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  1. Dear, T could you give us an estimation of time when the ninth planet/nemesis will be completely visible for the naked eye in broad daylight or is it impossible to estimate a date due to the draconian dominance on ground?
  2. PANX

    Space Watch

    interesting jessica after reading your post i developed a theory maybe the dream will come true and the meteorites are magnetic and will not harm innocent humans fet
  3. not to hijack your thread, unity alex collier is an impostor anyone whom does not bring forward the ongoing genocide of the white pelasgian race and black sirius race does not have the best interest for hue-manity
  4. PANX

    Ninth Planet Discovered

    i could only find information of todays name for antichton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter-Earth
  5. PANX

    Ninth Planet Discovered

    the ancient greeks thought it were 12 planets and they couldn't be wrong could they from antichton to hades 12 totally antichton hermes hephaistos aphrodite gaia ares phaeton zeus chronos uranides poseidon hades and they didn't have fancy telescopes to detect planets what's going on here on this planet with NASA and their modern technology which cannot detect planets the ancient greeks could detect without telescopes! fet
  6. kumo after reading your questions i was made wiser thank you i think timeline merge is not a far away location it rests in the memory of the andromedian DNA honestly it feels like an eternity not knowing when things will fall in place i hope it won't take long, kumo fet
  7. to my own experience changing oneself is not enough if the environment is full of obstacles therefore i honestly wish for a global, harmonic timeline merge NOW i.e. release of free energy, abundant technology and organic harmonies in all actions taken according to the natural law it sucks to be me now i hope it gets better for all of you! fet
  8. i am totaly with T on sexuality everybody is born with a gender sex is program whence broken down it is nothing else than thought forms true Ellenes live up to their gender of birth as same genders will NEVER be able to generate anew gender fet
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    when money is nothing worth what's going to be traded for food no wonder TPTB is stressing forward the cashless society globally sweden of the nordic countries were the first after canada changing/switching to newer bills and coins in order to decrease the amount of cash flowing in society 2016 and forward is going to be exactly what we allow them, TPTB, to do against Us Ellenes thank you T
  10. i forgot norwegian is an off-spring of latin mixed with greek thanks for reminding the source lux (lys) cheers
  11. palace lucerna lucerna - lucia - lucifer lose, lys(=light, norwegian) what does luc mean in greek translated? fet edit did a little google and found this http://perseus.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/philologic/getobject.pl?c.44:1:179.LSJ http://perseus.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/philologic/getobject.pl?c.44:1:196.LSJ comparing old greek with modern, bastardized languages the difference is least to say interesting
  12. PANX


    being caught up in a chaotic, disoriented and ignorant timeline i feel there isn't much time left for a complete draconian demise as many of Us cannot take any more of the non-thinking brainless set up against the few thinkers of Us fet P.S. i also notice birds sticking around much longer
  13. In absence of a similar thread I've taken the opportunity by doing so. Many dream-posts have been posted in T's topic "THE ANNOUNCEMENT" and that is fine by me. Though, I think it's a good idea to collect all kind of dreams that we've been experiencing lately in one, same and single topic making it into a kind of a collective dream-journal that we could use as data for cross-reference. Having that said, I'll start with a dream or sleep paralysis I had last night. Monday the 14th of July there was a full moon, or super moon if more preferably. Before falling into sleep I woke up in a paralysis, and struggled with having control over my body. I looked up and saw UFO:s above me. I drew the conclusion that the paralysis was the doings of malevolent UFO technology. It was quite a logic reasoning. I was having a battle of control of my body in the paralysis against the UFO:s. This was only a dream/paralysis and we can use it as data for Sympan U.O. material. Why does a paralysis occur? Later on the same night after that I've woken up from the paralysis I went into sleep-dream mode again. This time I saw the terrestrials Chinese draconians!! They were controlling, and grouping souls in a FEMA-like camp a few miles to the east of the dream position that I was invoked in. The scenario before seeing this draconian camp was a mist being pushed to the east and therefore I turned my vision in the same direction and saw the chinese flag and the camp. I, then, realized that inside the camp with the chinese flag woth a thousands of lost souls is not a place where I wanted to be. I intuitively turned my vision back to west and escaped into the mist and saw flying terrestrials above me. They pushed the mist to the east. Why? I saw clearly it was to lure the souls of humans into the camp. When I ran into the mist I was chocked because we were escaping from it. The chock came from that mist was totally godless and was only invoked to scare us. I managed getting a few miles into the mist before I was caught by a chinese terrestrial. I woke up, and realised that the draconian terrestrials exist up to the 5th dimension. This dream that I had last night could be an indicator that andromedian forces are now focusing on ensuring the safety of all souls within the soul camps. Not without fight and struggle it seems. They are truly desperate now. fetteru7
  14. good catch T i entered youtube two days ago and the first thing/video which were recommended by the stock holders of youtube was the hit/song "Hello" by her it makes no wonder why her album is titled 25 when the stock holders marketed her up to 28 mil. views seconds right after release fet
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    i am receiving scripts in archaic gree ce translated into my mother tongue words such as ANDROMEDA plus plus SKIP i think paradise is coming to revival once we've learnt our andromedian ancestors scientific language fet P.S. eating raw onion helps recalling dream time memory
  16. PANX


    shivers through the spine after reading this thread thank you T not too long now fet
  17. PANX

    Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

    inside the heliosphere between the human and the sun an artificial spherical body created in the constellation dracos bootes, lilith holds the same size, shape and geometrical form as the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotating natural, satellite bodies of the gaean corpse i.e. our planet (Hera and Zevs) corect me if i am wrng fet
  18. refugee/immigrant camps set up within the national borders of the pelasgian/hellenic states are nothing else than trojans waiting for their supreme commander YAHWEH/ASMODAI/SENDAI/ALLAH to give them their signal to pull the trigger (hence there are no blondes fleeing) before they can aim the gun at the remaining white and black race they need the equipments provided somehow and one can wonder why the ports let chinese/draconian items flow into consumer stores abundantly without the police corp. ending the economic dominance of the chinese/draconians norway is on the other hand waking up slowly with the minister of finance Jensen, Siv raising the toll of stupid dumb phones but it is barey enough
  19. http://tomatobubble.com/id891.html
  20. video removed in second link @cheetah9
  21. thank you T for the clarification 9