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    Credo quia absurdum
  1. I have RH-, what exactly do you think this means? Thanks for your story.
  2. Daikirai

    I have found physical remains of a UFO

    Getting a bit tired of this. Don't like the subject? Don't bother posting! No need to state the obvious time after time.
  3. Daikirai

    I have found physical remains of a UFO

    And show us more please!
  4. Thanks for all the interesting input! Want to share this new vid linking this & Elenin together: Another nice detail:
  5. Amazing stuff. Cant wait till I get into one of those prgrams.
  6. Yes it should be. I think, from that point on, we should start looking for WHAT is being said, instead of who's saying it, why.. etc etc. PS, post #1000
  7. New video about Obama being the Antichrist. Announced by this speech. http://video.godlikeproductions.com/video/Sackcloth_and_ampAshes911EMERGENCY_BROADCAST_False_MessiahSon_of_Perdition_Declares_he_is_GOD?id=0b34c3b22d2ec1618ca
  8. Well, perhaps you have, before you were.. *tum tum tuduuuummm*
  9. McDonalds was the first (no surprise) with this idea. Some link on it: http://www.avantnews.com/news/33186-mcdonalds-to-open-first-lunar-franchise
  10. Heidi, thank you for this great thread! & offcourse the other posters! I've seen many of them, but were lost in time. Many of them I havent seen and I will gladly watch them in my snuggies.
  11. Daikirai

    new Doco looks good

    Amazing! Do you mean mainstream movie? I will gladly help.
  12. 14:00 GMT is about 5 hours from now, right?