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  1. Aco, great job, like the clean look. been gone a year, but see things here are relatively the same. So much has happened, will be in the states for a couple of days, before heading back 'home'. I'll prepare one post that should answer all questions. Or, at least stir up some controversy. Z.
  2. The other obvious 'elephant in the room', besides the children taking relative no notice of the Zeta, is the fact that the Zeta is oblivious to them. It doesn't look there way at all. That goes against their nature. This, I find, the most curious, and suggests to me that it is a hoax. Well done, but a hoax none the less. z
  3. Zurishaddai

    "MARS... What They Have Been Keeping From You"

    RS, I just read the pdf file from your link above. If you've read what I've told you before, you'll see that I have been accurate. Your initial info only gave coordinates that I could never get google mars to accept in the search window, so from that, I could only guess the Hellas area was where you were asking about. The pictures and descriptions (from the pdf file) of what the author believes is in the pictures are mostly inaccurate. It is my opinion that at least half of the pictures are just martian terrain and anything else is just imagination. First thing you need to understand is that there is no lettering on any equipment that you can see from the outside. Secondly, as I've stated before, the Hellas area is one of the oldest spots of activity. Hellas Planitia is an ancient southern hemisphere lake. Beneath the surface there is still a great volume of liquid water. Water is used to make breathable air and hydrogen as a fuel. Of course, it also a potable treasure. If you rotate back to a 'North' at the twelve o'clock position, then go east about 100 to 200 miles, you will find the volcano that I wrote about previously. It erupted eons ago, and with the low gravity, quickly produced a great deal of lava. This lava cooled rapidly in the cold air and was pushed outward and created a vast area of lava tubes. Here on Earth these tubes are usually, on average, less than 4 feet in diameter and run for a few miles. On Mars, because of minimal gravitational influence, and the frigid air temps, the tubes are often 20 feet or more in diameter and can run for hundreds of miles. With the water from the Hellas lake, air is made but because considerable amounts of carbon dioxide (and monoxide) is also generated, this process necessitates several ventilation pumping stations. I'd like to help your quest for info, so, what more do you wish to know? z
  4. Zurishaddai

    "MARS... What They Have Been Keeping From You"

    RS, I tried to cut and paste the coordinates you gave, but google mars doesn't want to cooperate. However I do know a bit about the general area. I believe it to be northeast from Hellas Planitia. This area is not officially called a 'Chaos', but it should be. The terrain is rugged to say the least. The only equipment that might be at the surface there would be 'pump stations'. Both Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are problematic and are required to be pumped to the surface. Much of this area has many volcano tubes that, being naturally hollow, are utilized as near surface dwellings. With your viewing angle, looking SouthEast, check for a nearby volcano that is about at the 3 Km height. It is alone on the surface and shouldn't be hard to identify. I can see it, and if we can validate that as a landmark, perhaps I can help more identify that which you are seeking. z
  5. Zurishaddai

    "MARS... What They Have Been Keeping From You"

    RS, where are these pictures from ? What part of Mars ? I can use coordinates, but a physical reference .. as in, east of the Valles Marineris .... or south of Hellas Planitia ... Where on the planet may help me, help you. Surface dwelling has not been possible for a really long time. Yet reasons for access to the surface are necessary and varied. All life is active under the surface and what you are seeing may be those access points. z
  6. Zurishaddai

    The history of mankind, the Jews and Ascension

    Nice ... uh, ... story. z
  7. In order for China to own the moon, they will first have to get there. Once there, they will have to plant a foothold, establish a presence and continue to send people, and supplies. The U.S. was only able to get there with help, help the Chinese don't have. They need to find a way of getting past the radiation field. So far they don't have that capability. Any person traveling through that area will not survive long. Even if they do acquire the radiation protection, they will still have to ... discuss ownership with the current residents. z
  8. Zurishaddai


    October 17th ... Neutron Star Variant arrives in Earth orbit around Sol at 0.232 AU from Earth This transition will last approx. 4 days. Earth then passes through tailing debris about Nov. 3rd through 7th. No problems in October but much astro-trash will fall in November. z
  9. If the US gov. is involved, there is a good possibility that what they are after and how they go about it will be similar to their efforts here in the 'States. Example of Area 51 that most have heard of. What you have seen in aerial photos reveal a small air force base. nothing spectacular. But we all know, or estimate, what goes on underground. And yes, I know a little about what the public is exposed to regarding laser tech. But I also know that there are devices that can be held by one man. The thing is not much bigger than 50 cal. but does require a power cable. The amount of effort expended to get to the lake is directly proportional to the expected value of the knowledge and or materials returned. So, there must be something down there of extreme value. .... probably another stargate. z
  10. I believe that if those present can't find a way down, we can. With a laser system in place, it would neutralize any living substance, and the ice would instantly be turned to steam. If pumped out to a stand-by ice cavern, or even the surface it would be sterile in any case and no problem. Bio-hazard suits and sectional air-locks is the way to go. If steam venting is done properly it could also generate electricity and lighting would also be available. Z.
  11. Zurishaddai

    End-Time Activation Codes

    Think I'll put another layer of foil inside my hat.... z
  12. There are a few things I've been thinking about that no one has brought up. The first is that the lake is liquid water. Which means that the ambient air temp is above 32 degrees (f). It has an air dome above it. In places nearly a mile high. It's my opinion that if I were doing the "drilling", I would dig down in the ice, several hundred feet, cover the work area (which might be as large as a hundred yards square). Then construct and allow the "roof" to be covered over, whether by nature or machine. With a buried work area, the problematic cold would be above in the open air. Like an Inuit igloo, the interior temperature would quickly rise. Using laser technology a hole could be burnt rapidly. The problem as I understand it, is that the scientists want to keep any outside bacteria from the lake atmosphere. So, when they get close to punching through the dome they have to be very careful. How to secure samples and not introduce modern pollution may be their biggest problem. z
  13. Zurishaddai

    The Americans used nukes in Iraq

    War is based on greed. Whether a person is killed by a well thrown rock, or an indiscriminate nuke, they are just as dead. If a child becomes limbless from a machete wielding crazy, or is an innocent by-standing casualty from haphazardly deployed daisycutters, they are just as crippled. Until a cure for the disease of wealth lust can be found, there will be wars and the destruction they produce. Z
  14. Zurishaddai


    Friendly? friendly to whom? I think that would depend on whose side they are on. Or, which side you are on. There is a difference of opinion currently being argued. The Reptilian Dracos believe they own this planet and everything on it. Maybe some have been prompted to leave, but not all. Perhaps these newly arriving ships are reinforcements ... or maybe they are a 'back-up' for the group opposing the Dracos. z
  15. Zurishaddai

    the earth is hollow

    The Earth is not 'hollow' as the word implies. It is more like swiss cheese. With hundreds, if not thousands of caverns and passageways of various sizes, shapes and / or lengths. The same is true of our moon, and of Mars. Z