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  1. Onlypureluck

    Brain Gain...... a bit of fun

    Nice one Phillipbbg. Found that a lot easier than I thought it would be.
  2. Onlypureluck


    Hope they get some relief soon, try not to use codine etc as you get really nasty rebound headaches when you try not to take the tablets.
  3. Onlypureluck

    Some interesting things!!!!

    Re: hitler in Argentina. if you can, read Grey wolf by dunstan and Williams details how they believe hitler etc escaped germany. Very interesting read makes lots of sense to me.
  4. Thanks for the info cheetah9, much appreciated. I hadn't seen this before will watch out for it now.
  5. Onlypureluck

    A Short Neurological Test

    Scored 39, so that makes me very special. Lol :P
  6. What did you think of the Phoenix combined with the song we can rule the world by take that! During the closing ceremony?
  7. Partial quote from chewy1314, "Maybe justa shift of power" Do you mean boris really will become PM. At least he would be interesting.
  8. Onlypureluck

    A Short Neurological Test

    If being able to pass the tests and read the paragraphs means I'm strange I can live with that, it's what some of the people around me think anyway.
  9. Can't get my phone to recognise it as qr code, maybe it needs to be printed or reversed first?
  10. Can see where your coming from narnug, first bit reminds me of classic genie coming out of the bottle using "magic" to create things
  11. Are any of these problems linked to the large cme's that have been happening recently, or do you think that's just coincidence?
  12. Onlypureluck

    Reddwolf is now a new forum Mod - congrats

    Congrats on the mod post reddwolf
  13. Onlypureluck

    PLEASE READ - Major Server Attack on Chani

    If only you could work out which post, that would speak volumes.
  14. Onlypureluck

    Wooo What happened?? 9 days missing too

    Oh well back to the future again lol. If there is 9 days missing, does that mean this is new time line :P