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  1. thank you T for the clarification 9
  2. PANX


    Japan hit by a massive flood again
  3. i think the greek troops are busy defending the borders of hellas against an eventual invasion of the islamic armies while their "refugees" stream into EUROPA to further destabilising the last remaining pelasgian countries under treacherous governments with their tool PUBLIC SERVICE forcing a positive reception of immigrants with strong, emotional words such as crisis, war, solidarity and et cetera. i also think a lot is at stake and it is very little cosmic time left to undo all the bidding for a catastrophic timeline.
  4. PANX

    What Do We Know About CHINA

    @SOL "The area of Atlantis was given to the settlers from “Levan” and “Lilith” under the terms of keeping the population analogy to 1:108 in comparison to the already present population of the planet and respect of the pre-existed cultular trend and language of the planet (archetype hellenic) , as an official cultular trend and language of the local group of galaxies. (see: demystification of Hesiod’s Theogony)" http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.no/2009_12_01_archive.html i misread and translated the word _given_ to _invited_ my utmost apology for not remembering the true history of gaia/earth fet
  5. symbol depicted in crop circle returns to the most important announcement in which the very same symbol is depicted in the video hera and zeus; clockwise and anticlockwise sun also the crescent of venus is present in the first picture
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baalshamin just got destroyed by ISIS/ISIL
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    Acolyte Information

    dear friends, families and comrades of @aco, my deepest condolences. when the stars are lit I know you've found Home within the crust of Earth because you know the importance of sitting under the trees where the waters flow beneath the roots forming our crown writing the legacy for the future to come and may the spirit of you, Nick, forever eternalize Us. may you be well and rest blissfully, @aco Fet
  8. PANX

    What Do We Know About CHINA

    @sol ironically they were invited to gaia and now they want out because they are losing portals have been built everywhere the victims are the "homosexuals" and "bisexuals" pro-ero vs anti-sex family structure vs. transhumanism this cosmic drama of andromedan victory is soon reaching the vantage point still waiting for THE event (i figure the event has been test-runned many times now; waking up in the dream and then finding yourself a few breathes away back into this 3D life, lol) soon all will be able to witness the unification with many tenfold billions of humans beyond the far side of antarctica; we just need to remember the REAL history of earth written within the crust new rotation/revolution tonight Fet
  9. PANX

    What Do We Know About CHINA

    http://sputniknews.com/business/20150816/1025811280.html the nazi's have done it before; give up your gold or we'll confiscate it. and if my memory serves correctly i think it was either you @breezy or @blue ET whom posted an article about gold being used as fuel by E.T.:s i could be wrong but the gold as fuel connects with the article above Fet
  10. "roscosmos whom rockets nasa men to space" You just made my day T HAHAHA thank you T Fet
  11. I remember reading something you wrote T: russian praxis is that before a public announcement it has already been ongoing
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    i've seen the first four episode of this anime, GANGSTA -- @unity it's an interesting plot, indeed (: fet
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2seBNyMvtE they're very much here the threat of demise is real humanity has been conditioned to believe paradise is within the flagship selene/lilith fet7
  14. PANX

    Space Watch

    you're not alone believing/knowing in this fact many hold as truth when nemesis strikes levane all physical laws enforced on us will upheave all thoughts are counted and time will show all humans the true history of hellen/gaia
  15. @to the video unity posted it looked to me like levan was saying to the crowd: "Heyya! follow us when we escape" while showing them that levan can bend the gregoerian calender of auto-rotation at will to further extend this galactic tragedy of choice between demise or restoration.
  16. PANX

    What Next for Greece and for Europe?

    thank you too hcvslayer the deeper i look the more i cry scripted thought form is just armagedon in slow motion
  17. PANX

    What Next for Greece and for Europe?

    @hcvslayer it will not be allowed to happen according to the andromedian message: The Announcement an intervention is expected before earth/gaia/terra face a choice between demise or restoration albeit Thor Heyerdahl burnt the boat <<Tigris>> 1978 due to the already conflicted draconi war game between west and east at the horn of africa and many species of mammals in AFRICA is suffering near extinction level already due to draconi silk road trade route between west and east what Thor Heyerdahl and his crew did was heroic showing the remaining hellenic pelasgian states how corrupted* U.N. is allowing further genocide of humans up until todays date it was a physical red alert against the army of 200,000,000 from crossing the river euphrates burning the boat <<Tigris>> down at the horn of africa time of awakening is now parallell to NATO war games in the northern hemisphere army of 200,000,000 is already outside Stockholm in the baltic sea with submarines belonging to R.I.C. axis every auto-rotation of Levan/Moon now is further negotation between the galactic commonwealth and the draconi hijackers meanwhile of pole reversal and an infinite timelines being outlayered at once in NOW whatever happens NEMESIS cannot be STOPPED and CERN is what keeps scripted MAN from becoming awakened HUMAN fet ed for further clarity about stockholm eurovision was a draconi order right from the top of the hierarchy down to måns zelmerlöw to further paralyze the HUMANS of Sweden from awakening the scripted MAN by CERN machine
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    What Next for Greece and for Europe?

    summer in uptown oslo dozens of african immigrants w/o accomodation i suppose the situation in greece is tenfold if not hundredfold due to geographic distance such is the situation of draconi hegemony above the last sovereign hellenic pelasgian states no wonder china does not want to house the immigrants in their empty cities as the draconi master plan is the genocide of humans with the army of 200,000,000 soldiers (and the immigration is a direct cause of conflicts created by the R.I.C. axis in Africa)
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    The Pattern

    god i don't even cut my hair and i just turned 24
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    The Pattern

    sirius race was already here before andromedios incarnations the curly hair is the rightful owner of this planet curly hair = sirius straight/wavy hair =andromedios and mix of phaeton together with sirius
  21. PANX

    The Pattern

    all the suggested years are pointers to the end of separation of cosmic and human body which is separated by the state of awakened and asleep. those that haven't found this out yet are the ones prolonging this mission for us andromedios incarnated here on earth/gaia. the ones prolonging this mission will not have a choice but to come along anyway if their will is not to be demised by the highest court of andromedios. that's also why i like to think there will not be a timeline split but a timeline merge of the both states our existence are experiencing i.e. day and night will become only day or night if you'd prefer the latter word/logos instead of the first (because we're already living in a split timeline aren't we, hiraa? :PP). first comes the integration of ancient technology for the awakened ones second the removal of moon and third the merge of all timelines wether mankind is ready for it or not. all in one shook before this already split timeline of day and night/sleep and awake become even more catastrophic for us living, incarnated andromedios spirits. i hope the coming years will be smooth yet it is challenging already to live due to the damage already inflicted on us/human kind and restoration is happening parallelly to our awakened state. before the removal of moon all humans must stop: YAWNING, but telling a human that is yawning to stop yawning is a mission impossible for me because they tend to become aggressive, lol.
  22. PANX

    The Pattern

    2017 is a bit too pessimistic hiraa :PP
  23. i think dreams are a) cosmic body awakened while human body is sleeping b) human consciousness programmed through psychotronic laser c) both a and b because i have no answer to my dreams as i keep getting them everytime i go to sleep albeit lately i think i've been meeting humanoids inside my own mind while sleeping i think those humanoids that are visiting my sleep are the ones engineering the orbs visible now to everybody i also think the ear ringing is caused by the orb inside my mind because the orb has entered/descended to earth/terra/gaia through sol i am also wondering if the orbs are in negotiation with the tall fake/traitor andromedios nordic considering the positive timelines being outlayered fet
  24. cool unity serie above reminds of cowboy bebop a total classic for those interested in sci-fi