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  1. An important announcement on this front is coming soon from the Free Energy Party and the Vietnam New Energy Group. It concerns a project designed to address the issues just raised by Suzzannee and EagleWings. Please stay tuned....
  2. Joseph Farrell has a good and well-earned reputation in the alt. studies area, and these are his comments on Rossi and Cold Fusion: http://gizadeathstar.com/2015/03/rossi-cold-fusion-already-being-used-in-commercial-production/ Is there a one megawatt E-CAT cold fusion device operating? Yes; There are TWO questions here, one implied, and one obsvious. The implied question is: has a device been sold to an unnamed customer for prolonged commercial trials? Implied answer: yes. Is it producing heat for the customer? Yes; Is the device actually allowing the customer to manufacture or produce whatever it is he manufactures or produces? (Implied question: is the E-CAT device in commercial use?) Yes. Of course, Rossi has come under a great deal of criticism, not only for the nature of his claims, but also for the secrecy with which he has surrounded his project. The secrecy has, of course, not helped Rossi's case nor his image, for such secrecy, in conjunction with fantastic claims, has been the hallmark of the garage-inventor. But unlike such inventors, Rossi has allowed enough information about his process out, and as regular readers here know, recently the Universities of Bologna and Uppsala have examined the basic process involved in Rossi's E-CAT reactor, and concluded that there is excess heat, and that this is the result of a nuclear process. ... Whether all this is true or not, the implications of this story, if true, are immense: cold fusion is now out as a workable, usable, commercial process. And that will change the name of the energy game significantly. Rossi's behavior is telling us "it won't happen suddenly, or overnight, but it will happen, because it already is."
  3. After looking very hard at the breakthrough energy scene for over two years, I've come to the conclusion that the technology most likely to succeed (in terms of allowing everyone to have cheap, clean, safe electricity at the point of use... no more grid or electric bills) is the Cold Fusion stuff. Of all the things discussed in the alt. energy scene (magnet motors, Tesla-style radiant energy devices, graphene-boosted solar cells...), Cold Fusion is the science that has the most scientific support, and this science has translated into several working, testable models which check out under independent study. Although the academics are usually suspicious or even scornful of him, the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi seems to have the early lead in getting Cold Fusion to market... he has made several versions of a machine called the E-cat or Energy Catalyzer, which generate anywhere from 10KW (enough for a modest home) up to 1MW (enough to power a factory). And the thing is, the E-cat has just been indepdendently verified by a well-regarded scientist of Italian/Swedish work background as producing up to 50 times more energy than it consumes. What that means is a world in which... - you spend only 1 to 5% of your current cost for electricity - the price of goods drops as cost of production is driven down - much easier to live off the grid (and in comfort) - much less pollution - much better public health as a result of less pollution - major geopolitical realignment as petroleum is no longer a major money-maker ('oil gets sick'?) Anyway, I decided to start this thread as the cold fusion topic might be coming into greater prominence this year. Among other things, Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs have emerged as one of CF's biggest opponents. This makes it a possible election issue should Trump or Bernie or someone decide to champion CF as a means of getting votes. Following is a good summary: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/specials/clean-tech/cold-fusion-this-time-for-real/article8467507.ece Andrea Rossi's invention could be the energy game changer, but a commercial dispute blocks the way, writes M Ramesh Dirt-cheap, clean energy that can be produced from distributed sources — the holy grail of energy managers — may be just round the bend, but an inventor-investor fracas is holding it up. The invention is an energy box and its description reads like magic. You put in nickel and a compound of lithium and hydrogen – and the machine produces heat. It is on the cusp of being commercialised, and could demolish the existing global energy systems. When Andrea Rossi invented the energy machine about eight years ago, an incredulous scientific community promptly branded the Italian engineer a fraud. The reason was that the machine, which Rossi christened ‘E-Cat’, seemed to be working on the principle of nuclear fusion – conventional wisdom has it that no fusion reaction is possible except at extremely high temperatures, such as the Sun’s.
  4. Thaks, DAR, for providing some information on Schneider that I think many of us (certainly me) were probably not aware of. His case should not be forgotten. One of the things I'm really lookng forward to with the ongoing financial collapse is, I think so many of these pages of our history (Dulce wars, US military confrontations with ETs in the 1980s...) are going to come to public light.
  5. TNH


    That is shocking and very new... news, T! DARPA has not come up in any of the discussions of the Rossi - Industrial Heat fiasco that I've seen. I wonder if the DARPA connection will ever become public knowledge. The 'official' story is that the Jones Day law firm and APCO Worldwide (both of these groups being very tied to the Clintons and Goldman Sachs, according to http://www.sifferkoll.se/sifferkoll/lenr-cat-saga-darden-must-really-really-want-to-keep-rossi-in-the-license-agreement-leaches/)have been assigned to assist a company called Industrial Heat in tying Andrea Rossi's hands so that his E-cat technology never sees the light of day. Something similar happened last year with a company in California called Solar Hydrogen Trends, which developed a system capable of producing prodigious amounts of hydrogen from a tiny amount of water and electrical current. They were "invited" to attend some meetings with the U.S. Department of Defense, and not a word to the scientific community about what they have since then. The significance of this is tha tthe E-cat produces electricity at somewhere between 1 to 5% of today's electricity cost, and without creating pollution or dangerous ionizing radiation. It uses a patented reaction between Nickel and Hydrogen (the hydrogen being a component of LiAlH4, used in his reactor) to in some way tease nature into streaming unusually large amounts of energy straight from the quantum vacuum into his E-cat reactor. (E-cat stands for 'Energy Catalyzer.) Those interested in the Rossi - IH drama might like to read some of the following blogs - http://www.e-catworld.com/ http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/ https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/CustomPage/?id=5 http://www.infinite-energy.com/iemagazine/issue127/reporting-a-lawsuit-in-lenr.html http://www.sifferkoll.se/sifferkoll/ This is the sort of thing that really gets me riled up because it shows that the answer to the energy crisis already exists (of course, there were countless other similar solutions before Rossi, I'm not disputing that, but theE-cat is what the scientific community is discussing today) - but we have a fundamental strategic problem. What will eventually allow one of these breakthrough technologies to see the light of day? Greer hasn't done it. Rossi hasn't done it. Meyer died trying. Pons & Fleischmann were fired from academia and died in relative obscurity. There is a small army of Tesla replicators in the world today, but we still don't have anything like what he envisioned at Wardenclyffe. Is it a problem of greed and egotism on the part of the inventors? Do the inventors simply need more equipment, better laboratories and budges? Is it a problem of a disinterested and mind-numbed public? Are extraterrestrials determined to make sure the world doesn't get breakthrough energy tech? (I'm kidding... sort of) What do we have to do to crack this nut? I am working with a group of philanthropists and New Energy activists in Vietnam to create a system whereby any inventor who has a paradigm-changing technology and who is willing to forego superstar/billionaire status (yet still be reasonably compensated and made comfortable for life, with personal security, a couple houses, new cars for life...) can come to this country and gift their technology to the world, having it disseminated far and wide so that its distributioj becomes a fait accompli before the Old Energy cabal can possibly put it back in the bottle. Yet I wonder, would even this be enough?
  6. TNH


    This week I have spent some time to bring the work of Petros Zografos, mentioned by T above, to the attention of the Vietnamese scientific community. We'll see if there are people in this country who meet the conditions necessary for working with him. I think there is a growing consensus and understanding (among people who didn't necessarily "get it" as recently as a couple years ago) that for free energy to make it into people's homes, the inventor(s) must give up the idea of becoming a billionaire on the scale of Bill Gates. It seems Andrea Rossi (inventor of the "E-cat" cold fusion generator, which has been credibly validated by world-class scientists) still has this dream, and it's one of the key things that has caused his invention to stay locked up in a factory in Florida for over a year. Now it's the subject of court litigation that is likely to go on several more years. All the while we are using fossil fuels... It sounds like Zografos has his heart and his values in the right place; now can we find someone with the financial power, the strategy, and the communications reach to get his inventions into consumers' hands? If anyone knows people in other countries who can get these things out, please let me know.
  7. By the way, physical gold price on the street in Vietnam is US$39.86 per gram. No limits on how many grams you can buy... Not sure how this compares to the price T was discussing above as it applies to his area.
  8. We hear so much about mining activities being a big part of the secret space program... and the idea that the Earth is both importing and exporting natural resources with off-planet civilizations. With regard to the gold and silver prices, one thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is; Is the Earth getting a net increase in gold each year through imports from other civilizations, or are we a net exporter? Obviously this should have a big impact on the international gold price. I can understand that JP Morgan and others have been suppressing the gold price. *But* if the Earth is importing a large amount of gold each year from Mars or wherever, that might suggest gold prices in theory ought to go lower in the next 10 years. Is there anyone here who has an idea of what the Earth's net inflows and outflows of preicous metals area?
  9. If it's at all relevant, here are some slides our little science group in Saigon put together a couple years ago on new thinking about Planck's so-called constant. The new thinking is that the Planck values are not constant at all; that they change according to the density of virtual particles in the quantum vacuum. http://www.slideshare.net/SaigonNewEnergyGroup/new-energy-part-3c1c-plancks-constant
  10. TNH


    At least as interesting as who is named in the Panama docs, is who is *not* named in them.
  11. Fascinating and very helpful answer, T. Thank you. If I may pose a follow-up question, I'd like to ask who is in charge of the Spratlys base that is sending personnel and gold to selene. Is this under Draco control? Chinese (Hong clan) human control? Perhaps it's a joint human-ET base? A few points come to mind based on your response which I'll share with the Chani community. 1) One of the foundational myths of people in Vietnam is that of a 'dragon lord' called Lac Long Quan. Now, 'quan' is just an honorific title such as 'marquis' or 'viscount'. 'Long' means 'dragon' and 'Lac' means 'fallen down' or 'descended from above'. So we have something like 'the honorable dragon(s) which descended from above and it's long seemed to me that the mythical figure Lac Long Quan represents a distant memory of visitation by Draconic reptilians in the ancient Asian past. There is a version of the story at http://en.vietnam.com/culture/art/fairy-tales/lac-long-quan-and-au-co-the-legend-of-ancient-vietnam.html. Many other versions add that after separating from his wife, Lac Long Quan disappeared into the sea east of Vietnam (i.e. South China Sea today), dropping under the water never to be seen again. This may also suggest the idea that the Draco for whatever reason in the distant past decided to no longer make public appearances on land and have since been occupying an undersea base - very possibly the base you mention. 2) The name ascribed to the 'kingdom' over which Lac Long Quan ruled was Hong-Bang, which calls to mind the Hong clan (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%E1%BB%93ng_B%C3%A0ng_dynasty). 3) In 2007, the government of Vietnam abruptly and unexpectedly added a new national holiday to the calendar, which is called the Hung Kings Festival (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%B9ng_Kings'_Festival). This is a day to commemorate Lac Long Quan and his (hybrid) descendants who ruled northern Vietnam for several centuries in the Bronze Age. I always wondered what prompted the government to declare this holiday. Perhaps the VN government became aware of a more overt Hong/Draco role in the geopolitics of the region? Perhaps the Chinese leaders shared with them something along the lines of the 'briefcases'? Right after this, too, the VN military suddenly got interested in acquiring submarine technology, which they hadn't possessed till that time. I suppose if one wishes to visit unersea bases in the South China Sea, submarine tech is a must.
  12. TNH

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    In December 2015 I started lecturing in Saigon on the topic of Black Goo. There were, as I recall, 6 university lectures to around 200 people totally as well as a public lecture which attracted around 15 participants. For better or worse, it seems difficult to get people to take notice of the Black Goo - chemtrail issue in a country where chemtrails are not sprayed. Not sure if anyone else is noticing this where they live - but in general I found people more receptive to alternative knowledge on extraterrestrial - exopolitical topics last year in comparison with this year. In 2016, it's almost like those who made the choice to wake up did so prior to 2015, and those who wish to accept the worldview foisted upon them by the PTB will no longer be shaken from that path.
  13. Many thanks, T, for opening this thread and providing so much important information to date. My question is: Why is China making such a forceful and public move to control the Paracels and Spratlys now? Is there an extraterrestrial connection to this conflict between China and some of the Southeast Asian states?
  14. TNH

    Earth Energies and TimeLine shifts

    Interesting experiences, Imelda. Thanks for sharing. One of the most obvious changes I experienced was the complete inability to consume caffeine. EagleWings can testify that just a few weeks ago, I drank coffee normally - but now, I can't stand it. Also noticed a sudden aversion to meat. Thanks also to Hiraa for pointing out that there are also worlds in which I (and presumably lots of others) didn't experience any of these changes; and for the link to last year's thread, which I totally missed at the time!
  15. TNH

    Earth Energies and TimeLine shifts

    Thanks, EagleWings, for starting this thread. I rarely check GLP any more but something told me to look at that website recently and right there at the top was this thread: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3118197/pg1in which the OP also felt a change around the same time. (Mods please remove the link in case I've broken any rules!) Like Kandescent and Shawn, I've experienced some unusual, mildly uncomfortable sensations with this - though they left me feeling 'cleansed' or functioning at an improved level mentally/physically/psychically. So overall I still perceive this as positive. The writer George LoBuono speculated that once extraction of Zero Point Energy becomes commonplace on our planet, we will notice time changing its speed/properties (http://wespenre.com/pdf/AlienMind.pdf is a great read for those who might not have seen his book yet). This is in line with what Barry Setterfield says about how when you play with ZPE, you are also changing the local value of Planck's constant, which will cause time to flow differently (I put a few slides on this topic together around slides 29 to 35 in http://www.slideshare.net/SaigonNewEnergyGroup/new-energy-part-3c1c-plancks-constant I wonder if, perhaps, just being around engineers working on ZPE extraction devices has contributed to this experience over the past week. In general, the sense I get this week is that 'old obstructions have been cleared' and that we're seeing new tech/thinking/lifestyles emerge just as the old geopolitical order is crumbling. Whether the Keshe technologies are part of this, I still don't know - I know some people who fervently believe they will be, but then again as Jessica mentioned recently, there are detractors. Certainly any legitimately breakthrough-type, humanity-liberating tech would be attacked by paid shills, so I think it will take a while to see what is real and what is disinformation. I also tend towards the idea that we are in a 'timeline war' right now, with CERN trying to push us onto a negative/oppressive timelinethe, but at the same time with global meditation groups springing up all over who are trying to shut down or redirect CERN and push us onto a liberating timeline. Certainly, while we may lack the high tech, we have the numbers on our side, and more and more people are awakening to the power of their own consciousness. The Simon Parkes 'Connecting Consciousness' group last summer was attacked particularly hard for doing CERN-related meditations which seemed to have the desired effect, but drew a devastating response from those behind the supercollider. Lots of people involved in that project had to go into various states of hibernation or hiatus as a result. It's only been in the past week that I've gotten the sense that the tide has turned.