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  1. plantkeeper

    Occupy Wall Street

    If you take into consideration the entity's saying: u r god in ur universe, then it would seem that building something new would be the best way forward, since other sources emphasize 'co creation' by human beings. The issue is that we don't know what is 'real' unless it is first hand experience. Been watching the events in Tahrir Square (on tv) and the protesters are putting forward their own candidates. plantkeeper
  2. Yes, I get some of the same responses, some of the time as those you speak of. I do an 'ornery job'. We are souls playing roles - as in a Shakespearian drama - sometimes though, you have to remind yourself of this, otherwise life might remind you. Since the mayan calendar according to calleman's reckoning, has now come to an end, it is now the beginning of co creation, if it has not always been this already for some. plantkeeper
  3. yes, all well and good (or bad, depending on which side of the argument you are argumenting), I heard something totally different about this: emotions are magnetic, now if the sun puts paid to the magnetosphere, which is /may be the box in which we are comfortably emotionally kept (the matrix maybe or whatever), that would not mean destruction, or it might in another way, but could also set us free from this setup. just thinking out_loud_outofthe_box. plantkeeper
  4. just thinking out loud......all of that hullabaloo about elenin, broken up, apparently by a cme, shows you how powerful the sun is (they could not harp that one could they?). now news of an asteroid this time, on an auspicious palindromic date, anyway all we can do is wait and see, the same with the total absence of airplane noise today, get the feeling I am watching more and more. plantkeeper
  5. plantkeeper

    OCCUPY MARINES To Support OWS America

    I am glad that the 'media' are now paying some attention to this, we have been following this since the beginning on RT. the also have a newsletter/paper called Nation of Change that you can subscribe to. plantkeeper.
  6. plantkeeper


    Can anyone living in the UK shed some light on why I did not see any incoming flights where we live (somewhere in the middle)? It is usually full of them, but not today..... What also struck me was that most people were not even aware of the fact that it was so quiet...... my first thoughts were of hekla, katla and other possibilities, nothing there, well nothing alarming..... plantkeeper
  7. plantkeeper

    So... You thought Elenin was gone? uh uh...

    Mmm, nice looking board, haven't been here for some time, the following caught my attention, though I am sure that I saw it on RT first: http://www.news24.com/SciTech/News/Near-Earth-asteroid-in-fly-by-20111103 that is for the day after tomorrow. plantkeeper
  8. Thank you Stu, for the wonderful depiction, yes and then we have a full moon coming up as well. plantkeeper
  9. Hi Arc Yes, I saved my guts once from having that which most westerners get in a tropical land, by swallowing a whole tube of the stuff. That and eating coconuts almost every day. Thanks for jogging my memory though, now on to the pet shop for some charcoal filters. plantkeeper
  10. plantkeeper

    For those of you that are into frequencies!

    Thanks Arc, I am practising it on my guitar! plantkeeper
  11. plantkeeper

    Colloidal Silver - Natural antibiotic

    Hi BorgQueen, Yes, we have this around, nice thing is that you can produce it yourself. I tend to alternate this with using h2o2 and some of my own urea, the latter being very good for the skin. Thank you for the info on metal, I will keep this in mind. Sometimes I get the 'awareness' to use one of those ceramic 'chinese' spoons. Another good alternative for skin problems is either Fuller's Earth or Bentonite. For glandular balance I have started using magnesium dissolved in purified water. It is proportional inverse: the less of the complicated stuff that one uses, the better the results are. Nice name, btw plantkeeper
  12. plantkeeper

    Mouth care

    Amazing, how you can do A LOT of things for yourself, shopuld it be amazing yoou think? I recall that we had some kind of h2o2 when we were kids and when we had a mouth problem, we used to gargle with it. Yes, know about the buteyko exercises, now the sufferers need to be convinced that it is better to use them than the usual. plantkeeper
  13. plantkeeper

    Mouth care

    Once again, excellent topic and thread, yes, I have been using H2O2 for > 1 year now and I also do oil pulling as a way of cleaning my mouth: http://oilpulling.com/ This serves to pull pathogens from your blood in the 20 mins that it takes the heart to pump the blood round. Then flush the oil down the toilet and clean the mouth with H2O2. Beside that there is one more therapy that I follow, drinking your own ..... . Reoccupy your own body, not only wall street, I'd say. plantkeeper
  14. Well done for unpicking the news on that in the latest nexus issue, the gridlines of the holodeck laid bare, bravo! plantkeeper
  15. plantkeeper

    Occupy Wall Street

    uh, yeah, now here is a thought - especially for those amongst you who are allergic to the word socialist, or WORSE: communist (they are just words, remember!), that the russian revolution started on 17 October, well at least that is the date on the manifesto: http://www.dur.ac.uk/a.k.harrington/octmanif.html and once again history is repeating itself. please divorce the word from the meaning. Btw has anyone listened or seen The juice media: I do agree with what is happening there, it is a good start, just as long as it is not highjacked or 'occupied' by this or that force (for the not so good = greed), but that - imho - is up to the mindset of the people who want a change (not meaning small change), and that - I am afraid - is what it all hinges upon. I did not vote, but would have voted for the majority as shwon on the outcome, btw. plantkeeper