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  1. Chewy1314


    True, it could be a simple state of mind, a shift in consciousness towards the light and away from the darkness. although to ensure safe passage we need to embrace positive energy, and let the light in through positive vibes, it’s hard as the elite break any positivity through their propaganda and constant doom and gloom, but remember we are free, we have free will, the tree’s the flowers, the animals and everything Inbetween consists of pure positive energy. Stay positive, and stay alert. They will try and break us, but they can only do so if we let them. Stay strong and good luck where ever your legacy in life takes you.
  2. Chewy1314


    shenachie = Seanchaí translates as ‘story teller’, An ancient name indeed, and this was how knowledge was passed down from generations. each clan had an appointed Seachaí (pronounced Shawn-she) who would then pass to the next. Normally this was the first male born of each family became the appointed one. Although not uncommon for females to be the appointed story teller, or Truth teller and continues to this day. the old alliance between Scotland and France is one of the oldest in history, and was formed mainly due to the King of England at the time wanting to rule over Christiandom which would have had all Christian taxes pass through england. Thus fund the English kings wars which he wanted to rage over Europe, but mainly over France. To this day England still don’t like the French and this was because the King Philip wouldn’t bend the knee to England, and thus France remained the favoured son of the Vatican for the crusades. (This was also why after the declaration of Arbroath 1320 ((which I believe your owndeclaration is based on)) scotland has a special relationship and status with Rome. The templars of Scotland were indeed prevelant, during the battle of bannockburn one of the most famous victories from Scotland over England where we were out numbered 4 to 1 and would have been the end of Scotland as we know it, there was Templars present, along with the bones of St Andrew, and the bones of St Columbus. Eventually the might force of England was beeten by laymen during the second day, and a second wave of attack. And i’m Talking about the stable boys, the cooks, the medics, the laymen and woman picked up what ever weapons the could find charged the fields and sent Edward homeward to think again. there are many hidden things within Scotland, many hidden symbols and myths surrounding this. And yes we invented some secret societies with honourable intention, but like many things greed, corruption, and power hungry individuals soon infiltrated it. Hence why the old governance of looking after the people (king of Scots) was always favoured. In fact before King Robert the Bruce became king, the people (after a 3 day battle with William Wallace who was fighting along side the sinclairs) proclaimed Wallace to be king - which Wallace refused, as Wallace at the time was trying to introduce Scotland to the HANSA federation. With the lubec letters in hand and ready to bring scotland into the HANSA fold, (which would have deemed all royalty illegal in Scotland, although the lay people would have done exstremely well with trade) was subsequently betrayed by a Scot, captured by the English then murdered without trial 3days later In england. Even after 700 years Wallace - the true Guardian of Scotland is celebrated and remembered by Scots and a hero, a rebel, and a man who stood up for the little men. Apologise for going off topic, however in the grand scheme of things, small snippets of history can potentially help fill gaps in the present, england sold its soul without question for “gold” Scotland was always more about free trade and ensuring everyone was looked after. Please and thank you we’re not as such recognisable words as if someone was hungry you fed them, cold you clothed them, homeless you bed them. And as such these words were Alien to us. Couple that with the legendary standing stones, the druids of old, and countless times that the Romans tried and failed to conquer us, and including the English no-one could even though they should have (bigger armies bigger weapons) we were smart, we were brave, our woman fearless ithe form of the Aicé. But the powerful energy of Scotland and the Scots ensured our land to remain unconquered at any time through history which I think people would agree was quite a feat in itself! as a Scottish / Irish Cruthinie the heritage of this land is sacramental and sacred. My island I used to stay on runs through a lay line if memory serves me correct, it is a very mystical place, and the only sad thing about all this, is that people have forgotten due to the likes of distraction via TV computers et al. However some of us -Modern day Guardians of Scotland, ensure that many will not forget, and we stand shoulder to shoulder in the line of Defense for Scotland. Called upon first to defend the sacred land.
  3. Chewy1314

    Acolyte Information

    I had no idea! Only just found out the news. Glad to have known and spoke to Acolyte and for this forum which has enlightened me over the last number of years. Such sad news, even after all these years... may the wind be always at your back and the rain fall soft on your field. Slainté Mhaith mo charrid
  4. Chewy1314


    Kmria, not so sure there is a direct link to Templars and the MacLeod of Scotland. However the interesting thing about Clan MacLeod is the fairy flag, which granted them 3 wishes, and has only been used twice in its history, with one wish still to be granted. This shawl still lays with the chieftain, there are many stories about the fairy flag - and legends of its arrival. King Robert the Bruce, was a crusader who after his death had his heart cut from his body and thrown into the midst of battle so he was always with his soldiers. None more so than the black Douglas who carried it around his neck in a casket. Many myths surround Scotland, as one of the oldest lands in the world it holds many treasures and truths. It is said the holy grail is in scotland, it is said that Jacobs pillow is the stone of destiny. Donald trump may have some Scots blood in his bpveins, but his actions aren’t pure Scots. You see Scotland has never been under anyone’s control, kings and queens of this land were king and queen of Scots / not Scotland (queen of England as opposed to queen of the English) An by pure Scots, is that as a Scot we inevitably look after each other in a very community based etho’s. We demand equality for all out with the elite. As the elite cannot specifically reach us. Our magic is strong within the land, the land is protected, we have special dominion with the Pope through independent recognition, this is because Scotland holds powers beyond our control, and they are safe guarded by The guardians of Scotland. The guardians of Scotland serve to protect the land and people from outside forces. As a guardian and a cruithine I can say that DT doesn’t carry Scots blood In the manner you think this is clear by the way he talks and acts, as a Scot your first duty is to protect at any cost the people of your land. While I know he is American and not Scottish - the Scottish rite of free masonry are also infiltrated with evil and now bend the knee to the draconian queens of England. Again a true Scot does not recognise a foreign queen, and those who do - do so with the knowledge that they are selling their soul for a handful of Gold (rabbit burns on the treaty of union 1707) the empire of Britain is a blite on Our Scottish heritage, we offer peace while they offer war. Putin favoured ascottish independence from the UK Donald trump stayed silent. Although as it stands DT is not welcome in this land due to his anti immigration policies and rhetoric but that’s another story, his association with Scotland via his mother is only there to provide him with heritage rather than knowledge.
  5. Chewy1314

    2013 - THE FUSE YEAR (Part Two)

    Many years have now pasted since the introduction of these posts and I wonder how people relate the thread to modern life as we perceive it at present? Have certain events come to pass? Or yet to happen? Any stand out events that confirm the original me tell u post? Has any mor info been disclosed or been discovered?
  6. Chewy1314


    Not sure if this is related, official reports were of a meteorite, however it does look more of a beam
  7. Super moon here in Scotland first time in 150 years

    1. unity


      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh helllloooooo Chewy!! Long time no see!! Sending an air bear hug to your way. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔσ”

    2. Chewy1314


      Hey Unity :) how are you? Been far to long, but hope you are well and that life has been kind to you!! Much love my friend x

  8. I'm just going to throw this one out there and see what happens and where it goes... Been thinking about life, Earth, universe and all things in between and beyond last wee while. I have always had a strong sense of spirituality in my life, but I ask to many questions for organised religion to answer, so like many I became a man of faith, over religion... Putting faith in human kind to do the right thing, while always believing in some form of higher being, higher self. I had originally put a big post with the photo above, but deleted it... So rather than wasting a thought, I think it would be best to write down what I thought of, when thinking about it... I watched a documentary not long after the planet dubbed Earth2 was discovered. The doc was about how man kind has been around for over 2 Billion years... To some this is staggering, to others it's common knowledge, and to some it's another piece to the puzzle. My mind is one big jigsaw, and trying to write it in order is difficult, so if I jump around I do apologise. In my youth I used to read the books that was about the unexplained things in the world... Like footprints beside dinosaur prints, pyramids, big foot, Nessie, space, etc etc... But funnily enough the one that always stuck in my mind was the footprint Beside the dinosaur prints, I was only around 8 or 9 and I liked dinosaurs so that's probably why I remembered that one the most... Fast forward 24 years or so, and you hear about life in this manner, lasting so long ...no big surprise... Just a confirmation of something that you had an incline towards. The documentary went on to say that even though we're 2 Billion years old, we have however had to re populate, after a near extinction level event... Each civilisation lived for 'X' amount of thousand years, (more or less) and then be it an ice age, meteorite, war... Some cataclysmic event reduced the population down to a level where we had to start again, With a lot of that in mind, and casting my mind back to the robot that was supposed to be found on the moon... I began thinking, well perhaps we have already been there before... (Hyrogliphics, ancient artwork, scriptures, etc) suggest in sort that we 'could' have... (Understandably many do believe this) But taking that we did get to the moon before, we could have left clues, or bases, or what ever, and we could have left a trace back on earth to "a secret book" containing all technology, knowledge that's far greater than our first beliefs, a book (i say book figuratively speaking to the meaning of great knowledge on all things) looked after by an elite group who has taken it upon themselves to preserve the book thus preserving the narrative of the human alien. (Assuming all aliens originated from a similar source, (dna structure) but adapting to the landscape around it.... Now thinking ahead - IF we already had the knowledge to go to Earth2 and per say we found 'life' on it, bringing it back to earth, showing some form of alien life.. IT (other creature) would be no different to looking at a new species found here on earth (assuming we haven't identified every living organism on earth) Or another way is a worm maybe a worm, but bigger on another planet dependent on gravity. Assuming gravity could play a part in the growth of native born species to its planet. In essence, we could have exceeded our own technological capabilities sometime in a past eon. The old myths and legends of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, even relating to Middle Earth could all be possible with this theory, or incase of the Bermuda triangle, it could have been some 'future' technology they learned which created some form of "portal" Its just that we haven't developed their technology for ourselves to be able to 'see it' It is possible that we have lived out a number of known civilisation on a mass scale more than just the once, in fact dozens of times if not more... The more I expand my mind to this, we could have at some point already reached the heights of interstellar travel, and perhaps, like the film interstellar, created our own 5D and higher dimensions. And from there, live in these dimensions... But that's a very centralised view, that all things related from the nasca lines, to the power of the pyramids on a global bases, to space travel, to the Bermuda Triangle, to Atlantis, is all a result of past civilisations in this manner, and might not have anything to do with the 'little green man' that has been stereotypically depicted as Aliens. That description could be a case of 'pointing over there' while running in the opposite direction. It seems relatively clear, or plausible based on this hypothetical analysis that it is all a result of the human race hitting a near death event then rebuilding a new society when the earth itself permits as such, (thaws out after an ice age, or meteorite, war etc...) It could explain the result in pyramids, and tesla re-created the pyramids to generate power based on the same principles as the pyramids, showing that they were built for a purpose on earth as opposed to anything else. Reverse technology could be a result in 'our future selfs' returning, and crashing on this (our civilisation time) planet after their time on this earth made them move in the first place to another planet I'm not sure if this makes sense, but once you get the just of the thinking its easy to follow that chain of thought as such about self preservation. I don't know how many of you watched the film interstellar or in fact liked it for that matter, but it certainly joined a few dots, in the sense... The gravitational pull, the black hole, and the communication between father and daughter... Living inside a dimension where time is everywhere at once, each moment captured, like a film reel that your holding in your hands. It's stationary, the reel, but once you put it through a projector it becomes life... To some degree the communication in the film reminded me a bit of the chani entity communication, could have been a human, in the same sort of time frame or non time existence Frame. Its an open ended thought built on probability... Plenty of room for disagreement or issues that dont add up. But for myself it perhaps took alot of stuff from the 'fantasy' 'mythological' and put it into the possibility bracket. As an artist i keep my imagination open to everything and anything, philosophically i like to ponder on such thoughts... But in essence it has alot to do with interconnected-ness, And if we learned the basic mistakes from past civilisations, we could have created the perfect society sometime in the futures past... Perhaps we did... And its them that have come back via However they can, (communication like chani, ufo, teleportation, inter stellar communication or whatever) to help. And it might be a case we already self populated at some point throughout this galaxy. EDIT *** correction, for life being around for 2 Billion years, instead of 2 Million years
  9. Inter connectedness... This is just a visual of a plan drawn up about sharing resources across the EU... It shows how from one nation to another, the energy can be pulled and shared. For some reason it reminded me of the inter connectedness of pyramids through-out the world...
  10. Chewy1314

    Nibiru at Neumayer 6/30/12

    What's the story with nibiru now a days, I thought that the story of the dwarf planet had subsided, yet I was reading a thread from a guy who is extremely worried (with all connotations regarding the planet that has been some of in the last couple of years) saying its this year that it's meant to 'appear' and be destructive etc etc.... I've read our posts on chani in the past, however is this guy just arriving late to the party or is there any truth in his assumption?
  11. Stumbled across this by accident.... It was the original video I watched a few years ago, although the upload date is 2014.... Interesting stuff none the less and worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.
  12. Chewy1314


    Are they Going home? Or to see what's happening up there... If the USA were warned off the moon, should we be watching this event with caution? assuming that "stuff" is happening up there, or is it a case, that the space program went Under ground, because the people would be up in arms against billions getting spent on space When so much poverty is on the streets? (Watched interstellar the other night, and a lot of the film resonated)
  13. Chewy1314

    Bermuda Triangle

    Interesting stuff, I wonder if it's some type of earthly black hole... (Portal as mentioned using another term) Or bubbles of negative energy popping, opening a black hole / portal for a length of time... I've seen other explanations used over the years, although if we were to reference certain events recorded with the Bermuda Triangle, then a portal, or black hole could be a possibility worth examining. The difficulty we have is when the pyramids on a global scale were in "production" or in use, or active... The triangle in general could be translated to its own pyramid, having the true knowledge of how the pyramids linked and operated together would be key to unlocking an era of time that inevitably would no doubt ask more questions than solve. Thinking outside the box, we have polarities positive and negative, North and South... do we have natural exits and entries to earth, or would it all be done via what's known as stargates, wondering if this is a natural exit from our gravity zone...
  14. The original video has been removed, so unable to fully comment, however if we are to believe that the pyramids were in fact power stations as opposed to tombs then that might help a little to explain why there is static charge, and as nexus pointed out, if asteroids carry a static charge then it all follows a chain of thought a little
  15. Lovely video that one 12:12. Think I've heard it somewhere before right enough!! Jessica, great to hear your mum has the radio on all the time, it was in that respect that I was meaning about music, it was more for your mother, and for 12:12 father. As it helped my own father very much during his illness (sorry I should have made that clear) also you should try coconut milk, it's meant to have healing properties within it for Dementia sufferers. I never had the chance to try this myself, as I only found out about the dementia, alzimers diet after my father past, but every little helps... Also one to try is the classical Aundrie Rieu, it has great responses from sufferers for the terrible disease, it as you can guess doesn't cure anything, but anything to make things a little more comfortable is all the better, my own father at the end, could do very little for himself, if anything at all, but the music always seemed to lift his spirit. He stopped talking, couldn't feed himself, and that was only the start of it, but we done our best, because the love was always there. A bit like yourself Jess, I prefer to have silence when thinking about things, or when working on certain things for the same reasons, but I must admit I do love my folk music it's one of the few things that originated from the dawn of time, and still can be enjoyed today, for free, and you are correct 12:12 it does have holistic energy's around it.