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  1. PANX

    The Hand

    I don't think our planet/world/realm today is a training ground. Maybe it used to be. Now, Earth is militarized and the Cabal:s are preparing for a galactic war as it seems with our star families.
  2. PANX

    The Hand

    Thanks for sharing Suuz. All I know for sure is that the official chronicles of Earth history is a lie when they tell us we evolved from apes. There used to be three suns in the sky. That's all I remember.
  3. PANX

    The Hand

    I would like to know more your view on Earth history. Some Russian alternative historians say Jesus true name is Radomir. I also know that T is not a huge fan of the concept Jesus as part of Earth history. But judging from your writings you strive for the same goals.
  4. I agree with you breezy! It might sound far out but there is no need for sexual education at all in any kindergartens or schools because we are taught and reminded by our dreams what true unity between male and female is. Anything else is just perversing the already divine.
  5. The young nihonjin ryuugakusei at my uni doesn’t like Shinzo Abe so much unity
  6. Is there a way to check blood type without extracting it from your body?
  7. President Trump got humor.
  8. JFK is still John in my mind. Perhaps it’s TPTB that is trying to rewrite history?
  9. Pen means beautiful in Norwegian and we also have the Normans in Sweden. If Ceann is pronounced can then it means capable in Swedish/Danish/Norwegian.
  10. PANX

    WILD FIRES....

    Looks like a planned genocide to me. There won’t be enough planes and ships to evacuate the Californians if the fire is not put out. Also whistleblowers have told their listeners to get out of California for ages now. But they were considered conspiracists. Deborah comes to mind instantly.
  11. YouTubes finest astrojournalist intimidated by a being with no genetical traits of a human.
  12. I got your back, Fly! We all sit in the same boat, I also cry when treated unfair. The adversary is very strong and our only survival is strategizing against it. I'm hanging on with all of you chanities even though I haven't met any of you. yet!
  13. This is an orchestrated invasion. They are equipped with weapons and communication tools. Why are the borders not secured? Is the military of USA avoiding confontration?
  14. 5G:s antenna has definitely been rolled out in the region I live in Sweden. I know this because they are marketing 5G here on public screens. They've tried out their new frequency weapons a few times already since winter. I know this too because I got attacked by their new toys.
  15. Another possible scenario of unification between Sth K and Nth K is that the Nth Koreans make Sth K into a communistic region under China. That's why many young Sth Koreans are against unification.
  16. POTUS is not a Reptilian! When Alfred made that claim I stopped listening to Alfred.
  17. PANX

    Space Watch

    Space looks like the ocean from the pictures above, Breezy..
  18. @NewWorld Ceiling is too low for me too! I hope civilisation starts building sophisticated architectures with ceilings full of beauituf stucco again
  19. According to T the Andromedian forces stronghold in our solar system is Saturn and around it's trajectory. I hope T gets back soon because he is defintely my top shelf when it comes to astrostrategic intel! (For good reasons)
  20. https://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com/2018/09/6-more-solar-observatories-closed-and.html?spref=fb&m=1 Spherical object observed
  21. Wow, unity, thanks for this post! I'm in my late 20's and I've seen my parents age. They used to look like me now when I was a toddler, but a bit older because of their heavy meat diet. I went vegan and alkaline (not excluding honey because honey stems from plants) and I hear quite often from people I interact with that I look young for my age! Some guessed I was 19. So going back to how our ancestors did will definitely improve public health!