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  1. I'm expecting an apologize from someone at school because he said "I was staring at him" which was totally uncalled for. You don't greet someone that stares at you for instance across the street three bandits are staring at you and waggling their knives threatfully - do you walk towards them and say "hi" if they were staring at you? As a matter of fact I don't care if he apologizes or not despite the fact an apologize is expected "in the air" by the good force. Swedes today are no longer Nordics. A few might be.

    1. breezy


      Stay safe PANX.  No longer the same Sweden my g.grandparents came from 150 or so years ago, but then, in reality, no country is.  Changes in the air, everywhere.

    2. PANX


      Thanks breezy. That dude went by me yesterday and he seemed shameful for his unwelcomed words towards me but he didn't say sorry or anything. I did greet him though :)