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  1. pal

    NIBURU the topic is hotting up!

    This is something the same that wendy and i seen on the way home last sept. at sunset in , center of alberta canada, so we have not seen this again ! this is something THEY are mucking with??
  2. The poor mans doctor, HOME made Sauerkrut made with cabbage !!!!
  3. To grow potato on a factory farm they apply 17 chemicals 1 of them is a dust which is done 2 times, it looks like it snowed!!!! to grow them at home just put them in the ground and see them grow. The factory marijuana grow is even worse !!! the chemicals needed looks like a lab in a university !!!!!!!!!!!! At home just plant seeds in soil sun and water and there u have it.
  4. pal

    Organized Child Abuse

    this report is of great enlightenment so don/t lose sight of the facts
  5. the braindead need 4X4 on pavement it is their status symbol!! But if they see mud or water they lose their minds!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. pal

    is the earth flat

    time to put flat earth to bed !! just go out and get a book Surveyors And Geodesy; you will note 1* of arc per mile this fits ellipsoidal earth model !!! SO NO FLAT !!!!!!!!!!. So go do something of use !!!
  7. pal

    is the earth flat

    We live near slave lake near the center of alberta canada. If you go to the beach at the east end you look west you will see land if the world is round this is not possible!!!! for the math of globe is this 8in. mile squared so 8x24x24=4608in div. 12 to get feet =384feet
  8. pal

    is the earth flat

    NASA reference pub. 1207 aug. 1988 the earth is not spinning NASA admits a flat non-rotating earth on pages 6,35,and summary in this doc. 720 mile horizon 65 mile curve not found !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. one day chicken one day feathers !!!!!!!!!! May you fly with the BEST !!!!! H. B. FOO.
  10. My take of the north star it is out of place , i believe here in alberta canada we have moved South and a bit East others in the area say the same Sun shadow not in the same place on the wall of my house for this time of year!!!!!
  11. pal

    is the earth flat

    on a report of a multi dimension world ; CCN news with Santos Bonacci was very informitive!!!
  12. pal

    is the earth flat

    have a good look at { 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball videobook} KEEP an open mind is very important!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. How to prove it is round, as i see it to be a flat earth !!!
  14. pal

    Please Introduce Your Self :)

    i am WM 73 marryed 46years same girl she can't leave too broke, live near center of alberta can. A real bush ape pair!!!!!!!!!!! now what the hell is wrong ! had a hell of a time getting in to chani blocked ,menny differn ways to get this site without skipping around for hours just to log in ? had to go to chani.invisionzone.com now is this how to get here???
  15. what is your take of this, 2oo proofs earth is not a spinning ball videobook, this has me!!!!!!!!!!!