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  1. ...Been gone a long time.  Just saw T's post - please tell me he is ok....

    1. PANX


      I'm wondering as well W2k..

    2. Reddwolf


      Hi Whose2know!  Nice to see you.  Hope you have been well.

    3. breezy


      Hi Whos2know:  I wish I could tell you more.  As far as I know,  he had a second surgery on August 6th, with a third in weeks.  He is on our minds and in our hearts.

  2. Scratch that - I've read enough to catch up........ Nothing ever changes.......nothing ever stays the same..... Waiting for positive changes for the whole of humanity.....and yet...it does not come.....I try to be the rainbow every day....and it makes no difference in the battle. I really don't think relief is anywhere in site. Pointless, really. Take care, W2K
  3. I'm so sorry - I've been gone for forever......and now I'm utterly out of the loop.... In all of the above - is this all false?? I surely hope so as I did not sleep well last night... My brain is in a fog that I can't seem to pull out of.....and I've had 5 cups of coffee....LOL
  4. Whos2know


    that was a wild video Jessica.....the only thing is.....and please correct me if I'm wrong.....there was no "settling" of a colony of ETs at the 2012........?
  5. Whos2know

    The PARANORMAL Thread

    that was awesome Jessica!
  6. ....What Foop said. I often read things, then investigate on my own, then sit back in utter amazement at the vast array of knowledge I'm blessed to be surrounded with...if only thru the internet. I no longer doubt my sanity (well, ok, maybe somewhat). I just wait for everything that's been presented to bubble up to the surface and smile because there are NO coincidences. I told my spouse a few weeks back that the economy was going spark off in a negative manner b/c of fine China...and when all of that went down recently - he was like - how did you know??? I smile a little smile and tell him I'm brilliant - he just doesn't know it Hope you all don't mind I didn't tell him about you...LOLOL. SGPB and hugs to you Parker. W2K
  7. Whos2know


    So what has happened to Chani Oracle?
  8. Whos2know

    Acolyte Information

    there are simply no words. rest well, Aco, you deserve it. my deepest condolences to the family W2K
  9. Whos2know

    'This is not a game'

    ...followed by heroin....which no one is safe from...not even W2K. Dealing with this addiction within the confines of my immediate family right now....it ravages the body, mind and eventually takes the soul. Destroys everything in its path. Pot is NOT a gateway drug - never has been - never will be......but the synthetic crap being churned out (i.e. cut with) is deadly. Trying to keep a white light around this youngin' is tough.....but I won't give up.
  10. Whos2know


    ....interesting. very.
  11. .......http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/the-hidden-hand-that-changed-history/ brought much information.... By the positioning of the feet, as well as, the hidden hand, we are also able to determine what step they were at. Also - notice, ALL of the photos at this link show everyone with their right hand hidden - except for Geo. Washington - his right hand is hidden. I assume this implies he was a Master of all Masters.....
  12. no edit button - let me rephrase the above.........you reference Hidden Hand.....and it automatically takes me back to the Hidden Hand material as presented on another site....who led all who read to believe he/she/it was part of an elite, long-standing "family" and I ponder if your reference has any significance to that. Sorry SGPB W2K
  13. Hidden Hand.....as in the same posting years back from..."Hidden Hand"? One in the same...?
  14. Thank you! So far, this turning the big 5-0 hasn't been too painful! LOL. Well, except for the fact that I'm recovering from a staph infection from either a spider or tick bite....Blessings to all.