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    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    I agree to the points you have made from Clash and Wrath of Titans, but didn't is require a god to destroy titans?
  2. Kiroji.V

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    I presume many of you would not have understood what i was asking about. In Transformers: Age of Extinction, scientist created a metal that can change its form within the user's command, in other terms, it meant that it can be programmable. Now, looking back at the 'Black Goo & Programmable matter' topic, we can associate the two together and assume that they could possibly be the same thing, but in different forms.
  3. Kiroji.V

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    I was wondering, how is this material going to be stabilized, once you come in contact with it? would it have a way to read your brain like in 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'? Or, will it damage and potentially break our body?
  4. Kiroji.V

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    This is a rather interesting topic (in my opinion) since programmable matter was considered impossible, since you would need a way to link that matter to your brain. If this 'programmable matter' can link to your brain in some sort of way, would you think that this matter can be used as a weapon?