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    Enjoying LIFE, being happy, learning, teaching, anything that "the norm" hides away from I love to explore and enjoy. My "awakening" occurred in 2007: since then I have published books and continue to write exploring the known within that society thinks is unknown.
    "The true spectrum of Life is often beyond our grasp of the way we think of it." -John Steinbauer, The Infinite Dream

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  1. Hoping your day of mischief and amazing moments was terrific Cosmic Dreamer!
  2. Or simply Foopengerkle; to change and for the ones that haven't; wake up and join the ones that have! Blessings and happiness, Take care!
  3. 12:12

    Out of the Mouths of Babe's

    Sorry not on much lately Chanties! This thread Jessica and breezy is outstanding. I worked with children for nine years and most importantly I witnessed some mind altering and soul energy transformations. I had so many that would rise their vibrations and question the system but more eloquently share their gifts with me when we had more in depth discussions about life here. Each one I spoke with would bring my awareness to my heart helping me see that wonderful gifts within myself; just buried deep within that now is finally surfacing. That's why it was so difficult teaching when you knew as most educators do that this way of old sterile; plain vial way of thought and information is not where we should be allowing ourselves to be. I used to say we are all teachers and students. Another layer gone on my excursion here; we are all students; it's time we learn the valuable lessons these bright minds, energetic hearts and pure light souls have to offer us. We love here to place names on everything; these children would be defined as Crystals, Rainbows or Indigo children; depending on the source. Who cares the name; it's time to stop the cycle and learn this most valuable lesson about ourselves...we are to from this heavenly realm beyond the borders of yesterday, a new opening has occurred...it's time to walk through it! Please keep this knowledge going here on Chani forum! I know most here love the conspiracy; I know all of us here are doing there best to create a better world. This is truly how to do this. This is the opening we have been waiting for: all of us from the young to the elders; from earths perspective (each element) through the constellations of what most believe is our true home. This is our window of chance; it's time to rise together and create this world we know is just just beyond the ever thinning layer of illusion and the true awakening that is right around the corner! Listen to your heart. Your intuition lies there ready to take you by the hand to finally see like you never have before. Stop the debate; go within and you will know like these children do; it's all within your heart that opens this doorway for us all. Great videos Jessica and breezy! Hats off to you both! Keep doing what you're dear friends! It's combining all our paths and knowledge; opening that learning curve not just on an upward projectory; but out beyond where we are stuck now. It will happen! It will. Love you guys! ps. I have many family members that are opening this knowledge for me and our family members and world. It's time to not just listen; but ask questions. My grandson is just starting to talk; he has pointed to the moon for a very long time; I decided to ask him where he was from; he pointed the moon and grabbed my face and said "there". My niece when my father was passing on; about a month before doimg so, she was visiting and looked into my fathers eyes and said "you're almost ready to go"; "I'll be there for you helping you get where you're needing to go." Her brother touched my fathers head with two hands and smiled; telling my Dad; "I'm giving you some of my energy to help you along the journey you're going on." I asked them afterwords; how do you know? They both giggled and said "you know too, you have for a while, you just forgot to listen". I asked them where they're from; they laughed and said, "the same place as you"; I said, "where is that", they said; "you'll know soon, you just forgot". Have a wonderful day!
  4. @jessica and breezy; I have come to find out by my own intuition as well as many I have come across here in one of the most spiritual vibratory and higher energy places I have ever come acrossed. In fact, when I arrived here, the first three days being highly empathic; I wrote breezy how I wanted to go home. The energy was that intense. Back to the subject at hand; there is something unraveling with all sectors of thoughts and teachings that will arrive full circle soon. I feel that major thing still as Jessica does in 2017. But with that said; the creators/co-creators have the wool so to speak over our eyes. What keeps coming to me within; we are still on the energy spectrum of "individuality" going within for our own answers. My notion is in 2017 we all "consciously" find our answers as one. What does that refer to? Only the moments ahead will unravel that amazing secret; what a monumental time that will be. Personally for me I feel extremely upbeat for that time! Hope everyone is doing great! Blessings to you and your families!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your day with me Foopengerkle. It's wonderful to have a brother you can look up too and share so much love with. You have family all over like me. My sister lives in NYC now, but moving too Israel. My other sister lives in Florida and my brother up north in Michigan. It's nice to enjoy family when you can; especially when they're close to you. I'm excited about my trip; funny you wrote about my Dad being proud of me. My Dad was in my dream; sitting next to me in my car and said that exact same thing. Very cool! Just wanted to add, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia are all wonderful places! Have been to each state. Also I should add Texas! My sister used to live in Austin. Hope you have a very good day. Today I cried quite a bit, my Mom and I visited my Dad's site and spoke to him. I also on a more enjoyable side; took my Mom to dinner and a movie. Zootopia was a cool movie; good message! We also rented a movie; Tomorrowland, she hadn't seen it yet...she loved it! Enjoy your weekend and have a terrific Friday! Namaste, 12:12
  6. Since this thread was started by the one and only Acoloyte; I wanted to continue what he inspired us to do here. Tell about our day, plans, what's going on and what was on your mind and even in your heart. The day is starting out very good; tired though, definitely need more sleep. It's raining here, but mild and no big weather events. My plans; I'm moving soon across this wondeful land thousands of miles away. I have spoken this to many; my heart is in New York, but my soul has been calling me for sometime now to Arizona. Since my Dad's passing; I decided to truly take a leap of trust and faith and let go of the rest of my past. Not easy to do, but I truly see the bigger picture now and eager to start this wonderful new adventure! My Dad has come to me from time to time; excited for my new journey; simply put he's very proud. My Mom; she has many choices and so much support here; friends, family and neighbors. She also has been invited to move where I'm going, my sister invited her where she lives as did my youngest sister where she resides. What's going on...peace for me, calm, flow and love. It's one thing when I used to enter that realm and get my feet wet so to speak and another when I finally just jumped in and realized why didn't I do this all along...simply put the water is wondeful! On my mind there is here and now; I create, instead of my thoughts taking over the emotional montage of feelings that used to happen. In my heart; I'm thankful for being here right now writing on this forum, saying hello to all of you and sending you and your families and friends a big hello, hug and prayers that you to have found that peace, flow and love! I was speaking with breezy about the crazy energy a while back; thankfully that has calmed so far this month. It almost seems that every other month; it's intense and the next month it's a rest period. I hope that's the same for you. Alright, hope everyone is enjoying their night or day: have fun, laugh, expereince something new and keep your head up, heart open and mind clear! Thanks for reading Chani's!!! Namaste
  7. @breezy and Jessica; maybe because time is a huge loop and everything is simply recycled, formatted differently, wrapped and served up on a big platter of the same ol same ol! We know everything is speeding up (breezy we spoke of this); but in all reality...history has shown us the script and characters change; but everything stays the same until something major affects the wave of energies that is soon ahead (that ripple affect) is the end cycle. Hope you both and everyone is having a outstanding day and new week; oh breezy, it's Monday again...LOL
  8. 12:12


    @Jessica; if you look at the end of the video and she is asking someone to be there to see if the video they're showing is real? If you notice it; it's a time loop. Watch it carefully; you will notice the video at the park. Have a very good rest of your week.
  9. 12:12

    Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

    @breezy, hello-how are you? What an interesting visual of the moon and the wave. My notion when watching this is; our vibration is changing so rapidly now that the new technology we use is now actually catching these vibrations that are and affect everything as we move into a higher state of reality, vibration and energy level. As it has been so far to most I know; the energy of April has come like waves in an ocean. What do you think breezy?
  10. 12:12

    Planetary appearance

    @breezy and unity; thanks for the wonderful posts. It could be also the view finder is showing a glimpse of the object (planet, ship or anomaly) but can't pick it up because it's moving fast? Thank you for answering my questions; enjoy your new week and Monday! Try to keep your energy up and stay positive!
  11. 12:12

    Planetary appearance

    Very interesting breezy indeed. My question though is...if this is Nibru or a planet, why would it be transparent? You can see the stars through the object. Plus the object is there then gone in the later frames. Other than that; it does bring up a lot of questions. Thanks for posting; also thanks Jessica for your post as well. It would be nice to find out if it's now 27 million years. As we both wrote about breezy; everything is connected. Have a terrific weekend everyone!
  12. 12:12

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    Sorry Jessica, just read you answered kandescent's question. Have a terrific weekend!
  13. 12:12

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    @kandescent; there are many including prophecies of Japen sinking into the ocean. As there have been California splitting in two. Have an outstanding weekend.
  14. 12:12

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    @breezy, I have heard this from all walks of life here; elderly, young kids, professionals, students, ones that don't talk about this kind of stuff, to everyone in between. You're welcome for the kind words breezy; we are all going through this together. This is what we should be talking about more. It's so weird (funny) how most won't speak of this phenomenon; but expereince alone. I do agree they are downgrading everything right now; everything is definitely connected. It's weird I only remember two days a week; the others are a blur to me. It's always Monday and either Wednesday or Saturday. Everything is speeding up and escalating. But I have come to my own conclusion. I watched the movie Tomorrow Land; good movie by the way, the message at the end rang true to me on so many deep levels. Like a light bulb becoming brighter and brighter. The message was very simple; us humans "think" so poorly of ourselves, others, the world in general, we don't trust, we deceive and we love when it's good for us but not all the time. While doing this we have placed a heavy burden; energy, vibratory and conditioned our minds that most things here are not good. We basically have started the ticking of our own clock to total destruction. Now science itself has jumped on board with this too; as with the eastern philosophies of "what you think, you become". Well why can't it be "what we think, we become". I had a vision many years ago and another one similar came last night. If we would just change the way we thought; changing the scales to positive...the earth and us as a world family would do the same. The dream was simple; if we don't...as you wrote breezy; you feel as most do there is something huge on the horizon that won't be good. I believe as I have now for a very long time; we are in OT; the shift is about the close as well as the end shift here on earth... breezy's also wrote she is not worried; she believes she is where she is suppose to be when all hell breaks lose. That's the true message. There is nothing ever to worry about. We are eternal spiritual beings. When it's our time; it's our time. But just possibly; what if it's really that simple. Just LOVE your thoughts, LOVE your body, LOVE your life, LOVE your family and friends, LOVE everyone, LOVE nature, LOVE others who might have wronged you and so on. Simply just LOVE. LOVE NOW. I am a realists; there are those you don't like at times, even yourself at times or even a situation or even work or having to go to somewhere you don't like and so on. But there is a fine line between love and hate. Not liking something is totally different; which is fine. But we as well as I have; we either love it or hate it. Energy attracts energy. How about trying (at least trying) to love every moment and all and your thoughts and maybe just maybe this will turn the scales to peace, calm, freedom, flow and everything finally working together, opening that portal for us all, including earth entering that higher dimension. breezy, I hope you have an outstanding weekend. Thanks for sharing; I hope more of us do! Namaste, 12:12