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  1. alphaomega

    The girl who gets gifts from birds

    Don't worry, it's such a wonderful story that it deserves to be everywhere : I agree Thehawk. We feed the birds all year long and the turkeys always leave us prize feathers as gifts. I have boxes of them.
  2. alphaomega

    Alternative Cancer Cures

    Hello Bryan, I just received a book as a gift yesterday and it has many cancer cures it is through HSI "Health Sciences Institute. There is so much information that may be able to help your mom, too much to list here, but one simple one is eating Kombu seaweed or Laminaria. It self destructs cancer cells by apoptosis. The name of the book is "Miracles from the Vault" the author is Jenny Thompson. It is free if you join HSI $37.00 in USA, but perhaps you can find it on Amazon. Sending much love and healing to you and your mom.
  3. alphaomega

    The girl who gets gifts from birds

    Sorry TheHawk, I just found this thread after I posted the girl and crow story on "A strictly good news thread"...so now it is in two places.
  4. alphaomega


    Child who feeds crows in her backyard is given gifts from the birds. http://happyplace.someecards.com/for-the-birds/little-girl-receives-gifts-from-crows-as-a-thank-you-for-feeding-them/
  5. Rogue Owl Terrorizing Dutch Town http://news.discovery.com/animals/rogue-owl-terrorizing-dutch-town-150225.htm Feb 25, 2015 04:15 PM ET // by AFP View Related Gallery » A European eagle owl in Portugal is shown in captivity. One of its breed has been wreaking havoc in the Dutch town of Purmerend. The northern Dutch town of Purmerend has advised residents to arm themselves with an umbrella when going out at night after a mysterious spate of bloody rogue owl attacks. Birds are graceful, agile creatures, but why, when it comes to things such as their own reflection and cars speeding nearby, do they seem a bit slow on the uptake? DCI Over the last three weeks, the European eagle owl has silently swooped on dozens of residents of the usually peaceful town, with many victims requiring hospital treatment. The latest aerial assault on Tuesday evening saw two members of a local athletics club attacked, with one runner requiring stitches for six head wounds caused by the nocturnal bird of prey's talons. The club has cancelled all training until further notice. Residents and workers at Prinsenstichting home for the handicapped have been left terrified following at least 15 attacks, spokeswoman Liselotte de Bruijn told AFP. "During the day there's no problem, but at night we now only venture outside armed with umbrellas, helmets and hats, anything really, to protect ourselves," said De Bruijn. "The problem is that you don't hear the owl before it strikes. Its claws are razor-sharp," she said. "We hope the city will soon catch this rogue bird." Purmerend city council said it was trying to find a solution. "We want to catch the owl as our city's residents are in danger," it said on its website, noting however that the European eagle owl is a protected species that requires special permission to be trapped. "These procedures can still take some time. Meanwhile, we are advising people to stay away from the owl," the city said, telling night strollers in the area to shield themselves with umbrellas.
  6. alphaomega

    sinkholes and disturbances in the core

    Four new craters form after flash of light in Siberia. http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/02/four-new-giant-siberian-craters-found-after-a-flash-of-light/ Advertise here now Four New Giant Siberian Craters Found After a Flash of Light 9 Comments February 25, 2015 Paul Seaburn Scientists in Siberia report four new giant craters have appeared in the Yamal Peninsula and one of them was discovered shortly after local residents reported seeing a giant flash of light. Two of the craters quickly filled with water and are now lakes. One is surrounded by up to 20 mini-craters and many more smaller holes are opening up in the same area with no warnings, no general agreement on causes and no known ways to predict them. Is it time to panic? Or too late? Black dots are existing craters, red dots are new ones Three large mysterious craters were discovered last year in northern Russia. At first, speculation on causes ranged from meteors and bombs to eruptions from underground fault lines to aliens and subterranean creatures. Two possible natural causes are tied to global warming. Giant subsurface ice accumulations called pingos may be melting quickly and causing sinkholes. The most worrisome possibility is that underground methane gas is mixing with water, salt and heat to cause explosions. That could explain the flash of light reported before the discovery of one of the new craters at Antipayuta. Before and after satellite pictures of a newly discovered Siberian crater that has already filled with water and is surrounded by mini-craters. The four new giant craters and dozens of small ones have been discovered by locals and reindeer herders and by experts like Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Moscow-based Oil and Gas Research Institute, using satellite images. He’s calling for an “urgent” investigation of the new craters. We know now of seven craters in the Arctic area … But I am sure that there are more craters on Yamal, we just need to search for them. I would compare this with mushrooms. When you find one mushroom, be sure there are few more around. I suppose there could be 20 to 30 craters more … We need to answer now the basic questions: what areas, and under what conditions, are the most dangerous? If you don’t want people to panic, Professor, maybe you shouldn’t talk about craters and mushrooms at the same time. Whatever the cause, these giant craters are now forming closer to inhabited communities and mining and refining operations. Is it time to stop, take a deep breath and smell the methane? Or should we be looking for another cause for these mysterious Siberian holes?
  7. alphaomega

    The PARANORMAL Thread

    Grey Lady ghost captured by schoolgirl. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2967734/Is-spooky-apparition-Grey-Lady-Hampton-Court-Schoolgirls-claim-captured-ghost-servant-died-small-pox-nursing-Elizabeth-palace.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490 Thursday, Feb 26th 2015 2PM 9°F 5PM 5°F 5-Day Forecast Is this spooky apparition the Grey Lady of Hampton Court? Schoolgirls claim to have captured ghost of servant who died of small pox after nursing Elizabeth I at the palace Dame Sybil Penn died of small pox in Hampton Court Palace in 1562 Her ghost was seen by the Victorians when her tomb was moved in 1829 The palace is also haunted by Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife She was dragged to her death through the palace accused of adultery Two schoolgirls noticed the strange apparition on a visit to the palace By Francesca Infante for the Daily Mail Published: 19:00 EST, 24 February 2015 | Updated: 07:07 EST, 25 February 2015 6.4k shares 2.4k View comments For nearly 200 years she is rumoured to have haunted the corridors of Hampton Court. But now the ghost of the famous Grey Lady may finally have been captured on camera - by a schoolgirl and her iPhone. Holly Hampsheir, 12, thought she was taking a fairly routine photo of her cousin Brook McGee, also 12, during a day out at the 16th century stately home. Scroll down for video +6 Holly Hampsheir, left, is being followed though Hampton Court by a ghostly apparition +6 The 12-year-old school girl turns around only to discover that the ghoul had disappeared +6 Dame Sybil Penn died of smallpox in 1562 at Hampton Court, pictured, and has been haunting it since But she appears unwittingly to have captured the spectral figure of Dame Sybil Penn who looms over the schoolgirl as her back is turned. With flowing dark hair and a full length black gown the woman seems real enough in the picture. But seconds later Brook turns around and the next image in the series shows no sign of the visitor at all.
  8. alphaomega

    big foot , Sasquatch, Yowie man

    Hi pal, I have seen the prints of what I assume was Bigfoot. The first were in Hoh National forest in Washington state. These were huge 17" and very wide. The shape was human like. I have seen plenty of bear tracks and this was no bear. There were actually many types of prints there some much wider some with damaged toes. There were also large areas where something very large had slept where branches and leaves had been put in place. I wish now I had examined the pile for hairs to take with me. I did take some pictures of the footprints. I also saw prints in Hyder Alaska in the mud where the glacier was melting. there were also smaller prints beside it like a youngster. The stride was incredible, as I had to jump to match the stride which was well over 4' perhaps 5', there was also a huge pile of dung along the path. I know they are out there, can't say as I blame them from not making themselves seen around humans. This was all posted earlier, perhaps a few months ago on another thread about Bigfoot.
  9. alphaomega


    Never, ever, forget how powerful the inner spirit is in each of us. When we align with who we really are we can overcome anything, and I mean anything, without any kind of outer force. This is the only thing we need to remember and live each and every day. The rest will fall of its own deception. We are here to be fully who we are without fear. I know many of you already know this, but it always helps to have a reminder. When you are aligned with this inner spirit you will feel it, and the power that flows from you is like nothing else. It dissolves everything that is not love based in its path because it is our inner truth. This is what the Illuminati etc. is really afraid of. They have lost whatever true power that existed in them because they chose the purely physical which requires control of others because they are living in a deep fear that comes of letting go of what is true and loving from within. They are lost and the only way they can find their own inner essence, is through us, living ours. We are here to help every being align and find their inner truth.
  10. alphaomega

    Unheard and Heard Sound

    Thank you for the reminder Icanseeatoms. I have several CD's based on the Solffeggio scale and had not listened to them in awhile. Just got them out again and am listening. I almost forgot how uplifting these are to listen to, they truly have an impact on the spirit.
  11. ‘Smiley face’ spotted in space Hubble telescope captures celestial emoji . (NASA/ESA)
  12. Just another piece of the puzzle Unity. These relics and ET bodies were hidden for years by the Rothchilds which had been found in Egypt. This is an interesting article. It all seems to be coming out in the open. http://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2015/02/ufo-alien-egyptian-artifacts-discovered-jerusalem-kept-secret-rockefeller-museum/
  13. That is beautiful Unity. what a sweet and loving woman and so much patience.
  14. alphaomega

    Unheard and Heard Sound

    This all reminds me very much of sympathetic vibration. Just as a note is played, for example with a tuning fork, if another tuning fork of the same tone or vibration is nearby it picks up the vibration by sympathy and also vibrates. Much of this is discussed by John Keely who lived at the turn of the century and worked with sympathetic vibration in his many inventions. He is not as well known as Tesla but created wonderful machines that worked on this premise. Our friend has been studying and built several of one type of Keelys machines, the dynasphere. All I can say is it gives off love, a potent form of communication and I saw golden geometric shapes flowing from the top of it when he demonstrated it to a group of us. We vibrate together when we are attuned to the same vibration so yes we communicate with each other constantly in a way that we are not even aware of. For more information on John Keely, and Dale Ponds work with the Dynasphere, check out www.svpvril.com. It is quite an interesting website.