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  1. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Was one of my favorite shows. I love what the writers tried to do, and the back story is amazing regarding all the white boards etc that they tried to interconnect pretty much every conspiracy there is! Makes you wonder Unity about all the other shows that got too close, or shone a light on something 'they' didn't want exposed. Defying Gravity comes to mind.
  2. Breezy.. (3) sided pyramid. Power source, once they shoot it down or reverse engineer it? Actually, from memory, the quote is just that a 3 sided pyramid (tetrahedron) will enable a new power. Something to that effect.
  3. JammerAAP

    Circuit Boards of the Gods...

    Maybe designed to illicit a response from the right folk? A trigger.
  4. JammerAAP

    Circuit Boards of the Gods...

    I wonder RS if we are being shown a past, current or future veil? Maybe its a rub between zones? Fascinating stuff.
  5. JammerAAP

    The BEZERK Continuation thread on TCP

    Whether the array the Chinese turned on was the Great Wall (actual) or Great Wall Antarctic base, or both, the later as a booster, it switched on a specific life form that responded and started to do it's thing. On the Bezerk thread, it seemed to work within the oil reserves and pipelines and used the leaking oils to work within. There have been many threads on other monuments becoming active since that time. With all that was going on with the original thread, not a lot of discussion was had on the ancient monument side of things. Could it be that whilst some were designed as on switches, others might have been designed as nullifiers? Mechanisms to block signals? Over time, with the exacting geometries being slowly destroyed and repurposed in cities, could their productivity have been compromised? Could this have been the key factor in the Great Wall array receiving the signal and passing it on? That so many nullifiers were either in disrepair, or just gone. A critical low end mass was reached allowing a signal past. So with the activation, and so many of these regions rich in oil, all interconnected beneath the ground, and above ground, and for that matter saturated by oil across the world, would it be difficult for the activated sentience to make its way to all the facilities that would ordinarily be used to nullify it's method of communication, both internally on Earth, but back to the heavens also via splash zones of mass congregation. That this so-called (I have never liked the term) black goo is now showing up on/in/around many ancient sites says to me 'it' is trying to destroy said site, or take it over and re purpose it for its own use. That so many wars are taking place in the ancient world might also be a tell. Aco did say that the Giza pyramids were pillaged by military forces during the Arab Spring controlled events. What was taken? I dont begrudge any of these youtubers going there and mentioning the black goo, but it would be nice if they did just a whisker more research on the subject or a little more thinking other than re gurgitationg what has been around since Aco spilled the beans. Yes, it's an ongoing release, all be it permanently stalled, but come on RRRs and kindred folk .... give em more breadcrumbs to follow! PS - did you read that China has made a massive 'public' array bigger than NYC apparently. Does that make three now? or do they all link up as one big tool?
  6. Merry Christmas Chanites. All the best from OZ.

    1. breezy


      Thank You JammerAAP, and a Merry Christmas to you, and all our Aussie friends.  You got there before us, but we're on the way. 

  7. So time to see who is buddying up with whome. We could never have seen Trump as pres back then, nor his introverted policies. Looking more and more likely that a coup will occur? USNI to initiate it?
  8. Pretty sure its only the one closed Bree, and (6) online cams closed. Easy to do that, especially if you want plausible deniability with a DOS attack.
  9. An observatory and post office close abruptly, a blackhawk helicopter, people working on antennas, FBI silence...what's going on in Sunspot? https://news.sky.com/story/mystery-closure-of-observatory-and-fbi-presence-in-sunspot-new-mexico-11496171 So that's the headline buzzing across the CT world. At first glance, the closure of a solar observatory immediately directs you to think it must have been something they were seeing on or around the sun. Right? A few have speculated it was a bomb threat or some imbecile who made a threat to the site. The site is quite large, and has shops, a post office and housing all around it btw, so when they say the post office was also closed, it isnt such a big thing as it is right next door. So while we're all looking up, and at the sun, and speculating about wormholes, UFOs and Nibiru, I personally think what is occuring is a slide of hand, as old as the book. Make em look up when you dont want them looking down. The observatory at Sunspot used to be a USAF facility, and slowly they have decommissioned their presence until today it is a civilian project. It is quite high up, and sits atop a small mountain range, far away from population. It also within eyeshot of Holloman AFB, and White Sands, and was used as an observation platform, for radar, communications, remote control, and filming at both facilities. So my thinking is that whilst they are stirring the sunspots and fanning the Nibiru flames, they are hiding and obfuscating an event or upcoming event at either of these bases. The FBI arrived after the CEO called them regarding something they had observed. Again, nothing was said about something they observed through the scopes, and likely nothing will. The CEO also states she doesnt know why they closed the facility, evacuated the staff, the post office and the living cabins and cordoned off the road to the hill. But I bet it's because she reported something that had ramifications to a secret project, or clandestine operation. Might just be a test of a secret aircraft. Might actually be a UFO?!!! who knows. A blackhawk helicopter was seen at the site. This likely came directly from Holloman AFB or Whitesands, but military has no jurasdiction at a civilian facility, and local law enforcement doesnt have the power to close the whole mountain down, so FBI is the perfect and required response team. That they climbed all over the towers there tells me they were either getting abetter vantage point, or they were looking at either antena pick ups or CCTV cameras mounted up there, and were getting rid of them as they did at the Pentagon on 911. Typical MOO. Sunspot wasnt the only observatory taken down on the day. So were many online feeds and sites around the world. But they were online, and easy enough to take down with a denial of service or something to that effect. One was here in NSW. But I think these were taken down to strengthen the idea of something screwey was happening with the Sun, or something was being observed near the sun. Plausible deniability was being created by taking down the other feeds. I havent found any evidence of an actual facility being closed by any nation's police force, only online feeds. So what do you think? Still looking up? My money is on something interesting at Holloman or White Sands over this past week and near future.
  10. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Couldnt agree more Bree. We just dont need it! If you look at the why, pretty much every scenario is bad or counter productive to humanity. Heck I havent seen any films made about it that shows a happy ending? Maybe Bicentenial Man, but that would be the exception. I'm no Ludite, but we just dont need all this tech, and you're correct, in that everything is becomming smart this and smart that, even a bloody washing machine! It's that interconnectivity between these devices that is so worrisome to me. The missing link would be nano IMHO, and once that is infected into all things living, then what freedoms are left? The folks perpetrating all this will know everything we do. Elon has driverless cars, and that has paved the way for AI too, dont forget. I will never get into a driverless car! And back to that interview, what a beat up. If you watch it, as you suggested, there is no issue. Just a couple of dudes with cigars and scotches having a good yarn.
  11. Never knew about 'night mode' [quickly opens Google Earth, hee hee heee!!!]
  12. Hi Bree, you were right, it just took a while for the internet to spark up again regarding 911. There has been a tonne of stuff discussed across many sites now, including some new perspectives from unlikely sources. Hope you are having a good day!

    1. breezy


      Yes, and there are other things in  play also from here and there, to bring more interest, as you said.  Thank you for your wishes for a good day. Returned to you as well.  

  13. Really amazed at the lack of 911 discussion and follow up across the net today. Has everyone given up? Still raw in my mind, and wrong, just so wrong - it reeks of it.

    1. breezy


      Trust me Jammer, no one has forgotten, and everyone knows what they were doing when they first heard.  I have to believe that the day of truth will come.

    2. JammerAAP


      I hope so too Bree. Just to see that raw nerve exposed, and those who perpetrated this out in the open will I am sure create a domino effect, and liberate this planet.

  14. Maybe another thing to consider is that the ONLY way to make a server safe from hacking, or a hack in progress, is to disconnect it and turn it off. Cant hack a dead lump of silicone. They may have picked up on a back door hack in progress, and closed off any mechanisms for redirection.
  15. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Sometimes I think we think too small Unity, and it makes us not even 'go there' as a result. Yet, when we see a star destroyer in Starwars, or a super star destroyer, Snoke's ship or the death star, we go wow! But that's in the movies, on a screen, so we cant really imagine what it would be like to see a ship larger that an entire shopping centre. 67P looks likely to be a ship, eh. Complete with docking bay leading inside. Dont know about the claw idea.... Cool find!