNMXB8GK enjoy!
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    Please Introduce Your Self :)

    salut! tocaboar here, been drifting in and out of the online conspiracy reality scene for nudging over a decade, though rarely taken the step further than lurking. encouraged to join by the respectful vibe and genuinely new take on things. shall try to dig out some choice snippets from my ct archive garnered over the years. onwards and ever upwards...