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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge EW. Your knowledge does not fit with the global warming agenda taught in schools that ice melting will lead to land masses under the ocean.
  2. Been listening to Clif High for a while, but only for confirmation with what I know from within. Some of what Clif says correspond with me.
  3. Howdy... Suuz... It's so obvious governments are poisoning us when you provide clear photo evidence of their crimes Let's make the planet PARADISE again!
  4. Stay safe, my ally. The Mongrel Mob here in Sweden is powerful. They rape everything in their way. They might even have native Swedish girls held as sex slaves in occupied areas. They stalked me summer last year, even had a close friend of mine witness the intimidation.
  5. Possible Future Timeline with Known Concepts by Us Chanities
  6. Dear Suuz, I know you have noticed already. Our planet is already a slave mining planet. All technologies are foreign devices manufactured into democracies. In order to build all the telecom devices such as smart phones and laptops, the planet has to be mined. The transition of physical currencies into digital currencies is part of the NWO. You elderly still have memories of the glorious cents and pences how much they were worth..
  7. PANX

    The Hand

    I trust what I see in my dreams and I seek to verify what I've learnt from my dreams with the awakened world. I'm beginning to question a timeline where we have had a conquerer that stretches thousands of years. I think many thousand years of history has been forged by the church and the real knowledge of the past ancient world has been suppressed. Keepers of the real knowledge were annihilated in the past, even until today still hunted by the criminal galactic enterprise. But our planet itself is many millions years old, if not billions. Here is a painting which confirms my memory: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Augsburger_Wunderzeichenbuch#/media/File%3AAugsburger_Wunderzeichenbuch_—_Folio_131_Nebensonnen_über_Münster_1533.jpg
  8. Things are happening in the sky that the vast majority is not aware of. I observed the moon morphing, shaping shift, and then restore itself to it's original form. Another source than me has actually caught it on film:
  9. @KMRIA The lab test of the patient turned out to be a negative case of Ebola. So, no Ebola in Sweden, yet..
  10. Wow. That is dark stuffs @KMRIA Hope it won't happen!
  11. @RenegadeSon I sourced it from here http://corruption-usa.com/the-presidents-secret-service/ But the blog has sourced it from elsewhere I think
  12. White House behind Q? Or what does the letter Q stand for on that car? It could be edited as well, but let's assume it's authentic. :D
  13. PANX


    Is it this image @breezy? Cheek, nose, chin shape look like a spitting image!
  14. PANX

    Circuit Boards of the Gods...

    I wrote the coordinates, but I got a different place.. Strange.