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  1. Shining


    THE END!!!! Listen to the first 45=60 minutes, I can vouch for it http://www.doublewidenetwork.com/index.php/Audio/the_sedona_connection_with_dave_schmidt
  2. Shining

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    NOT SURE IF TRUE, BUT MIGHT BE WORTH RESEARCHING Wobble Death Doom!!!! Chile EQ – USGS Just Went On A Total Media Blackout Tonight – Earth’s Orbit May Have Just Been Destabilized Wobble Death Doom!!!! Chile EQ – USGS Just Went On A Total Media Blackout Tonight – Earth’s Orbit May Have Just Been Destabilized Earth Changes, Prophecy No Responses » Apr 012014 I have a friend so to speak in the USGS who just came to my house an hour ago to personally tell me what they think just happened. He said even though the quake was only measured as an 8.2 it had a lot of energy that just through the axis off by a sizable amount. Enough he said, that they speculate it has destabilized the Earth’s orbit and a wobble in it’s spin will get bigger and bigger. Effects are unknown as this has never happened. He had to come personally because he didn’t want to use the net or phone contact me. He said they just got a gag order for national security. He looked really worried and smoked 3 cigarettes in a row while his hands were shaking telling me. Doesn’t sound good folks. http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/04/wobble-death-doom-chile-eq-usgs-just.html
  3. Shining


    We are only being shown the "tip of the iceberg". As usual we see what they want us to see. It's conditioning the general public for the other things coming down the pike. There are not many who know what is transpiring behind the scenes. It's the larger population who doesn't have a clue so by releasing tidbits of corruption and wrongdoing, they are prepping the way for the changes. How else would they explain our entire monetary system was just overhauled and bankers get to be the bad guys instead of government.......for the time being anyway. It's all one big theatrical event after another, like following a story line as anticipation builds up for the "END". IMO most won't even realize what has happened, even after being told. Let's face it, most generations who witnesses the move from a gold standard to slavery have long passed....
  4. Shining


    Neocharm, initially gold will come down, simply because it is artificially elevated. Silver is undervalued by some 500% because it has been artificially held down. The gold must come down, causing the currencies to go up. Everything will stabilize in short order. Gold will climb IMO, very substantially, as will silver, once the leveling is done. What "we" are seeing are the corrections necessary to level out the currencies in the short term. In the long term there will continue to be adjustments as the currencies level to their asset backing. It's a bit hard to follow all that is occurring behind the scenes as well as what is being shown on mainstream, but much of it is because the majority of society does not have a clue to what is happening. There will be much anger around the world when the "truth" finally all comes out and people realize how badly we have been dupped over the years. All is soft disclosure at the moment, trying to gently transition into a new, more secure system. This is just the beginning edge of what's to come.
  5. Shining


    Thank you Aco For those of you not familiar with ZAP, he works directly with the "family", those behind the take down and restructuring. Prepare for BIG changes, the time is upon us
  6. Shining


    Looks like this week and next will bring in a new system for the world. Hopefully to benefit mankind and not be squandered AGAIN. For some reason I can not post the info and I've emailed Aco to post for me. Are your dancing shoes shined and ready to tap???
  7. Shining


    I think what most need to understand is that what is coming out in mainstream IS a form of soft disclosure. For the masses who have no clue what's going on in the background, they see a few bankers jumping off buildings, unstable currencies, banking exposure, etc. It is all a lead up to the "event". When it happens, the general populace will reflect back and say "ahh no wonder all that was in the news..thank goodness it's been fixed". Most will never understand the gravity of this shift. Heck, most don't even know we were ever on a gold standard, lol. I hope and pray for the sake of our future generations, this all comes to the forefront and gets fully exposed (as I'm hearing it will), so we learn to teach our children and grandchildren to never let this happen again!!!
  8. Shining


    PREPARE FOR FREEDOM!!!! As Monatom says...........GAME OVER I know this to be factual as well as the parties to the "council".... bye bye cabal (sorry can not post the link for some reason ) www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRbb_f_8VMg
  9. I'm not sensing death around this incident. Haven't had time to focus on it to see what I can get but will do so tonight. Oddly there doesn't seem to be fear either. More a sense of "what's next". I'll report back if I can pick up anything.
  10. Shining


    I think it's imperative to realize how the "cabal" control the masses....FEAR!!! People who fall prey to fear, make mistakes and withdraw, choosing to NOT know anything because it's too confusing to sift thru the mass disinfo campaign. We can only read facts and allow the rest to settle and resonate within our spirit. Personally, I do not resonate with the "agenda" playing out as "they" wish for it to. I see a bright and healthy future for humanity. That's not to say we won't hit road bumps along the way or come against a few walls. As a whole, humanity is awakening in the masses. We are quickly moving out of the sheeple mentality and thinking on our own. Be it elevation of the incoming energies or just being "time" for these changes to occur...it's happening. Once awake, it is very unlikely to fall back asleep. Keep the faith!!!
  11. Shining


    Monatom is dead on accurate. Nexxus knows what he is saying. Fact of the matter is, this fight to loosen the grip of the FED has been occurring for almost 20 years and IS coming to conclusion for the benefit of mankind. They key will be to educate our brothers , sisters, children and grandchildren so we NEVER put ourselves in this position again. Take time to do some reading. Read the laws of the IRS and the Constitution, those are FACTS. The fact is Americans were never to be taxed on US soil. I've read it myself, word for word. It was put in place for foreign businesses and foreigners in our country, NOT the average citizen. It was instituted during war time eons ago to pay for ammunition after soldiers purchased their own guns, however, it was voluntary and over time people got used to it and it continued on. Aside from mainstream and internet reading..check your facts before maligning others
  12. Shining

    Zodiac Sign Poll

    Looks like Aquarius has it so far...might be interesting to see how many have Aquarius rising are here.....I'm one. The rising sign being the "face" presented to the world
  13. Shining

    2013 – THE FUSE YEAR (Part Three)

    I have to wonder if 2014 is not the "fuse year". The entity speaks of the "reset".....anyone notice how often that word is being used as of late by ALL countries? IMF speaks of the "reset", Obama's last state of the union address was called the "reset". All currencies are about to "reset", there is a global "reset" in motion and about to play out. From my sources, this appears to be very close to happening, talk of this weekend in fact. In any event this will no doubt cause a huge shift in many ways..physically, emotionally, spiritually..etc. Choices will have to be made,,hmm choices. Many will come into great wealth through the transition. I've watched this progress for 2 years. I've watched those awaiting this event shift from "I want to help everyone I can" to more selfish means. Choices..they will make or break us at a spiritual level and I believe the "reset" is the key to choosing which path we choose. I see many still living in the doom and gloom and fearing what the PTB will do, or fearing the new found wealth being stolen by the banksters, fearing catastrophic events, etc. I've been a "seer" my whole life and see nothing of the sort coming our way...now keep in mind that is ME. It's about the mindset, the vision, hope, trust and guidance we all have within us, all God given to each of us if we just listen. IMO this is what will separate those who make the shift, and those left behind. Live in peace despite the turmoil...it's your choice!!! Another reason I have to wonder if this is the year of the "reset" is astrological projections for the year , from many, called for a very tough first 3 months, then big changes begin rolling in...here we are nearing the end of Feb. going into the dates the "entity" always speaks of............head's up!!!! Be in peace and love and share the heart
  14. Shining


    Here's another financial freedom fighter with some heavy duty ammo............ http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/neil-keenan-update-keenan-goes-into-the-lions-den-meets-with-cabal-chieftain-reveals-his-own-financial-doomsday-weapons-against-the-cabal-keenan-sounds-the-charge-2/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AJNmgpn6qU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1rsvTDN4p0