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  1. You bring up multiple salient points here IM that could be worth further discussion. Recently I spoke with Breezy along the same lines, that could it be that the entity was Aco communicating from the hereafter? Think about it, he was very much attached to the folks here and to the preservation of this site and he was very much connected to the disemmination of the data gathered. It was always a priority for the entity to check with the elders on matters of corrections, authority to disclose or further clarify a matter. This seems plausible as the subjects breached were maliable in spacetime. Moreover, who would you attempt to contact and by what means had you the opportunity to do so from the hereafter? Aco was well versed in the operations at the synchrotron and who better to connect with but yourself? Illusions come in different flavors. What I mean by that is that it is often the observer that conjures the illusion and predicates his version which in turn causes confusion as to perceived memories. Then deeper down the rabbit hole we find a level of illusion designed to deliberately deceive and this is manipulated by dark forces, to which all of us consort to some degree, with constraint.
  2. This is knockout stuff imo, in depth and worthy of deep thought and ponderings. http://crystalinks.com/reality.html And a side link.. http://crystalinks.com/fabricofthecosmos.html A perpetual hologram??? Every since I was a young boy I played the silver balls, wait that's not it, or maybe it is, this is getting weird. Become part of the machine, plays by intuition...deaf, dumb and blind! Is this me..or you, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, and yet everything we hear, see and say is tainted with deception, lies and inaccuracy. When I was a young boy I began to see the truth hidden in what people would say or do and had many ventures into the astral which eventually led me to study hypnosis and indeed, become quite proficient as a teenage hypnotist. It was all in fun until one day that caused me to immediately abandon the practice and carefully examine what had just occurred. I was like yesterday in my mind, it had deep resonating overtones that I can now see were demonic. Remember that the hypnotist removes the freewill of the subject and become the conscience (to a degree) thereby superceding the individuals sovereign right to choose. This particular session involved a friend (14yo) who was very susceptable to deep trance and post hypnotic suggestion. I (get that..me), I was bored with the usual antics I made my subects perform to get a laugh and the thought crossed my evil conniving teenage mind that I could go a little deeper and see what happens. What happened I did not expect and I have vowed to never dabble in hypnosis ever since. Before I explain the events of that day, I say this, that it is possible that because of this path and study I found the Bible and understand why it wards off true followers from experimenting or partaking in the esoteric arts. That is everything from hypnosis to tarot, astrology, runes etc, and it is simply expressed in these words. Know Me, I AM here. Seek not to know the future, Mercifully I veil it from you. Faith is too priceless a possession to be sacrificed in order to purchase knowledge. But Faith itself is based on a knowledge of Me. So remember that this evening time is not to learn the future, not to receive revelation of the unseen but to gain an intimate knowledge of Me, which will teach you all things and be the very foundation of your faith. ^^The Me is Jesus, the you is all of us. (From a book 'God Calling' March 24) I had my friend Greg in a deep trance and decided to wake him with a post hypnotic suggestion that, now on reflection, came to me like it was deja vu, like I had to follow suit else I was to renege on myself, or my path or it was simply pre ordained <full stop>. So I made the suggestion that he would have no recollection of his younger brother who happened to be playing in the yard with my own younger brother. I 'woke' him and we ventured out into the yard. I will say at this point that I was in the habit of using a keyword to bring a subject out of the post hypnotic state and back to 'normal'. Immediately Greg saw his brother I saw a huge change come over his demeanor, he was a pleasant sort of a chap and rarely did I see him angry, but he began to literally fume. He asked me gruffly, "Who is that kid?" pointing to his brother, I played along with the farce and said "oh some kid from down the street" , at which he said, "well he's not welcome here" and went over, picked him up above his head and threw his brother across the yard. The young brother (about 7yo ) did not know what hit him and ran off crying while I was so stunned I had forgotten the keyword. As I became more agitated at not being in control of the situation, Greg also was becoming more agressive. Fortunately I remembered the word which immediately bought him out of his rage. On reflection, hypnosis is powerful, it has the ability to lock out reality and including that of love. This has immense impact on the conscience as it struggles to free itself from the coils of possession. That is right, I possessed Gregs will that day and his love for his brother fought best it could, to overcome the conflict. NEVER AGAIN!!! Forces, all about you and everywhere in this world. To not become deluded it is, I believe, essential to lock into those words above as I feel that soon only the elect stand a chance at distinguishing the truth from the verdant lies.
  3. To paraphrase one of my favorite sci-fi shows opening title.. Reality..the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Gaia, it's final mission to explore new consciousness, to seek out new life and paradigms, to boldly go onto a Promised Land of divine enlightenment. Spooky music ensues. I feel we are at the precipice of a huge leap in understanding, not only the physical embodiment of the universe but of the greater scheme as to why it all came to be the way it seems...if you catch my drift. None of this is real, not the chair you are sitting on, not the building surrounding you, not the computer in front of you nor the information it contains. This whole construct is a conscious manifestation of time. One hundred years ago, the chair, building, computer and indeed you, did not exist yet the space they occupy is unchanged..or is it? It appears that three dimensional space is altering in accordance with time. It is time that dictates the fabric of space and time itself possesses duality being both linear and cyclic. I don't know if this has been posted here but it sheds light on the infinity of illusion and vice-versa including the subtle Mandela effect. Worth the read imo. http://humansarefree.com/2013/01/science-strange-computer-code.html In my miniscule existence (or not), I see only One Truth to REALITY, that being one of the most esoteric quantities known, Love
  4. Oh that plane, like the other plane and the other plane and those planes back then which weren't planes at all. This is a world controlled by individuals who are infested with demons. Full of deceit and trickery, they are out to destroy the world from the inside. Will they win? It will seem so, but then a greater force sweeps these wretched souls into the abyss. Do you think this is all a fairy tale? Have we not been told to expect 'false gifts' and 'broken promises'? Do you 'OPpose Deception'?
  5. Xtal

    Medicine Rattle Teachings

    After watching your video I feel compelled to reply. Firstly, kudos for exposing yourself to the multitudes without fear of ridicule, that there is Courage! Then there is the scheme of communication, indeed the ONLY channel open to us for true, meaningful and sincere connection to our higher selves/ Godhead. That is Meditation/ Prayer Next is the message, here we see a wrongdoing to another sovereign soul and remorse on the part of someone who was 'pressured' to take part. Such remorse is rewarded with Forgiveness. In all, I see a need to press into faith which in itself endows one with all of the above and divine protection/ guidance to boot. Thank you for this video, I hope what I have said compliments your intentions. "I had to explore the light and dark to see the sharp and flat, there's a hundred or more good reasons not to ever turn your back...stay with it!"
  6. Xtal

    The Black Pope

    Named after St. Francis of Assisi, who proclaimed this near to his death. "At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death." http://www.novusordowatch.org/francis.htm
  7. This explains the concept of every thing being no thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inWnhZp_A-M
  8. Exciting watching America turn on itself like a rabid dog. There will be no election! He has contracted distemper from Boo or was it Pistol, idk, lucky he caught it before it spread. He is such a mad hatter, so full of remorse to never let insolence get in the way. What plane?
  9. Xtal

    JIM STONE .. Interesting News

    Could it be that an Israeli missile bought down the EgyptAir flight? It is not impractical that a missile could mistake a commercial airliner as the target, I mean it has happened in the past. It would explain why there was no mayday call, why the tracking showed wild spinning and why there is feeble attempts to display 'wreckage'.
  10. Xtal


    Arch enemies Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and then along comes Barrack Hussein Obama, cool talking, tall walking Baz and a Nobel laureate to boot. If you have read the book 'Left Behind' (LaHaye/ Jenkins) you will recognise that the character Nicolae Carpathia bears an uncanny likeness. I was seven when JFK was assasinated and when I heard the news I knew, even as a child, that something was 'fishy'. Now I see video of his 'secret society' speech and see that he was dispensible and was murdered by his own compatriots. 9/11 same smell, the moment I saw Andrew Card whisper in Bushs' ear during the reading of My Pet Goat (possibly the same moment that spurred I Pet Goat II), alarm bells rang...he knew, he is complicit, he is a liar and he will come unstuck as will all those destroying the Earth. Deception abounds and most of us can still see the trees and indeed the forest quite clearly.
  11. Xtal

    JIM STONE .. Interesting News

    Why oh why in this age of smartass everything is there not telemetry, voice and cockpit video streamed out live? That would make blackboxes obsolete or am I overlooking something?
  12. Xtal

    Vatican Updates

    I was reading through this thread and found this post by Mulva an interesting conundrum. Was Judas Iscariot a willing participant in his role to betray Jesus and thereby enable The Passion? I mean, he was one of the diciples and of the inner circle and present at the Last Supper whereupon Jesus stared him down...without looking. Had Judas decided to remained silent and not given Him up, there would have been no trial and subsequent Salvation offered for all mankind. Like actors in a Shakesperian tragedy, unless they stick to the script, it just ain't cricket. For some time I followed the writings/ messages of a woman called Maria Divine Mercy, who purported to be a channel and posted messages regularly on her site. I analysed many trying to find faults/ inconsistencies or contradictions to scripture and found none. Several of the messages were indicating that an apostasy was taking place behind closed doors and the objective was to force the resignation of Benedict XVI and replace him with an imposter. Indeed, one message stating this succintly was posted one year to the day of his announcement to abdicate the position of Vicar of Christ. It seems that, like Judas, Jorge may be a necessary part of a bigger picture and may himself be deluded into thinking he is the main man when he is nothing more than a whore hey from Argentina.
  13. Xtal


    Just found out that the 22-05-2016 on the Hebrew calender is lyar14 or the second Passover. That is when unclean souls (the vast majority) should celebrate Passover and keep 'awake' / watch for the destroyer.
  14. Xtal


    A very bright fireball was observed over the Northeastern US at around 04:50 UTC on May 17, 2016. The event lasted between 3 and 8 seconds and was accompanied by fragmentation and sonic boom. The American Meteor Society received 144 reports by 09:30 UTC. The fireball was seen primarily from Maine, but witnesses from Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ontario, Canada and Québec, Canada also reported the event. People from Maine said their homes shook from the blast. http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2016/05/17/very-large-fireball-over-northeastern-us-ground-shaking-reported/
  15. Xtal


    Thank you all for your welcome to site and thanks for the Aco hug there Jessica, it means a lot to me. He was a warm and considerate man with great knowledge and insight and here (this site) is his legacy. Vale Chris. Breezy, the reference I was making regarding the video '88 Paradox' was not so much in relation to the Oroborus (a good catch though) but to the fact that it is generally recognised as the clashing of timelines. The very next poster on the 'me tel u' thread was 88@@, which is uncanny considering the post by Rasto had contained an exact date (day,month,year) of the appearance of the cosmicsonicboom. That date was given as 21-05-2016...a few days away. It seems that this date has other implications (possible real Mayan reset date) and if you read the next page (531) there is a post by Sobriquet that also demonstrates how this date (this year) is Pesach Sheni (second passover) on the Hebrew calender. Then at the top of page 538 Rasto makes a very astute observation regarding fine tuning of date and time. It is my own personal opinion that we are at the crossroads of time and that celestial events this year will open our eyes to the importance of being earnest..so to speak. I believe that the planet, on its present timeline, is reeling under the pressure and as a result, will vent and let off steam. I feel that at this time chaos reigns and a great deception is presented as a path to enlightenment but in reality, it is a timelocked vortex, totally inescapable. However, there is more to the story and this is where the neutrinos play an important role in the clashing of timelines partially indicated by the planets increased resonance of which many are feeling diverse effects at present.