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  1. Happy Valentine's Day

    CHANI members and Guests

    WISHING ALL OF YOU - LOVE!! - Today and Everyday

    1. unity


      Thinking about the gender-less society. How the hell is the commercialised (Females to buy chocs to guys they love-idea.) St.Valentines day going to deal with that side of issue, IDK. Maybe the choc companies would just jump up and say "this is for all, female or male or whatever, everyone buy buy buy the chocs"....(´Д`) But let's enjoy the REAL chocs while we can. We might be left only with GMO chocs within a decade.....

    2. breezy


      geeze unity I was telling myself to forget reality yesterday. hmmm, I guess if we don't  know any longer who should be buying the chocs, they may want to rethink this whole gender confusion. After all, money, profits, are all that count, right? SMH  Would be interesting to know if it affected Valentine sales this year.