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  1. A reply to my 1st ever post here; very cool, thank you. I wonder what that picture was which inspired you so ? All I ever think of when the fakery/fraud gets ramped up is: 'Please - can I be done & go home now !!?'
  2. I don't post much here. Content just to stop by & read now & then. Found something worth sharing. Maybe someone else here feels like a 'stranger in a strange land' & will also enjoy it ? Great article here: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/08/18/everything-is-fake-top-40-pieces-of-fakery-in-our-world/ Folks via commentss have pointed out...the 'fake list' is really endless on this planet. I have come to realize that this world's main source of fuel is... simply layer upon layer of lies. Point of perspective: Imagine awakening in some timespace - knowing you are an alien there - and wishing deeply to go home - whilst knowing you are stuck there for the duration. Imagine remembering communication deeper than any in that timespace - richer colours - the knowing of actual, deep peace... And then finding out that all these precious things far exceed the technical specs of the low vibration timespace you have manifested into. I speak from personal experience. Baffled...or perhaps also know all this yourself ? Have a look: http://www.ecologos.org/text/ET101.txt Another great bit of verbiage and well worth the time to take it in, slowly, with enjoyment.