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  1. Absolutely right. I respect everyone's level of evolution. But at some point you have to focus on yourself. I feel as I have to come out and face the music for my knowing certain things. This is an attempt in that. I personally know that language is a hindrance than a good means to communicate. So this is the best I can do. You should however check out the site. Have you ever heard of it?
  2. Peace Love and Light In my search for making sense of all that is, I was led down many different avenues. You would say that I dived deep into the depths of the endless ocean of knowledge. Trying to make some sense of all the information I was receiving internally through my dreams and externally through life around me. In my search I lost my religion and became a Gnostic wanderer. Looking at everyone and everything from the lens of my personal knowing. One thing is sure we are all in motion. Some are ascending towards source, while some are descending towards further separation from the one. I respect both choices, as I think who am I to question the intent or trajectory of creation and what it wishes to experience. But there is one thing I draw the line on and that is our planet. She has been our mother and home for all our multiple lives here. To see it being destroyed and abandoned by us and our artificially created systems pains me. It is unacceptable to Father/Creator and I have seen many parallel timelines where huge events wipe us out in many different ways. Yet our mother gives us more time so that we can increase our vibration and be with her on her higher level expression, known as the New Earth. So with this primary motivation I surfed the incoming waves of energy from source/Central galactic sun. As you may have noticed that the sun has been very quiet for a while, baffling all scientists. I think that the sun is allowing as much cosmic light to pass through. As a quiet sun means a weakened Heliosphere and a weakened Magnetosphere. This along with all the lovely light worker beings on the ground in their myriad multitude of forms of galactic beings, saints, angels, prophets, plant and animal etc..Have all helped to keep us so far in the game for Ascension on this timeline by bringing in and holding the light.But to better explain the multidimensional reality we all exist in, we need to have more than one common reference point in order to navigate the infinite possibilities that exist both within and outside us. Especially if we truly want to make a difference and help the planet and each other in this moment in time. It is very important to raise and be part of the higher unity consciousness, which I feel is the future of this planet and us. For this exact reason I present to you Dr. George Stankov, with his life long work on Ascension at his site http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/ I do this as I personally have benefited tremendously from his work and his presence on his site. We, the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) have been able to counter every thing thrown at us by the ruling cabal and their overlords. The most recent was the victory of Donald Trump, which may seem to many as an egoistical billionaire is actually the Trojan horse for the Light forces. Just the night before the elections I had a dream where I met Donald and congratulated him for his success. I want you know that I am not promoting myself or his site. Rather I hope that many here on Chani may find a more informed, scientific and precise perspective/narrative of the Ascension of Gaia. In time I hope to introduce you to many other such personalities and sites, where there is a tremendous amount of light and love. I believe sharing only increases the light and love and helps diminish and dispel the darkness.With this I leave you to check out his site. Please feel free to contact me here or him directly with any questions or feedback, as he always makes a point to reply.Love Ask
  3. Breaking on Bbc I made a video back in Aug 2014 expressing my views on the argument put forward by the Russian chiefs of staff, and that an US satellite had been overhead at the very exact moment the plane had got shot down. I mean its crazy the narrative put out by the ZIO media since the start that it was Russian rebels involved and Russia by default was using its forces and equipment in the area. Enough to justify full fledged sanctions and full out media war against Russia. Wasn't the Orange revolution funded by Soros and the bad lettered agencies. Or had Russia planned the ousting of its own loyal lapdog Viktor Yanukovych for fun and games. So naturally we have to believe that the attack was by Ukrainian forces at the behest of US Zio stooges to frame Russia and get the world countries to follow behind it. Till this day we see their pathetic Nato followers being forced to follow the US orders to sanction and pariah Russia at every level. Be it the OLYMPICS or the oil prices the Rubble or you name it. The Zio Ogres have launched everything but the kitchen sink. To get THE RUSSIAN bear to charge them and in return justifying further action or even WW3. Also, Germany has been attacked systematically by the Elite bastards with multiple terrorists attacks, Unjustified fines by the US Justice department on V;W and D.B and most of all by the flood of refugees which is threatening iTs very existence. Maybe this all began when Germany publicly supported Russia initially by Germany. And then we have the Mh370 which was clearly the pilot instructed to take the plane to Diego Garcia, where many people on nearby Maldives Islands saw the plane fly low overhead. And some passengers cellphone sent out a black picture, withe the GPS co ordinates showing the plane 8 kms from Diego Garcia. I bet you an US satellite was flying overhead there too. You see where this all going? There had been a Malaysian Tribunal in 2011 at which BUSH, Cheney and Blair had been charged for war crimes against the people of Iraq. Where it was made clear that there had been no connection between Saddam and 911 or WMD's which had justified the killing and occupation; So EVEN though they killed innocent people on two Malaysian airlines planes and thousand other places. Clearly the elite have been suffering tremendous setbacks in theIR NWO plans. They are very desperate as the try to go and live on mars. Launch rockets or satellites. Or the fact they lost Crimea and Syria by the actions of Vladimir Putin. I think anything can happen at any moment now, so take ACTION and precaution out there! Wherever you are! You never know when you could be targeted by the one eyed bastard sitting with his fat ass on the Pyramid that you and me built. Soros knew that the Brexit was on going to be a black Friday. But the attacks on Putin and Russia show that they are not mindless slaves, instead they are the part of the opposition of the NWO. But are they crazy enough to start WW3 ? Not with the recent U.F.O intervention clearly seen here and here. Are the aliens helping us to defeat the NWO and preventing the destruction of Gaia? As usual with fewer answers than questions. ASK http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37495067
  4. Heres my little invocation standing over CERN. I was guided by chance to this location, just on the highway out of this area. https://www.facebook.com/100007744423147/videos/vb.100007744423147/1747065855561545/?type=3&theater
  5. I was overlooking CERN LHC this sunday evening, where I had made a very powerful invocation to cleanse this area of all negativity and Plans against humanity by the Elites/Cabal. What do you think is really going on down there? timetalk....By Clif High Aug 3, 2016 perspective.... ...about CERN and their LHC....so let's examine the idea of it all... the biggest 'science experiment' the world has ever seen.The biggest machine humans have ever built. It is so big it spans whole countries, underground. The most complicated machine humans have ever built. More copper wiring than some countries have for electrical grids. It uses more electricity in a single 'firing' than all the previous use by humanity up to 1958. They are trying to increase its electrical potentials. Then there is all the strange and spooky conspiracy sheit around all the imagery, but that distracts from the central idea problem with the LHC. Humans, even the bizarro elites, are never ever in any point in history been so 'generous' with academics. Look to reality and any school you have ever been at...did you see them dripping in brand new giant wild ass science experiments? In fact, isn't the 'underfunded research program' so part of our culture that it is cliche? And aren't they constantly seeking your money for such things as 'the war on cancer', and other forms of the collective good being supported by donations. Then there is CERN, and their LHC....which i don't think IS involved in smashing particles together. Reality, in my experience, does not work in such a way that academics would ever get this level of planet affecting money for an 'experiment'. In the world of the elites which is where all funding starts, there is no charity, only return on investment. So what are the elites getting for their investment in the LHC?
  6. akman786

    Solomon's Holy Temple Rebuilt in Brazil

    As if to proove I am not far from the truth "In 1992, Bishop Macedo spent eleven days in jail on accusations of charlatanism. Last year, the Sao Paulo prosecution alleged that Macedo and other senior church clerics embezzled billions of donation dollars and used the money to buy property and cars. Macedo, a proponent of prosperity theology and owner of a $45 million private jet, has denied the charges." http://globalslaves.blogspot.fr/2014/12/solomons-temple-third-temple-rebuilt-in.html
  7. akman786

    Solomon's Holy Temple Rebuilt in Brazil

    Your welcome. I am amazed everyday at how money has allowed for all kind of monstrosities and extremely frivilous desires/fantasies to be realized and acheived. But we all find out that wealth and power is nothing, if it is based on worthless pieces of paper and electronic numbers that will soon be obsolete. I personally have many different perspectives on this reality from the multidemensional platform of my heart. I think that if all our thoughts are being manifested according to our will. We will at some point see the ugly face of our choices as a collective species very soon. These elite and secret organisations have no room in our bright future. So as the original me tell you thread goes...I say that we are on the highest timeline on this planet. And very soon the flash/merge/judgement/end of the world scenario will arrive and we will all find exactly what we wanted. Thats why its important not to forget about Mother earth/ nature:Gaia. It is the singlemost valuable creation on which all of our lives depend. The planet will transform to survive and evolve. But this time it is a very special moment for life on this planet. Where certain beings like dolphins and humans will make the jump to a heaven type earth/Garden of Eden. For it was once so according to many sources and so if everything is a circle than its a good chance we might ride the integalactic wave to another dimension reality as consciousness never really dies. While some will go on and see these grand buildings fall and become dust. As friend of mine said the truth from his heart, "Sooner or later it will happen, just because. I'm thinking about it."