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  1. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    AlcyoneOfMars. What the hell does this have to do with the election??? She was a poster on GLP in 2009 and was a time travellor from the next milennium!!! and had a message which included the history of the rest of this centuary and the millenium. :-).. so it fits right into this site. There is a guy from Argentina who followed the thread and Alcyone and eventually put together a summary and collection..which saves us a lot of effort. ( links below).. I have never followed the thread.. until it showed up on the GLP front page a few days ago. Argentine guy was a sceptic.. but then Trump won the election..something he did not expect as Hillary was widely expected to win. Alcyone had said that the 2017 President would be republican... so we have an unexpected hit. This woke him up a bit. Also she predicted a war in the middle east.. which is kinda happening, but that WW3 will start in 2031... and it will be very bad.. and not much better till the end of the Centuary. All VERY grim in fact. What she said about the President in 2031 was that (she?) was a democrat named Gillibrand ( not a common name) and when the war started there was a Replubican president called Schock. Turns out there are real up and coming politicians with these names..which is a bit scary. I'll post links in the next post.
  2. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    To bring this together with kandescent's posts. Merit said on his GLP thread that the LAST thing the Democrats wanted was a recount. Because it would expose voting fraud on their part!! Jill Stein ..not being an insider.. would have no idea about that. It would really open a can of worms. Thats why the Democrats are not leading/supporting this.....
  3. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Hi Jessica, we can't help much as we came late to the thread too and have really only followed the last 100 pages and dipped into the rest. The last 100 covering the election..I remember he said "don't panic" when I was in full panic...so I give him credit for that. " Merit" is American but has links to France and speaks several languages. He said he got involved with the police strikes in France.. the cops there have a gutsfull of policing Muslims... but no support. I would not be surprised to see.. Brexit...Trump...France... etc... There is more work to do. The thread is full of chit chat between some of the lady posters and the usual trolls. Thats GLP.... There is stuff on occult , spiritual questions ,mysticism etc etc. Very much something for mid winter rainy days. I note the last posts are discussing the Time Line change. As long as Merit keeps posting..It is worth following... he brings an insiders view IMO. It gives me a little hope to think that there are some people/groups fighting the Globalist/NWO forces which seem to have been getting the upper hand. Meanwhile... How bout those Cubs, All Blacks, Cowboys.....? :-)
  4. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3212024/pg1 I just want to alert readers to this thread in GLP. It has some relatoinship to the election as this guy says he is some kind of power behind the curtain who tries to influence the pathway of light v the dark. Who knows .. but the thread has legs as it is up to 729 pages. There is a mod on the thread keeping it under control and it is not pinned so only a certain group go there. Mrs Rogue5 is a dedicated follower and has even posted there. A first for her on GLP ( I used to be the only crazy one). Anyone coming in cold has a lot of catching up to do... but IMO it might appeal to some here. Every now and then someone comes on GLP who might be the real deal. You can hide there because ( like Chani ) it is a site for crazies and gives you deniability. I believe I once talked to a Time traveller on GLP..a followup guy to John Titor... who knows... but it was fun. On that timeline it was a post nuclear war USA. Breezy can put this somewhere else if it doesn't fit here. :-)
  5. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    I have not posted for a while, but now that the election is over I will add a bit. At one time I was wondering ..what is Chani's take on Trump? And I was pleased to find it was mostly positive. We .. Mrs Rogue and I live in NZ so are pretty remote from things but Mrs Rogue is a US citizen and made a big effort to get registered to vote ( wasted in California... but it's the principle). She also sent money to Trumps campaign, and $ to Wikileaks and Project Veritas.. who played a vital role IMO. She got lambasted on facebook for supporting Trump and our liberal friends laughed at us. It's over.. one friend said weeks before the election.. and I admit to thinking this might be so... and wondering how I was going to live with a "jilted" wife. On election night (day here) we watched on Fox news ( NZ news is relentlessly anti Trump).. and gradually the worm turned. It was SO MUCH SWEETER to win in a come from behind upset ( or so it was painted) . THERE IS A GOD!! It doesn't worry me much what Trump actuially does... the free world is saved cf what Hillary would have bought. To use a Chani perspective... it is like we have enterd a new timeline. Who knows what it will bring..." May you live in interesting times...."
  6. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Wow! This forum is really a bunch of Krazies. Bravo! And I thought I was the only one who believes stuff like this. Forget 9/11, you can go all the way back to 1963 and the Kennedy assination ( actually a coup d' tat ) by the CIA to date the takeover of the USA by the dark forces. I think they have miscalculated Donald Trump, believing ( like most of my liberal friends) that he had no chance of winning the nomination.. let alone the Presidency. Now with Hillary clearly being sick... the fox is really in the hen house... tipping the race even more to Trump. And as they say.. people like voting for a winner... so as he gains momentum.. it gets worse. So,desperate times for the "black govenment"... all bets are off. As I often say to my wife.. I think we should move to the bottom of the world...NZ... and live on a small farm in a remote area... Oh..right.... : Interesting times.. note to self... stock up on popcorn...
  7. Rogue5


    I have just emptied 5 inches of rain from my gauge! Most of it fell last night.. some from yesterday and the day before. Some surface flooding, but the streams are going down. I will have to go up and fix my water intake once it stops raging. Meanwhile we are on a backup tank. I'm sure a lot of places in the USA West would have liked that.... It is still VERY mild for mid winter here. Crazy .. but good....
  8. For light relief.. warning.. to non Australians....bad language. Go Germaine.....
  9. Rogue5

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Just a short video from the BBC. I only watched at first as the guy has the same name as my son. But he gives a stunning comment/opinion on Hillary... for a Democrat and Bernie supporter. Very funny....)
  10. Rogue5

    It's April again.... 4/15....5/15

    Nothing to add really.. there seems to be a lot going on, but if we are going to have global chaos.. it is going to take us by surprise. There does seem to be a lot of "talk" that 2016 is the "year".So I'll keep my ear to the ground. Still quiet on the Western Front....
  11. This is another good version, with background to the event.
  12. This is the full James Files interview...2.50hrs. why he talked.
  13. If this is already a topic please move. It is new to me ; the shooter James Files finally spoke just at the end of last year. I found it compelling viewing. I never watch entertainment "crime shows" on TV, but this is a chilling insight into the "mob" in the 1960s and on, and gives the method, the reasons and the how JFK was shot. At least from one shooting team... there may have been others. There are several versions of the video... this one fills in some of the people a bit better. There is another one with graphic photos of the dead JFK... never seen those either. I actually watched the entire James Files interview of 2+ hours. I never have the patience to sit thru a Hollywood movie. I find it very convincing... and chilling.... And all completely covered up by the "Government"... just like the 9/11 story. Also chilling...
  14. Rogue5

    It's April again.... 4/15....5/15

    Well it's the 17th here and Cheney is still alive.... A thread has just popped up on GLP saying GWB 1 is very sick. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3176478/pg1 It's pretty nasty and I have no idea if it is accurate... but hey... it's GLP... ... Otherwise.. all quite on the Western Front....
  15. Very unusual GOOD WEATHER My part of NZ is having a long run of warm weather.. even tho it is Autumn here. Not really an Indian Summer.. with crisp sunny days... just warm..like late spring...tho the days are very short. Unusual.. but nice. It is caused by us being caught in a flow of tropical air from the North.. rather than our usual winter wind flow from the South. No need for heating or fires. Other parts of NZ are very dry, but we are quite wet. It is very variable. Our area did not get much effect from the ElNino.