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  1. to:37.4093839619, -115.426024458 (Estimate POV) object was northwest from POV
  2. Thanks guys, maybe we can look it up on google earth? I will do that and get back on this. If you would like to see for yourselves, the object was North West from exiting the 13 mile road.
  3. I have a few more. Well, thank you guys for taking you're time on reading this amazing (and nerve racking at one point) adventure on my visit to Las Vegas, Nevada. Just a few months ago (2014), I made a trip to Vegas with a few friends and decided since we were so close to Area 51 (2 1/2 hours, compared to 6 hour flight), to make the trip out to the "forbidden land". Well on the way there, the view of the desert and mountains was amazing; since it was our first time out there. On the way to the base, we drove over the speed limit and got there about 2 hours later. Then it was another 30 minutes just to drive down the dirt road of the base. Which is so fine that it feels like your car is sliding. A few minutes later, a white pick up truck that looked like an work utility car was coming towards me (as if he was leaving the base). He passed me and carried on his way. Upon arriving to the point of do not enter, we saw the "camo dudes" on a hill in a white pick-up. They never moved but were definitely watching us. We were there no more than 2 minutes. took a quick picture and booked it out of there like a bat out of hell. Upon exiting the base we notice a shinny object on the peek of the mountain. I couldn't tell what it was but it was the brightest object I have ever seen (like looking at the sun) and no it was not the sun. Well, afterwards we headed towards the Little Aleiin Restaurant (in Rachel, Nevada) for food and water (it was a dry but about 95 degrees Fahrenheit). That was another 30 minute drive from the base (of course at a higher speed than the speed limit). Upon arriving to the "town" of Rachel, Nevada, we arrived at the Little Aleinn Restaurant. In the pictures below you can see the world famous logo (ufo and tow truck that was featured in the movie "Paul"). We sat down and had their alien famous burger. The meal was pretty good and the staff was quite nice. I started a conversation with the waitress and asked her what the "red Warning sign" was about. The sign was located next to the pick up truck and it powered by a solar panel and it had some kind of radio tower with a camera on it. The waitress explained that the base was performing testings and that we might see low flying aircraft. Well, unfortunately we didn't. We stayed for about an hour and got some water for the way back to Vegas, since the ride had almost no stops or gas stations. On the road, we were trying to get back and we started driving above the speed limit. I would estimate 80 MPH was our average speed. After about an hour, the rented vehicle speed went to exactly 60 MPH. I accelerated but nothing happened and then I had the pedal all the way down and still nothing, as if the engine hit the governor. 5 minutes later, the speed dropped to 40 MPH and there was no lights or nothing on the dashboard that may indicate a problem with the vehicle (which was rented and it was a 2012 or 2013 toyota rav4). Of course there was no cell phone service so I couldn't call the rental company. After driving at 40 MPH for an hour and 1/2, we saw a mini van with the hood up. I immediately turned around and offered help and water. It was a family of 3 from Idaho that had broken down due to transmission fluid leaking. The man tried to use our phone to contact a tow but it was no success. He then asked me if I would follow him to vegas since we were heading that way, of course I said yes incase his vehicle broke down completely. I explained to him that my vehicle was acting up and couldn't drive over 40 mph. The man was fine and he didn't want to push his car either so we did the 40 mph until we reached a gas station outside of vegas. The man got transmission fluid and thanked me and went along his way. As I was leaving the gas station, the car was running normal again and got the speed back up to 80 (since the speed limit was 75 MPH). I drove straight to the rental place where I got the vehicle and demanded an exchange. It was weird though how the car acted up and then it was completely fine. any thoughts on this?
  4. Camo Dudes outside the base.
  5. This picture was taken while exiting the long 13 mile road that goes into Area 51. Any clues?