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  1. Telly

    Ecoscience - The Art of Culling Humanity

    You're right LoneStarr, I never noticed what these terms really implied. Stewardship is not just managing natural resources but economics, health etc. and is generally overarching. Its really quite insideous. That organisation is a horrible perversion of Arne Næs's original philosophy of Deep Ecology. I can't believe anyone, except for eugenists, would agree with this;
  2. Telly

    Ecoscience - The Art of Culling Humanity

    Prince Phillip is so disgusting, I can't even look at a picture of him 'Remote-controlled contraceptive microchip could launch by 2018 Developed by researchers at MIT, the 'digital pill' implant could revolutionise birth control, allowing women to switch hormones on and off at the touch of a button Fighting over the remote control could soon end up in more than just a channel-hopping battle, if researchers at MIT have their way. In the Bill Gates-funded quest for the next form of contraception, a Massachusetts startup has come up with a small remote-controlled chip, like a digital wifi version of the pill, that will allow women to switch their fertility on and off at the touch of a button.' Link I'm sure a contraceptive microchip is perfectly safe, there's no agenda here
  3. Telly


    MungamineBoy, what brand are you using or are you making it yourself? I am keen to give it a go but would rather use a brand based on recommendation. Please keep updates of your experiences.
  4. Jessica, from that page at the top click project august click reports & predictions click report #5 Reading it now. I was a bit confused at first too.
  5. Telly

    Kingdom of North Sudan

    This story keeps coming back into my mind. I think its really odd. There's a bit more information in this guardian article about what he plans to do. Some interesting things mentioned: So he wants to help global food security and on the Business Insider website from the link provided, he claims he wants to terraform the region funded by a kickstarter campaign. Yet all the articles on the net are focusing about him making his daughter a princess with one sentence at the end of the article about using the area for agriculture. This makes no sense to me. I guess we won't know more until he gets internationl recognition.
  6. I also noticed this; 7, 17, 777 What does it mean?
  7. Do you think this is another situation of, 'We have some secret business to do in one of the underground bases in the middle of nowhere but its too obvious to pretend nothing's going on so we need some bs cover story'...this kind of thing? From the link; I'm laughing at this. What are they really planning.
  8. I'm sure I saw earlier today, that the U.S has added more sanctions on Russia. Was it set up so that this would appear to be a reaction to those sanctions? Here's the video from CNN, I think it was up yesterday or this morning. Such a sad and unnecessary tragic event.
  9. ^ I read that as something else until I scrolled down and saw the pennies. Interesting blog about higher education, spent the last hour reading through it.
  10. Telly

    Simon Parkes Interview

    Another Simon Parkes Interview. He talks about the Ukraine situation. Interestingly he claims Putin is working with another alien group that is humanoid, compared to the reptilian group that works with the Americans. This group has given Putin some technology which is why the Americans are reluctant to take on Russia. He also believes Putin might be the first world leader to tell the truth about aliens. There's also his opinion about the missing Malaysian airline.
  11. That guy has been doing that for years now. It's ok when you see it once but is pretty annoying after awhile especially when you're trying to eat. God I miss Jus Burgers.
  12. Thanks Aco, it means a lot to feel safe and welcomed here especially when people in real life tend to think i'm a bit of a weirdo Bryan, I think you should definately do a gut cleanse. I've had gut problems and doing a cleanse made a world of difference to my mind and emotions. You cope better in stressful situations. The stronger you feel, the less effect a psychic attack will have. Have you had psychotherapy?, that is meant to be good for gut issues because of holding onto emotions for a long time. I will also send some healing energy your way and focus on the solar plexus.
  13. Hi Bryan, I'm a bit shy to add my thoughts but its a strong feeling and I'm making more of an effort to be brave in expressing myself. Reading your post I 'saw' a cord around your mid section. It feels parasitic (thoughtform?), thinking about it is making my mid section get really hot. I wonder if you are also having some digestive issues, that can influence mental health (your anxiety/fearful thoughts). Anyway the first thing that came to me was to take some epsom salt baths and also using sage to cleanse the house. Another thought is a gut cleanse or a course of probiotics. I also agree with Trition about drinking lots of water. The word 'cleanse' stands out to me, its seems very important. Go with what resonates.