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  1. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Thanks breezy
  2. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Hello, Does anyone know the Status of Alec ? ..His website cowebs is not working and all his Facebook page has also disappeared. It seems you cannot find anything on Alec online now. No Current update anywhere...Was waiting for his New Book but not sure what's the current status is? Would much appreciate if anyone has an update on Alec. Thanks
  3. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Inspired by Co-Evolution's Zeena teaching that we need to combine small small knowledge to get the bigger picture...Hope this is helpful Our Gut Is a Star Gate & a Worm Hole - Literally
  4. I believe Poverty - Poor is an Idea not a natural state of being by an advanced race of ETs to generate maximum emotional energy from human beings. Please check out a video on it Being Poor is an Advanced Alien Technology NOT ECONOMY
  5. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    I further expanded on Alec's article on Loosh http://coev.webs.com/apps/blog/show/43096681-the-wholesale-export-of-loosh This work was inspired by Michael Tellinger, Harry Oldfield, Duncan Roads and the late Robert Monroe, to name but a few. It was written to make you think rather than give you a completed picture. There are far sharper minds out there than mine; my challenge to you is please finish this equation, or at least dot a few of the i’s. Why Cities On Earth are Looking More Like Computer Motherboards? .
  6. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Any update from Blue? on the ETs.....Things seems to be heating up all over the world..I can now see Patches of Black Smoke all over my house..
  7. StarChild

    Strange crawling skin symptoms, any ideas?

    It could be due to Copper Deficiency...There is a huge conspiracy to deplete our copper.... The elite are Blue Bloods Copper based while we are fed Iron based diet.. unveilingthem.com You can try Collaidal Copper... Please check out this video...
  8. StarChild

    Planet Quarry?

    Gulf of Mexico was a Giant Mining Quarry....
  9. StarChild

    Planet Quarry?

    I think they dug Ocean more than the Surface as we see it. Earth was totally mined out guys. We are indeed living in a giant Quarry Waste as described in the video I had to make a video as this is bugging me out, Mariana Trench was dug out by these Aliens for something
  10. StarChild

    Planet Quarry?

    This is the greatest video I have ever seen. Blown me away. It is personally connected to me, because I started wearing Gemstone just few weeks back and it completely changed my life. There was only silicon life no bi-pedal organisms, carbon form of life is fake and engineered. If god had to choose between Silicon and carbon to create life...He would blindly choose Silicon because of its binding with oxygen, which are more stronger than carbon , which means you could live forever, and never decay...Just like crystals. From the beginning we never had a chance. This is the biggest conspiracy than flat earth and Illuminati...I don't know why the BLUE ETs hid this from Alec, not even a hint? I'm creating another video which will prove..Oceans never existed on earth, Earth was flooded with Ocean...way way before bible, jesus and god stories...because the largest valcono and deepest spot in the ocean are side by side...
  11. This is a very very urgent update. We all know about Nibiru/Planet X and due to overload of information/hoaxes/2012 - This news has been largely forgotten now by many. We know that Annunaki came to Earth to dig gold and they made us slaves and genetically tinkered with us. We know India was one of the richest countries on Earth and it consumed lots of Gold and all Indian Gods adored Gold. Actually, All Indian Gods are Annunakis. Since, last few months I have been involved in a big Hindu organisation and was deluded into spiritual journey of peace and bliss. They all are saying - There god Murugan - The god of war, death and destruction will come this year. They are all getting possessed by the "God" shown above and I was also told to let the God In, rather tricked to let him in to experience bliss. I was researching on this particular god and one of his Name is Murduk. I thought wait a minute, that name is what they called Nibiru, the leader of Annunaki is Murduk. I inquired around and they told, he is a Dwarf God, Red in Color, Fierce and destructible and the people whom he possessed confirmed that he is coming this year. He is called Murugan in India /Murduk in Sumeria. He is the leader of Annunaki. After considerable research on the above god from Indian texts. He gets hold of your Muladhara Chakra, the root/base chakra on Humanity, which is symbolized as RED in color. Lately if you are experiencing lots of sexual urge, its because of root chakra activating as Nibiru comes closer to earth. People would go crazy, zombie in coming months, economic collapse is guaranteed, martial law will come and then volcanic eruption, earth quakes and flooding. I don't see any country except some parts of North India and Caucasus mountain in Eastern Europe. These are the only two land mass which would be left. The entire Kundilini & Yoga is a scam. Take it from an Indian on this. These are power points on the body to get hold of you from external forces to suck energy from. I'm given a time of January 15th to June 15th - This represent Capricorn to Cancer which represents our Root Chakra as well. This is how Nibiru energy will posses humanity and earth. Through the base. Interestingly, the path plotted of Nibirus arrival is also from the south of earth, which is what exactly they face it to when praying to this god. If you are waiting for confirmation. Look for entire economic collapse in the three months ahead with Martial Law and the Natural disasters in the next three.... Its 3/3..This Gods Number is 6 No fear Porn. The first warning would be economic related and then it would be climate related. Good Luck.
  12. Guys watch out ..DutchSinse is issuing alert for New Zealand...Earth Quake Alert
  13. This information is very critical at this point in time. Do not take Evil Personally. All the sh*t that is happening to you is not because of some personal grudge of the cabal, elite, satan etc. Humanity takes all bad things happening to them on a personal level. We need to understand the NATURE OF EVIL. Evil has only Agendas. THIS POINT ONE MUST UNDERSTAND. It does not care if you are a human being or elite cabal or part of Illuminati - It will destroy you - if it fulfills its agenda - like we saw with JFK & many other elites. ----------------Try This Experiment 1. You can chant F**k You Satan all day and night for years, curse him and spit on him or curse all elites like we do and nothing seems to happen to us. and then in the same way 2. We may not have hurt an ant in our whole life but trouble follows us where ever we go - The good guys that you are - You ask - WHY ME? ohh god - Why me - What have I done to deserve this? Exactly - Bad Things happen to you even if you are a good person aka 90% of humanity is due to EVIL working on its agendas. Its nothing personal. We don't need a savior when we know the nature of evil. The entire religion is created because they do not understand evil. --------------------------- Evil is an AI form. Extremely advanced AI which can interact with biological and non-biological matters. It has agendas only. Its due to this Agenda that - It goes after everyone - Innocent or guilty - It does not care - It only cares about its Agenda. --------------------------- This is huge information guys. Don't think if you haven't hurt a fly in your life - You will be safe. Don't think if you believe in God or Alien or Satan - You will be safe. No. Your life could be a living hell next day It does not care who what when where you are, do or did - It will come after you if it full fills his agenda. This information about Evil should Empower you. Whenever bad things happen to you - NEVER BLAME YOURSELF - You did nothing wrong. There is nothing personal about Evil Evil is a Form not an ever present thingy in the universe. --------------------------- The is the first step I believe in defeating the Evil is to know its nature. I felt so much lighter when I discovered this. Evil is not able to move me as much as it did earlier with emotions as I know what he wants from me. Its not personal. I don't need to react it as a personal attack on me. I can now clearly quantify Evil and Define it and take measures accordingly. It won't effect you as much once you know its nature. Its nothing personal. In these times, you must know this. This will help you be who you are and not get effected by Evil to a greater extent. I'm not saying - Evil will be destroyed by this measure - This is a first step in completely destroying the evil. This is a defense mechanism before we destroy the evil. Built It Around you. We need to understand Evil before we can destroy it. I believe this is the first step. Try it. Next time you have issues, troubles, problems - Do not take it personally - KNOW THAT ITS NOT YOU - It's the AI. Once you realize this, see how it transforms you.
  14. StarChild

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Wow....Christianne van Wijk has a very high soul frequency. It seems BLUE did not choose her just like that - He seems to have seen it through his old Alien soul....She is really different....This is going to be incredible.. I have never seen a producer, director with such high spiritual vibe..she may be young but she is an old soul ..Can't wait -------------------- I should have posted this earlier when a member wrote about X files series starting up again.,,then I deleted it for some reason Chris Carter waited all these years to get more material from real contactee's. I'm sure he knows BLUEs story and now he can twist and turn it as he wishes to suit his gullible audiences...so its important we have our own documentary. All these Hollywood types do is Copy Paste and put in their narration...I have a feeling...They are going Full Alien this time and then they will turn around and say about us "Conspiracy Theorist" ..while copying all information we shared with the world Hope this documentary comes first before X files so that Sheeps and lame stream cannot accuse us of copying