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    Meet your strawman

    Originally, Capitals were used in the name of Deities, in order to set them apart from "human" characters. It is used to signify the beginning of a sentence, bringing attention to the position. The Mr. is used as an honorific, or a salutation of rank. Mister is a 'slanged' evolution of the word minister, given to non Dieties, or rather young Deities, as we have a capital letter at the beginning of our names. So when they send you a letter with Mr, they are acknowledging that you are male, that you are a minister - (a minister administers rules and decrees, as well as wisdom and intelligence. That it is called mister, signifies that you do not create the rules as the Ministers in parliament, or as the Prime Minister in various countries, but you can influence the Ministers above you, to direct the PM... ) - It is a title of respect. That the contents are favorably received or not, has no bearing on the salutation, and its recognition of your status being above theirs. When the governments send out mail, usually the document is entirely in Caps. This is to again, to signify that you are of higher standing, than "The Government of Australia". Again, that you do not agree with the contents, is irrelevant. What we are now seeing is Country names being all caps, and that is a way of signifying that they are now on equal footing with the power of the people type thing. And on another note, a majority of our population is now senior. It is for most seniors, easier to recognize words win ALL CAPS, so long as it is not too many. A book written in all caps would be difficult to read, and more so to understand on an emotional level. Hope this helps.
  2. Russian project aims to transplant a human brain.... "Human minds could be downloaded into robots within 10 years"... Transplant infers a medical procedure - as though the actual physical brain will be removed from a person. Downloading is the TRANSFER of information to another medium... Downloading does NOT remove the original, therefore, it is not a TRANSPLANT, it is a copy, and the only thing it can copy is INFORMATION. Entrepreneur claims to have 30 scientists working on project. And? That's not a whole lot when you consider the scope of the requirements of the project. Claims 'next stage' of science is to create a 'new human body'. We already have that - its called robotics. We have been developing that for years - artificial limbs, bionic limbs, artificial hearts, dialysis machines, pacemakers... its all a progression. 'This project is leading to immortality,' says Dmitry Itskov. Every project must have an ultimate goal - otherwise, whats the point of doing it in the first place? Leading does not mean that it will be achieved. Man has been seeking immortality since time. The ancient stories of the gods and man, the mythology from so many different sources, all have stories of men trying to attain immortality. Why should it be different now? The man is an ENTREPRENEUR - A businessman. Of course he is going to make wild claims - its how you get attention, its how you get people to support your project, its how you get investment. How is promoting your business and seeking the spotlight ANY different than what ANY other business does? No Conspiracy here...
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    Well presented. But no comment. Let sleeping dogs lie, those that really want to wake up, will. Those that don't... oh well.
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    Isle be Back

    Really? Now we are going to hold a MAYOR of a a town, or city, as the representative of the WHOLE of Russia? Come on! And he is not saying that it should become part of RUSSIA, he is saying it should be returned to the CHURCH. This is a quote from a Mayor. All he is doing is saying he supports the IDEA. And the Idea is one of religion, not politics. If Putin had said this, then you have a major flag to examine. A Mayor? Really? That would be like the Mayor of Toronto Canada saying "I support the idea of re-claiming New England" seeing it used to be part of the Original Canada... It would be laughed at both by the rest of us Canadians, and about 99% of the Americans. It would not even makes news outside of our two countries. But there would be the 1% that would be getting out the bullhorns "Canada's Secret Plans to Invade United States Revealed"...
  5. Ever played one of those games in the comic books - spot the differences? Guess what folks, these are two different pictures of two different rock formations in the same area that look the same, but are not. Spend some time looking at the big rocks and see how they are similar, but not the same. The landscapes around both large rocks are vastly different. Unless of course we want to simply say "Mars Rocks are really Aliens"... There is always another way to continue to assert that something is a lie or that something is not as it should be. How do we know what should and should not be, especially on a a planet that we have yet to step foot on, that we have yet to fully understand. And, even IF, and given that it can be seen that these are not the same rock formations that now becomes a HUGE IF, it is what this title suggests, how does that affect us on Earth? And if they have been keeping this from us, why did they even release a single photo of what they are doing? Why not just say "The Rover blew up on impact with Mars" at the very beginning?
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    NEXUS Conference 2014

    Sounds like healthy advice for any time of day, - maybe not during the night. But hell yeah. Think how healthy everyone would be if they did that at home instead of spending hours in front of game consoles, televisions, and what not. How come no one gets this from sitting on the couch all day? How come people who sit at a desk for 8 hours a day don't get this?.... oh, and how many people, EXACTLY, have died from this? Just curious by the way - I have an idea and I need more information. Spellfire... Oh yeah... I almost forgot why I replied to this... Where did you get that picture you posted under the text?
  9. Not really - its a crop field. At the end of the day, the farmer is going to want to harvest his goods... whether or not they contain a message. No?
  10. Has anyone every wondered why it is that we are so fascinated and fearful of death? Think of how much effort, resources, thought, action and so on we dedicate to re-enforcing the idea of youth. We are constantly seeking "new and improved' things. Death is not an end. Death is another beginning. There is NO death - only forgetfulness.