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  1. mindy

    Raw Milk- Tough New Laws in Australia

    Ultra pasteurised is higher temps so the milk has longer shelf life. It kills all the beneficial bacteria in it and basically you are left with dead cells. Unfortunately raw goat's milk falls into the same tough new regulations and laws The milk I will be buying from now on is unhomogenised, and pasteurised at the lowest possible temp, so it is not as good as raw, but better than big dairy. It is a yellow, cream colour and thick consistency.
  2. On December 10th 2014, here in Australia, we woke up one day to alarming headlines stating that a child had been killed drinking Raw Milk and 4 others were seriously ill. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/toddler-dies-four-children-seriously-ill-after-drinking-raw-cows-milk-20141210-124lx8.html Some other titles included: "Killer Milk: Health Alert after children struck down!" I have to admit, this story scared me, we had been drinking raw milk from a beautiful, organic dairy farm from the next town. My youngest son (who is 16 months) suffers with terrible eczema which is aggravated by certain foods, namely dairy, gluten and soy BUT he could tolerate raw, organic A2 milk. In fact, it actually seemed to help him. His skin was much better since drinking it, his immune system thrived. Also, before making the decision to consume it, I read up on facts regarding risk and found that there was a higher chance of dying from food poisoning eating out, driving or even swimming than consuming raw milk and that the benefits (for my family) far outweighed the risks. I followed the story and cautiously watched and waited. Soon, later developments emerged, the boy had cancer which put a whole different perspective on the situation. This was revealed by the Victorian Alliance for Raw Milk, and later confirmed in snippets by the media that the child had a serious illness (after they reported that he simply died from drinking raw milk) The coroner report had not been received (I cannot find info regarding cause of death anywhere) Some problems I have with this story are as follows: Cause of death not confirmed by coroner The milk had been regularly tested and the health department tested the milk during the scandal and all came back negative None of the identities of the children have been released, none of the parents have spoken out so we are running on the assumption that these events are true from media reports without names or knowing that they actually occurred. Big Dairy is a HUGE industry in Australia and recently smaller, organic dairy's have been taking matters into their own hands selling their milk within the law labelled as cosmetic use only. This has gained momentum and many people are moving away from BIG dairy and choosing to consume local products. ​So now, without a coroner report confirming the child died from consuming raw milk, new laws have been put in place to completely ban the sale of raw milk including for cosmetic purposes. If a Farmer insists on selling it, they need to put a bittering agent (anti freeze) to stop people drinking it. I am feeling very misled, like our rights have been taken away. I am scared of how powerful media reports are and the way they can brainwash so many people. Luckily for me, our local organic dairy is offering a pasteurised milk at low temps that is unhomogenised. This is better than nothing, but something to do with the heating means my little man cannot drink it. I know that in other parts of the world, raw milk consumption is legal. Feeling violated now References & further reading: https://www.facebook.com/aus.arm?fref=ts 12 December 2014 at 21:33 Dairy Sales Statistics Australia http://www.dairyaustralia.com.au/~/media/Documents/Stats%20and%20markets/Production%20and%20sales/Latest%20stats/National%20Milk%20Production%20Report%20November%202014.pdf FSANZ’s ‘Microbiological Risk Assessment Of Raw Cow Milk’ of 2009 http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/microphotography-of-raw-and-processed-milk/
  3. Wow! This thread is truly inspiring. I admire all of your work and your reasons for preparing your homestead, Rogue. Being off the grid and having your own food supply is true freedom and although I am not dismissing that you work very hard, you are extremely lucky to have the privilege of being able to work hard on such a fantastic project. Unfortunately as a 33 year old, older gen Y, buying acres of land in Australia (or even NZ) and setting up a homestead at the moment is just not feasible without going into severe debt that we wouldn't be able to get a loan for anyway. I also feel that property prices are out of control here and have been since I became an adult in 1999. The cost of building now, and regulation from councils is ridiculous. Hubby and I rent (close to 25% of our income) but we still have the dream that maybe one day we could create a homestead so we have security for our four beautiful children. If it never happens, so be it. I am grateful to have a roof over my head, clean water and power (35c/KW) but still... we have it. I know that many of you are boomers, but please tell me I am not the only one who has big dreams that seem really far from reality given our current market? Looking forward to reading more about your inspiring story, Rogue. Thanks for sharing
  4. mindy

    Bitcoin Was Created By DARPA

    I actually see a future for Crypto Currency (not just BitCoin) in products and commodities that are controversial in nature. Take marijuana for instance, even though it may well be legalised in future (as it has been in many parts of the world) I can almost guarantee that PayPal, Credit Card merchants and some big banks will not let people transact using their services. This leaves vendors between a rock and a hard place, so a real solution to this is to offer Bitcoin or other Crypto Currency. The same goes for certain herbs that I sell like Damiana or Kava... Paypal will not let me sell them even though they are legal in my country, but with Crypto, I'm away. I also question that if the IMF wanted to create Bitcoin, why would they make it open source, and allow Alt Coins to follow suit? Interesting thread
  5. mindy


    Love, Love, Love Garlic, not only does it taste amazing, but as mentioned above it is so healthy. Thanks P's for that info about perennial garlic, sounds very interesting I have recently been getting into Black Garlic, it is an 'aged' garlic originating from Korea and tastes kind of balsamic. It can be eaten straight from the bulb as it is not hot or pungent like raw garlic. It has a sweet, dark flavour, almost like a molasses type of sweetness. An article on the Mercola website describes the nutritional value as containing double the antioxidants of raw garlic. Developed in Korea, black garlic has been gaining popularity among Western foodies for several years now, but it has recently caught the eye of the health-minded due to studies revealing its impressive nutritional properties. Black garlic is produced by “fermenting” whole bulbs of fresh garlic in a humidity-controlled environment in temperatures of about 140 to 170 degrees F for 30 days. No additives, no preservatives... just pure garlic. Once out of the heat, the bulbs are then left to oxidize in a clean room for 45 days. This lengthy process causes the garlic cloves to turn black and develop a soft, chewy texture with flavors reminiscent of “balsamic vinegar” and “soy sauce,” with a sweet “prune-like” taste. Aficionados claim the flavor will impress even the most avid garlic-hater, as the pungency and spiciness is gone.5 Although the process is consistently described as “fermentation,” it really isn’t that in the strictest sense, as the transformation does not involve microbial processes—specifically, enzymatic breakdown and the Maillard Reaction are responsible for the caramelization of the sugars, dark color and deep, complex flavor profile.6 As the pearly white cloves slowly transition into their final black appearance, compounds in the fresh garlic transform into a whole new range of compounds. Compared to fresh garlic, black garlic is low in alliin but it is astonishingly high in other antioxidants! Double the Antioxidants of Fresh Garlic In a 2009 mouse study, Japanese researchers found that black garlic was more effective than fresh garlic in reducing the size of tumors. The study was published in the journal Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Science and Technology.7 In another study, black garlic was found to have twice the antioxidant levels as fresh—the aging/fermenting process appears to double the antioxidants. Black garlic is packed with high concentrations of sulfurous compounds, especially one in particular: s-allylcycteine (SAC).8 Science has shown a number of health benefits from SAC, including inhibition of cholesterol synthesis.9 Perhaps this is why Mandarin oil painter Choo Keng Kwang experienced a complete reversal of his psoriasis after just four days of eating half a bulb of black garlic a day—this, after trying countless medically prescribed skin creams that were all complete failures. An advantage of SAC is that it is well-absorbed and much more stable than allicin and 100 percent bioavailable. Researchers are confident it plays a significant role in garlic’s overall health benefits.10 Be mindful, however, that black garlic’s benefits may be more effective than fresh garlic for some conditions but not others, given its allicin content is low. For example, I suspect it may not be as effective if you have an infection, as allicin is thought to be the primary anti-infective agent in garlic, and fresh garlic is higher in allicin than black. According to Blue Fortune Farm (which admittedly sells black garlic), black garlic has the following favorable nutrient profile:11 SAC (mg/g) Calcium (mg) Phosphorus (mg) Protein (g) Black Garlic 5.84 36.66 80 12.5 Raw Garlic 0.32 5.0 40 2.2 Source: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/04/21/sprouted-black-garlic.aspx
  6. mindy

    Please Introduce Your Self :)

    Thanks so much for the very warm welcome! I am very happy to be here. Looking forward to reading up and learning more. Jessica, thanks, it is so refreshing to meet people who are following a similar life path. I am wishing you well on your journey too. I appreciate the very warm welcome Happy New Year to you all
  7. mindy

    Please Introduce Your Self :)

    Hi Everyone, My name is Mindy. I am new to the whole CHANI project concept and still have a lot to learn. My hubby reads this forum and is a Nexus subscriber and interestingly only just discovered the basis for this forum (me tel u now). I have always believed that things come to me when I am ready, and I am finding the whole concept truly amazing. I have read the Nexus article, the intro threads here and some of the monumental GLP threads where the concept was first introduced. Some things that resonate with me personally are the experiences that could be expected during the fuse year that were described by Acolyte. I actually think that with our time being linear, that this fuse year would probably be less distinct than a 365 day period and possibly more like a transient period where the two timelines merge. Anyway, I have experienced the following so far; In May this year, I changed my diet completely to eating only wholefoods. I did a massive clean-out and removed all chemicals, additives and other processed food. Since then my whole family has been eating as naturally as possible. I have four kids, so this means all from scratch cooking which I really do enjoy. Hubby and I have always felt a need to be near water. We lived in a mountainous area for a while and really, really struggled, so we have lived in a few locations since then, but always like to be in a seaside, country town near farms, clean air and the ocean. We do tend to be recluse and our latest move (late 2012) saw us move away from family members (not deliberately) but we do enjoy less drama and intensity from other people. The whole download of knowledge concept is truly inspiring. I have been looking at alternative spiritual information for a long time, but only recently have started putting this into practice by studying natural medicine and truly feeling my life purpose is to help heal others. This was a truly 'out of the blue' experience for me and I enrolled in an intense five year advance diploma to become a Naturopath earlier this year. My calling felt 'urgent' and strong. ​Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and share how some things have resonated with me, I haven't had time to read the Beserk thread yet lol, but taking it all in is daunting as it is. I think it is natural to be skeptical while having an open mind at the same time. I think possibilities are endless. Also, if this did happen to be an elaborate hoax, I would have to commend the abilities of the one hoaxing lol. I will try and post in future, but as a newby, feel a bit daunted by all of these elaborate thinkers and fantastic minds that contribute to such an eye opening forum. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Mindy