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  1. flyingnikes

    mapping DNA of oil

    figured they were learning how to synthesize oil
  2. flyingnikes

    mapping DNA of oil

  3. flyingnikes

    mapping DNA of oil

    ttp:// may or may not have been posted before
  4. flyingnikes

    Pill that can wipe away bad memories?

    busted my head on a bench once, was relieved to find that the pochahuntus theme song found its way out of my head during the process.
  5. To T, thinking about the "moons" in the outer system. some could be organically created bodies(made from space dust, fck idk) or constructed bodies...but maybe they could be organically constructed bodies- the battles ships, moons, whatever they are! but going to potential life on the surface of these bodies, im guessing europa as an example. maybe some are focused on biotics, to sustain those living in other moons ships. and the life on the surface of these biotic focused bodies could be extensions of the life on the inside of these bodies. im thinking of a needed exhaust due to accumulated gases or other things, and that when released it accumulates on the surfaces due to gravity and then grows......or a more simpler thought, they have been there for so long that moving materials in space accumulate on the surface, like moss growing on a rock! just thinking! thanks for things to think about, yeah but it would make sense to have a biotic station, gotta eat some how, unless they dont eat hmmm
  6. an air exhaust/pipe for some underground whatever. probably be awhile before they get a new one up and running. if it really is nothing all they have to is cut the pipe which seems to already be exposed, but if the machine can't back up then they can't extract the pipe! haha they can dig two channels on either end of the cut pipe, push it up then cut it in sections and extract it piece by piece, but that seems like it would take a slow time. or they could just drop some powder down the pipe and blow it up!
  7. wonder if its connectd to anything, or just a stranded pipe
  8. i read "electro chip" for- "Elaborate crop circle discovered on Chualar Canyon Road farm CA USA" then again i cant always read the same words.
  9. flyingnikes


    i see! the round structure (I'm guessing the launch pad) is what I noticed first looks like there's something else on the left side of the observation post, two parallel squiggly lines with a perpendicular line intersecting them.
  10. flyingnikes


    death star
  11. flyingnikes


    so these fireballs come from Venus, why is she throwin shit at Earth?
  12. flyingnikes

    Love, Empathy, Morals and Technology.

    "If you consider that even main stream science confirms that 'humans' emit external vibrations, continually, then consider that this is how we are meant to 'feel' others. If this is correct....then consider the 'sea' of interference (telecommunications) we now swim in.......day in night out. I feel that we are being 'turned' off from all else external from the singular physical form each of us are and are losing empathy for EVERYTHING ELSE, by which then we also lose our moral compass." then somebody on another thread said something like this, "when you overlay one frequency on top of another, it creates silence."
  13. flyingnikes


    "Microwave ray gun controls crowds with noise" quote from pg 6 dont look at it, micro waves are on the same spectrum as visible colors although not visible..but then x rays can be focused through your body..just thinking and adding a different thought to it
  14. hmm D.A. feels very familiar when i look at it. strange! dad is the only thing has any feel to it, but i also want to put a name to it thank you though, it matches where im at right now